RuPaul's Drag Race Top 10 Quotes This Week

RuPaul's Drag Race Top 10 Quotes This Week

Last night RuPaul's Drag Race gave us the usual over-the-top drama and fierceness. And along with that, as always, our ears were battered with some hilarious quotes. Here are the Top 10 of the night:

“Time to push, ladies. PUUUSSH! Because I'm about to crown … moan … America's Next Drag Superstar.” -RuPaul
(Oh, the imagery of RuPaul giving birth… I can see it now, not a drop of sweat, perferct make-up and hair)

“I get worried when you do that 'oh it's going to be fine' … there have been times when you've done that and then uh-uh *mumbles*” – Ru to Phi Phi O'Hara
(I get worried that Phi Phi is going to make the Top 3)

“If you push them up inside you … ooooh! Sit on em? Oh shit! no!” – Latrice Royale's DILF talking about tucking his stuff.
(Like he's never tucked at home in private)

“The only proble

m I have with this outfit is I think I'm having a baby elephant. You want to see his trunk?” – Sharon Needles' DILF

“Don't say it is what it is because it's my hundred-thousand-f***ing dollars,” – Sharon Needles to her fumbling DILF
(Yes it is, Sharon. Or at leat it should be)

 ”I'm working with a DILK: A Dad I'd Like to Kill.” – Sharon Needles

“Ladies, the auditions for '16 and Pregnant' are down the hall.” – Ru to Phi Phi and her DILF

“My cervix is softening just watching,” Judge Michelle Visage about Chad Michaels' runway show

“That's why I hang out with Michelle Visage.” – Ru respoding to Sharon implying standing next to her DILF makes her look prettier.

“I had the elephant all the way back toward the water hole .” – Phi Phi's DILF
(Now that's a tuck)



  • Richard Douvillier

    Sharon Needles for the win!

  • Silvestremiguel14

    sharon nedels