All Stars Episode 2: Sketch-y Comedy

Celebrity impersonation episode a bit of a let-down

All Stars Episode 2: Sketch-y Comedy

In regular RuPaul’s Drag Race seasons, the most-anticipated episode is always the “Snatch Game” episode. So you can imagine everyone’s excitement when we heard RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars had its own version planned. Instead of a take on the old game show, we get “Gaff-In,” a nod to the old sketch comedy shows, like Laugh-In.

The RuCap

The queens enter the workroom and all talk is on the first team to go — Mandora (Pandora Boxx and Mimi Imfurst). Most agree that Pandora gave up as soon as she was paired with Mimi. Pandora, however, would disagree as she’s stated on her Facebook and Twitter since last week’s episode. But someone’s got to go in every episode. There are apparently only six episodes, so sixth place isn’t that bad.

For the mini challenge, Ru puts the pairs in their own version of The Newlywed Game. Team Rujubee seems to know the most about each other, so they win the mini challenge. What is their prize? A couple of pies to the face. That was quite a segway into the main challenge. Ru fills them in. They have to write their own jokes, interact with Vicki Lawrence as Mama from Mama’s Family and then do the whole joke wall a la Laugh-In. Oh, and like I said, they have to do it all impersonating a celebrity of their choice.

Raven decides to do Bea Arthur while Jujubee channels Fran Drescher. Shannel will do her best Lucy as Chad serves Bette Davis realness. Nina decides to do La Lupe (someone no one has heard of) and Tammie choses Tammy Faye Bakker Messner. Alexis and Yara will channel Shakira and Charo. Manila goes with Madonna and Latrice decides on Oprah.

I was pretty excited to see Chad as Bette and Raven as Bea, but I must say, I was pretty disappointed in the rest of the choices. What’s funny about Madonna and Shakira? Eh. In the end, Chad’s Better and Yara’s Charo were the only two acts that really worked.

The queens are then challenged to bring their best 1960s looks to the runway.

The Runway Rundown

  • RuPaul — Flawless
  • Jarlexis — Mad Men (in drag)
  • Latrilla — Retro meh
  • Shad — Groovy Glam
  • Rujubee — Mary and Rhoda
  • Brown Flowers — Go-Go … ing home

The RuSults

  • Top Two Teams: Yarlexis and Shad
  • The Winning Team: Yarlexis
  • Safe: Rujubee
  • Bottom Two Teams: Latrilla, Brown Flowers
  • Lip-syncing: Tammie and Latrice to “There’s No Business Like Show Business”
  • Sashay Away: Brown Flowers

Final Thoughts: While I agree that none of the teams were that amazing this week, I don’t know about Yarlexis winning. I probably would’ve given the win to Team Shad. And I do agree with the bottom two teams, but I think Tammie’s lip-sync was better than Latrice’s. It was right up Tammie’s ally. It was surely a good battle. I’m going to miss Tammie with an IE and her cooky hilarity.

Bitch Say What? (Best Quotes)

“The devil wears nada.” — Raven

“Your Bea Arthur was not golden, girl.” — Ru

“She likes to wear grass underwear because it’s always green.” — Tammie

“I guess they were fruit flies. Apparently my cherry had rotted.” — Vicki Lawrence as Mama

“I’m totally having an acid flashback.” — Ru. “That’s acid reflux.” — Michelle Visage

“My comedy is rye. Hey, that’s OK. Put some butter on it. I’m Tammie Brown and I’m going to make your head go round and round.” — Tammie


  • Indigo Jenkins

    I’m really surprised to hear Latrilla was in the bottom two, but even more surprised that Tammie with an IE lost the lip sync. I missed this episode because of my work schedule at DISH; I can not watch this show online, but I did record this episode on my Hopper. There is a ton of DVR recording space so I can record the rest of the season, and the new season of Drag Race when it premiers. My favorite to win is Rujubee, but team Shad will give them a run for their money.

  • Carjeng

    It’s a shame Tammie and Nina went home.. I also think Tammie killed the lip sync.. Latrice seemed to worked it more at the end though.