Drag U Episode 5: From Geek To Chic

Three self-proclaimed nerds get the drag makeover treatment

Drag U Episode 5: From Geek To Chic

It’s pretty common knowledge that male geeks have problems getting laid, but I’ve never given much thought to female geeks and their bedroom woes. Apparently they have it rough, too. That’s why this week’s RuPaul’s Drag U theme is turning lovable geeks into sexy freaks. Literally.

Let’s meet this week’s three lucky queens in waiting.

  • Kristy, 29. Kristy is a theater geek who dreams of landing on Broadway some day. But she needs to work on her confidence and ability to accessorize.
  • Dylan, 22. A zombie movie nerd, she lost a lot of herself when she became estranged from her mother. They haven’t spoken in two years.
  • Shante, 36. A rare female comic book nerd, Shante no longer feels sexy.
To save the day this week are three favorite Drag Race queens: Pandora Boxx, JuJubee and Delta Work. OK, two favorite Drag Race queens… Why anyone would invite Delta on an inspirational show to help out someone in need is beyond me. Unless it’s edited out, she seems to never have any sort of empathy, emotion or much tact for that matter. But OK. Whatevs.
Kristy is paired with Pandora, Dylan is placed in Delta’s hands and JuJubee gets to work with Shante.
Next the six divas head off to do the pointless quick drag challenge. This is the part where they pick out some random costumes and wigs and throw them on with no makeup. Nothing really happens with it except maybe the filling of time. They just always look kind of ridiculous.
Around this time in the show is when I start really missing Drag Race. It’s fun to see the Drag Race queens, but this show is just missing something. It has the feel of a fundraiser or something. You know, how a fundraiser kind of sucks, but it’s there to raise money for something awesome. That’s how I feel about Drag U. It’s there to fill the void when Drag Race is off the air and to promote its next season. Don’t get me wrong, I love Drag Race a lot. I just have a hard time finding a reason for Drag U. I still think they should be making over young, tragic (male) drag queens.
OK, enough deep thoughts. Back to business. Over at the Dragulator, Ru enters the three women’s info into the machine and it spits out their new identities. Kristy will become Felicty Payne. Dylan’s drag persona is Ember Alert (that’s so wrong on so many levels). Shante (who already has a drag name) will become Dolores Day.
I’m not sure if I’m just in a horrible mood this week or if this week or what because I’ve got more criticism. I wasn’t a fan of any of their drag names or drag looks.
The divas get their new looks, learn their new dance and are ready for Draguation.
Drag U Ember Alert
Draguation Report Card (graded by me)
Felicity Payne — Look: B- Oral Exam: A Performance: B Average: B+
Ember Alert — Look: B- Oral Exam: A+ Performance: A Average: A
Dolores Day — Look: C+ Oral Exam: A Performance: A+ Average: B+
That means Ember Alert wins as far as my grades are concerned. The Drag U faculty agrees. Amber wins this week. And she was able to be reunited with her mother. Ru surprised her by putting her mother in the audience. Ru is like Oprah, only cooler.


  • Hotroz85

    This was a great episode. Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever met Delta in person but considering that you have enough intelligence to have a forum for you to write you’re unasked opinion, it surprises me that you would make an uneducated judgment through an edited television show. Through personal experience with the lovely lady, I have never met a more loving, tactful, intelligent and kinder person than Delta Work. Just as a matter of fact Delta Graduated #1 in her class in high school and therefore is probably the smartest contestant to ever be on Drag Race. so in my opinion, Ru knew exactly what she was doing when she cast Delta for her shows.

    • http://twitter.com/branden628 Branden B

      I’m recapping a show. I’m not writing a random drag queen’s bio.

  • Kylie_Love

    I see Delta about 3 times a week if I’m lucky. My mouth dropped when I was reading what you had to say about her. I disagree with you in what you said. When I’m around her she is full of laughter, very witty, and always has giving me the best advice. She was SO underrated on Drag Race, and from my experience with drag race they edit the hell out of the show… they can’t have 12 stars on one reality show, right??? They have to justify their winners so some girls get the raw end of the deal. I think Delta is great! :) You should be ashamed of yourself for writing such things about her.

    • http://twitter.com/branden628 Branden B

      All I have to go on is how she was portrayed on the show. And on Drag U, I hardly saw a smile. I’m recapping the show, not her in her personal life. I have no ill-will to Delta. Thanks for reading. Or googling “Delta Work” and landing here.

    • http://twitter.com/branden628 Branden B

      Furthermore, I included “unless it’s edited…” I am aware that what we see isn’t always what’s real. Which is why I included that line.

  • Ozmalicious

    I think that your time would be served more if perhaps you CRITIQUED current social events, or perhaps the worlds view on poverty, the AIDS epidemic, or even salsa dancing. The show is obviously filler, fluff, and good natured fluff at that. This is NOT dragrace, (which by the way, for anyone with any sense of continuity, is obviously edited beyoned belief, and therefore not “reality”, but no reality show is) so you might want to take things with a grain of salt. slandering Delta’s character, by simply judging about 13 mins of facetime on a show about drag queens making over frumpy women, is completely ludicrous.

  • sg

    All I know is Delta was not very likable on her season of Drag Race, and that’s why I don’t buy her supportive turn on Drag U.

  • Denisedawg

    Delta’s badass! Reality tv is not reality! Drag U was another one of Ru’s brilliant Ideas and being on that show changed my life for the better!Lastly, all you bloggers ect.. Need to remember that reality stars (Delta) are people too!They have feelings n thangs! On that note I’ll just close with something my dear old mama always told me( which she stole from Bambie) IF YOU CAN SAY SOMETHING NIce DON’T SAY NOTHING AT ALL!:)
    -Cha Cha MIZRAHI