Drag U Recap: Dragnificent!

Season 3 premieres with three divorcee makeovers

Drag U Recap: Dragnificent!

It's that time of year again when Ru Paul's Drag Race fans tune in to Ru Paul's Drag U hoping to get their fix and are quickly reminded Drag U is not Drag Race, but it'll have to do.

This season there are a couple of changes. The women featured in each episode will also get tips for their day-to-day fierceness, including an everyday outfit. Someone finally realized that making a woman over as a drag queen really isn't doing anyone any good.

This week, we've got the Real Divorcees of Los Angeles County. There's Hilary, Faith and Shana. Hilary lost 165 pounds and her man. She lost the weight and then “lost him to a fat chick,” she said.

Faith is a down and out divorcee who, well, doesn't  have much faith. Shana lost her husband to his porn addiction. Yikes. Get these women help now! It's a Dragmergency!

On had this episode to help the damsels, are Drag U Professors JuJubee (Drag Race Season 2), Manila Luzon (Drag Race Season 3) and Latrice Royale (Drag Race season 4).

The ladies get acquainted with the ladyboys and Ru reveals one of the newest additions to the show. It's something called Quick Drag. The contestants and their profs have very little time to scurry to the workroom supply room and do a down and dirty makeover on the divorcees. I'm not sure why this was added. Nothing happens, really. But that's OK, I'm too busy being entertained by Manila's drag version of Ronald McDonald.

It's finally time for the best part of the show. The Dragulator. For those who don't know, that's the high-tech machine that Ru enters the contestants' info in so it can create the perfect drag look and name for the queens in waiting. If only such a machine really exists.

Up first is Hilary. The Dragulator spits out a colorful image of her in a plunging neckline and a cape. Oh, and her new name: Tatiana D'Amore. Tatiana is instantly worried about her neckline because when she lost her weight she lost weight in her chest area also. Or as Ru put it, her “girls dropped out of school.”

The Dragulator reveals the new Faith as Elantra Sizzle. And while her name is cool, her look is a little too Chiquita Banana. But hey, it's all in fun. Shana's new identity is Callie Tropicale. And the name is fitting. She will indeed be serving tropicale realness.

Tatiana, Elantra and Callie are off for their Lady Lesson with The Lady Bunny and she's joined by a makeup artist who is there to show them everyday makeup tips. And that's followed by the chance to pick out an everyday outfit. So finally someone told Ru that making desperate women over in drag is really not doing anyone any good. They need everyday tips because these women aren't planning on picking their kids up from school in high drag.

After their everyday look lessons, they're off to dance class. Or as I like to call it, the time when a really hardcore choreographer is forced to teach simple moves he could do in his sleep. This week the ladies will be performing to “I Will Survive.” That's a fitting song for their situation and for the fact that it's a drag queen classic.

And it's time for Draguation. Each woman will be given an oral exam and of course the dance number to decide the winner. As usual, none of them are very good performers, but they're having fun and this is a feel-good show. We save the snark for Drag Race and queens like Phi Phi O'Hara. I think I would have gone with Tatiana and JuJubee as the winner, but the “faculty,” including guest faculty Donna Mills, gave Callie Tropicale and Manila the win.

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Another episode of Drag U airs next Monday at 9 pm.



  • gato

    Drag Race is my FAVORITE show ever!! Drag U is only good to see our favorite queens!!! I wish it was a show for amateur ladyboys being schooled by the “Professional” Queens!!!

    • http://twitter.com/branden628 Branden B

      Gato, I agree! I think the show would be much better turning out amateur queens!