Drag U Episode 2 Recap: Sheroes

Women in uniform get much-needed makeovers

Drag U Episode 2 Recap: Sheroes

This week on RuPaul’s Drag U, Ru and the queens saluted women in uniform for their honor and bravery but were ready to give their everyday looks and wardrobe a dishonorable discharge.

The three featured students this week were: Christine, a 40-year-old marine; Virginia, a 39-year-old firefighter; and Bernadette, a 47-year-old police officer. And each one of these very butch women were in dire need of an extreme makeover. They’re also in dire need of some emotional heeling. This might be the saddest episode of Drag U we’ve ever seen.

Enter Shannel, Raven and Raja to save the day. Christine gets paired with Raven, Virginia goes to Shannel’s very capable hands and Bernadette is paired with Raja.

Christine is a mother and a marine, but outside of her Marine gear, she doesn’t get too dressed up. “She wears UG boots,” Raven said. “UG is short for ugly.”

Virginia tells Shannel that her daughter died of cancer and the grief from that still plays a huge role in her everyday life, including how she dresses and presents herself.

Bernadette tells Raja a similar story. She lot her wife in a car accident, one she herself survived. She’s still racked with grief and probably guilt and is just really down and depressed.

So much for a feel-good show. I miss Drag Race.

It’s time for some cheering up. Let’s head to the Dragulator, which is thankfully the best part of the show.

Ru enters Bernadette’s information into the deregulator and it spits out Destiny Del Ray. The name is a little white trash, but the look is fierce. It’s giving us devil rockstar lesbian realness.

The Dragulator transforms Virginia into Empress Dupree. Her look will be hot, red and royal. With a twist of old Hollywood Glam.

Christine will become Belle Supreme. Her look will be punk-ish and tough but still feminine.

Of the three looks, I think Virginia/Empress is my favorite. It looks the most transformed and polished, but will the rest of the transformation stack up?

Up next is the Lady Lesson with the Lady Bunny. This week’s special guest is Rami from Project Runway. He gives the ladies a lesson on Heels 101. None of them ever wear heels, so a lesson was surely in order.

Next they head off the dance class with the Dean of Dance Phlex. And the is always my least favorite part. That’s because the rest of the show is about gently teaching these battered women how to feel better about themselves and then they’re tossed into a hard dance lesson with a professional dancer who takes it all way too seriously. This week they’ll be performing to “She Works Hard For The Money” by Donna Summer.

It’s time for Draguation and the Draguation Report Card (graded by me)

Drag U episode 2 winner destiny del rey

Belle Supreme: Look: A Oral Presentation: B- Performance: B Average: B

Empress Dupree: Look: A+ Oral: B Performance: C Average: B-

Destiny Del Ray: Look: A- Oral: A+ Performance: B+ Average: A

So according to my grades, Destiny (and Raja) would graduate with top honors. According to Ru and her faculty, they agree. Destiny wins this week’s episode. Now here’s to hoping next week’s isn’t such a downer!