Drag U Episode 4: Frumpy Beauty Queens

Former beauty queens get the sparkle back in their crowns

Drag U Episode 4: Frumpy Beauty Queens

This week on RuPaul’s Drag U, former beauty queens and their tiaras were in need of some polish.

The three contestants this week were once confident, polished and fierce enough to capture a crown or two. Let’s meet this week’s featured Queens in Waiting:

  • Julie, 35. This former homecoming queen once had it all. Now she’s just got some frump to go with her consta-frown.
  • Qween, 35-ish (love it). A former Miss Onyx Ohio, Qween has the name, but she’s lost the drive.
  • Tamara, 43. She competed in the 1997 Miss USA pageant as Miss Arkansas. She’s traded her crowns in for fug.

They’re all still beautiful women, but you can just kind of tell they’ve lost their sparkle. They’re feeling older than they are and their confidence is shot. So that’s where Chad Michaels, Willam and Morgan McMichaels come in. The former beauty queens come face to face with their drag queen mentors.

Willam (Drag Race season 4) is assigned to Qween. Tamara goes to Morgan McMichaels (season 2). Julie gets placed in Chad Michaels’ (season 4) very capable hands.

During orientation, we’re get to see the contestants’ everyday looks and as always, they’re clearly an assembly of the worst items of clothing in their closets. No one really dresses like that. But it’s still funny to see. And Morgan threw out Tamara’s UGGs, so that’s a good thing.

The queens then head off to the mini drag look challenge, which I’ll continue to say until the drop this next season, I don’t get the point.

Finally, it’s Dragulator time. Ru enters each person’s info into the Dragulator  to find out what each contestant’s new look and drag name.

Julie will become Diamonte Lamour, a blonde siren with hints of both bitch and glam. Qween will transform into Sashay St. James, which is sure to give us Queen Latifah in Chicago realness. And finally, Tamara will become Denita DeVille, a red-hot bad girl.

At this week’s Lady Lesson, The Lady Bunny teaches the girls about instant face lifts using tape and string and then it’s off to dance class. This week the queens will be performing to RuPaul’s “Don’t Be Jealous of My Boogie.” I guess they couldn’t afford the rights to any other fitting song. Ha.

As usual, the dance instructor annoys me. This week he tells Tamara she’s giving “fake pageant face.” Umm, how can you say that while you’re on a drag competition show?

Draguation seems like it’ll never happen as two of the three women hate their looks. But eventually Ru talks some sense into all of them and we head off to draguation.

Drag U Episode 4 winner

Draguation Report Card

Denita DeVille – Look: A+ Oral Presentation: A+ Performance: A+ Average: A+

Sashay St. James – Look: B- Oral Presentation: A- Performance: C+ Average: B

Diamonte Lamour – Look: A Oral Presentation: A+ Performance: A Average: A

So, according to my grades, Denita graduates with top honors and wins the week. This week, Ru and the Drag U judges agree with me. Denita wins! Once a pageant queen, always a pageant queen!