RuPaul's Drag Race Recap: Frock the Vote

RuPaul's Drag Race Recap: Frock the Vote

It was election day on RuPaul's Drag Race as the Top 5 queens were presented with a political challenge that included activist Dan Savage as a judge.

For the mini challenge, the drag queens had to decorate a pair of platform heels based on an Absolute Vodka drink (just so Ru could use the “platform” segway to announce the main challenge).

Phi Phi O'Hara wins the mini challenge.

So, speaking of platforms (ha) the main challenge was “Frock the Vote.” The queens were tasked with creating a campaign for President of the United States. They had to come up with a platform, a character, a look and prepare for a presidential debate.

While the queens are doing their thing in the workroom, Ru comes in with Dan Savage and Dan isn't there to laugh at the drag lingo or bask in the fierceness. He's there to play the serious role – to challenge the drag queens to use their minds. And that's not too much to ask. This is a contest and the winner of this contest shouldn't be all surface. In other words, no more winners like Season 2's Tyra.

At the debate Phi Phi overdoes it much like she did back during the Snatch Game episode. She's throwing glitter and rambling on like she's some Sarah Palin-ish republican candidate. Oh and she decides to call Dida Ritz and Latrice Royale “the help” but that's OK, because she was playing a character, she says. Gotcha. Everyone else is offended.

Chad Michaels takes a risk with her lady pimp character. She's playing the part of the

joke candidate and does so well. Dida just flatlines and Latrice is kind of somewhere in the middle. It's Sharon Needles who surprises everyone with her stern yet hilarious, Hilary Clinton-esque candidate.

For the runway show, the queens were asked to present their best inaugural ball look.

The Runway Rundown

  • Phi Phi: I got bitchy bride (circa 1993) from Phi Phi. You know, the kind of bride whose husband murders her on their honeymoon to shut her mouth and collect her insurance policy.
  • Dida:  Comb. Your. Wig. Please.
  • Chad: First Lady realness.
  • Latrice: White House or Whore House? I was reading madame from Latrice's look.
  • Sharon: Sheer genius.

At the judgement, Chad Michaels is sent to safety and Sharon Needles wins her third challenge this season. Dida is called out for the bottom 2 and Phi Phi is sent to safety. That leaves Latrice in the bottom with Dida.

As the two lip-sync for their lives to “I've Got to Use My Imagination” by Gladys Knight, it becomes clear that Latrice is not going out without a fight. And as Sharon Needles put it, she took us to church with her performance. Dida was just kind of jumping around doing nothing. So Latrice stays and Dida sashays away.

But that might not be the last of Dida. Ru throws a last-minute twist in that she's given judges Michelle Visage and Santino Rice the opportunity to re-instate one of the axed queens — including recently disqualified Willam. We'll find out who the returning queen is next week.

The Drag Race Scorecard

Mini Challenge Winner: Phi Phi O'Hara

Main Challenge Winner: Sharon Needles

Sashays Away: Dida Ritz

Quote of the Week: “Well, I enjoy being down on a poll (pole?).” – Sharon Needles to Dan Savage



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