RuPaul’s Drag Race Episode 7 Recap: Media Moguls

RuPaul’s Drag Race Episode 7 Recap: Media Moguls

The library was open on this week’s edition of RuPaul’s Drag Race as we were treated with the “Reading” mini challenge and a main challenge all about making a magazine.

At the top of the show we find the remaining seven queens doing what they do best and that’s picking on Jiggly. Tired. Luckily Ru interrupts with some She-Mail that (as usual) makes no sense. Then Ru comes into deliver the news in person. For the mini challenge, they will pay tribute to old-school Ball drag with throwing shade, or “Reading” one another.

We got only a snippet of each queen’s shade throwing, so it’s pretty hard to judge. Chad, Latrice and Sharon got the most laughs out of me while Phi Phi and Jiggly got nothin but crickets.

Ru seemed to agree with my thoughts and picked Latrice as the winner.

For the main challenge, Ru tells the girls they each have to create a magazine, including designing and posing for the cover. As the winner, Latrice gets to assign each of the girls a magazine. She picks a gossip magazine for herself and hands off a fashion mag to Chad, a cat magazine to Sharon and a fitness magazine to Jiggly. Dida gets a food magazine while Phi Phi lands a travel magazine and Willam a home design one.

The magazine covers all ended up pretty awful, besides Phi Phi’s. Which is unfortunate for her. No one wants to be the one who sucked the least. I don’t like challenges like this, so I’m pretty happy it’s time for the runway show.

The Runway Rundown

Sharon Needles: Zombie Zebra Queen.

Dida Ritz: I’m taking a collection for the “Wigs For Dida Fund.” She’s in dire need of some new wigs. Comment if you’d like to donate.

Chad Michaels: Billy Idol Realness.

Latrice Royale: Mobile Home Carpet Realness.

Willam: Hollywood Starlet or Hollywood Streetwalker? Either way, I think there’s a spot on the Walk of Fame in front of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Jiggly Caliente: Toddler & Tiaras Realness.

Phi Phi O’Hara: Thank you Kenya Michaels for giving Phi Phi makeup tips. It actually paid off.

The judges decided Phi Phi did suck the least and gave her the win. OK, that’s unfair of me. Phi Phi actually earned the win this week. As for the bottom two, Jiggly took her permanent spot and was joined for the first time by Willam. So they were forced to lipsync for their lives to a Pam Tillis song. Fun.

I was actually worried for Willam because I don’t think she’s ever starred in any musicals. But if she has we’ll find out eventually I’m sure. She actually did a great job while Jiggly just kind of resigned. Willam stays and Jiggly sashays away.

The Drag Race Scorecard

Mini Challenge Winner: Latrice Royale

Main Challenge Winner: Phi Phi O’Hara

Sashays Away: Jiggly Caliente

Quote of the Week: “You fat slut, after sex you smoke a ham.” – Sharon Needles to Jiggly

Willam’s TV Show/Name Drop of the Week: “Southland.”