Drag Race Episode 3: Draggle Rock

Queens present kiddie shows as a feud intensifies

Drag Race Episode 3: Draggle Rock

This week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race was all about kiddie shows so when two queens’ playground dispute ended up front and center, it was very appropriate.

The RuCap

At the start of the show, the girls are wondering what’s going on between Alyssa Edwards and CoCo Montrese. So they finally explain. Alyssa was Miss Gay America and she was dethroned so CoCo assumed the title. So they’ve got the pre-existing drama between each other. It overshadows the whole episode and comes to a head when they finally address it. But there’s absolutely no resolve. So the only thing left to do is ask this question: Are you Team CoCo or Team Alyssa?

OK, enough of that for now. I’m sure it’ll be a theme all the way up until the reunion, so no reason to tire it out already. Ooookay.

This week’s mini-challenge is the Junior Drag Superstar Pageant. Only the queens won’t be competing. Instead, the contestants are some scary blank fabric dolls. They, of course have to paint them up and dress them and create personas. And the results are hilarious. Alaska and Lineysha Sparx’s doll Lil Pound Cake wins the pageant and rightly so.

For the main challenge they have to split into two teams and produce a children’s show. The challenge is to insert a message, stay creative and funny, and as Ru would say, not to f**k it up.

Alaska and Lineysha are the team captains since they won the mini challenge. Team Alaska is: Alaska, Detox, Roxxxy Andrews, Alyssa, Monica Beverly Hillz and Vivienne Pinay. Team Lineysha is: Lineysha, Jade Jolie, Ivy Winters, Jinkx Monsoon, CoCo and Honey Mahogany.

Team Alaska is a hot mess girl. Oooh. But only thanks to Vivienne and Monica. The rest of the team is pretty solid.

Team Lineysha is worse, however. Because it’s not funny. And no one knows what they’re doing. Uh-oh CoCo, looks like Alyssa might take this one. That was so, so bad.

The runway theme this week is “Think Pink.”

The Runway Rundown

  • Alaska — Pepto Abysmal
  • Monica — Blush and Bashful
  • Alyssa — Perfectly Pink
  • Vivienne — Cotton Candy realness
  • Dextox — Vintage Sex
  • Roxxxy — Pretty in Pink (Come on, you know I had to use it)
  • Lineysha — Cinderella realness
  • Jynkx — Marie Aquanette
  • CoCo — So that’s what happened to Baby Jane
  • Ivy Winters — Frizzy Flamingo
  • Honey — Hurricane Honey STORMING the runway
  • Jade — Barbie girl

The RuSults

The Top: Roxxy, Jinkx and Detox

Winner: Detox

The Bottom: Monica, CoCo, Alaska and Vivienne

Up for elimination: Monica Beverly Hillz and CoCo Montrese. They have to lip-sync to When I Grow Up By The Pussycat Dolls. CoCo is tearing up the stage and Monica is phoning it in like she has the whole time.

So with ease, Ru tells Monica to sashay away.

Best Quotes

“Came a mess, left a mess.” — Jade Jolie on Serena’s elimination

“Our girl’s gonna win grand supreme. You just watch.” — Jynkx

“Don’t mess it up or you won’t get no GoGo juice.” — Alaska, with a nice Honey Boo Boo reference

“I don’t get cute, I get drop dead gorgeous.” – Alyssa, in response to CoCo “getting cute”/throwing shade.

“Very Bed Bath and Beyonce.” – Ru on Honey’s look

“Lil Pound cake enjoys riding dirty and being a straight-up mother fucking dick pig.” — Alaska describing her pageant daughter doll (shown above)

Who should have gone home? CoCo or Monica?

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