Drag U Episode 6: Knockouts

This week lady boxers get the drag makeover treatment

Drag U Episode 6: Knockouts

This week on RuPaul’s Drag U, female boxers were taken from rough and gruff fighters to fierce and fabulous knockouts. The three women are all lean and in great shape, but they basically live in gym clothes and they’re ready for a more lady-like round (to exhaust the boxing puns).

Let’s meet this week’s girls:

Cynthia, 32. She’s ripped, and I mean ripped, but her day-to-day style is lacking and she’s tired of being mistaken for a man.

Krystle, 30. She hasn’t been able to adjust to the change in style after her move to L.A. She feels way too manly and frumpy now.

Missy, 32. Missy has time for about two things: the gym and caring for her mother. She needs a boost.

The three boxers have come to the right place, especially this week, as they’ve all lucked out with three fantastic Drag U professors: Chad Michaels (Drag Race Season 4), Raven and JuJubee (both from season 2).

RuPaul assigns the boxers with their own professors. Cynthia is paired with Raven. Krystle lands JuJubee and Missy is teamed up with Chad Michaels.  At orientation, the queens sit down with their boxers and find out what’s the deal. They’re all in great shape, but just a little sad about the rest of them. Chad, Raven and JuJubee are about to whip them into drag queen shape.

They head off to the Dragulator where Ru is ready to reveal the boxers’ new personas. Cynthia shall become Kayla De Canter. Missy will be Adina Powers and Krystle will transform into Touche!

This week’s Lady Lesson with The Lady Bunny teaches the boxers how to move more gracefully via yoga. After a few wisecracks from the Lady Bunny, the lesson ends and the girls move on to dance class.

This week they’ll be performing to RuPaul’s “Glamazon.” While I love RuPaul and her son “Glamazon,” I hate when they use Ru’s song on the show. It’s just a personal thing. I don’t like when drag queen’s lipsync to anything other than real women. So the only thing worse than a drag queen lipsyncing to a RuPaul song is a real woman, dressed as a drag queen lipsyncing to a RuPaul song. OK, that’s my one and only criticism of the week. I’ve got to keep my Twitter wars to a minimum.

It’s time for Draguation! This is going to be a tough week to judge. I love all the new queens’ looks and they’re all kind of awesome in their performance. I do think Kayla De Canter could’ve used a bit more clothing, but she still looked pretty amazing.

Draguation Report Card (Graded by me)

Kayla De Canter — Look: B+ Oral Exam: A Performance: A+ Average: A-

Touche: — Look: A- Oral Exam: A- Performance: A+ Average: A

Adina Powers — Look: A+ Oral Exam: A+ Performance: A+ Average: A+

According to my grades, Adina  is the winner, but it was a close race. And once again, the judges pick the same winner as me. Condragulations, Adina Powers!



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