Meet The Season 5 Queens: Jade Jolie

Get to know the fierce lady boys competing on next season's Drag Race

Meet The Season 5 Queens: Jade Jolie

I think I found my new favorite drag queen. This week. I think it’s  Jade Jolie from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5.

We’re continuing our quest to get to know the season 5 contestants and as the alphabet would have it, today’s Queen of the Day is Jade of Gainesville, Florida.

I have a feeling she’s going to be the one to quote this season. She’ll surely be good at the one-on-one/diary room sessions/whatever you want to call it. I think I will also be going to her for ALL my advice because she offers some good tips. For example:

“Be fish and fierce and bring it,” Jade tells us. “Tits ma grits.”

So we know that she’s fishy, fierce and funny, but how is she on the stage?

“I will lipsync the friggin tits off you,” she promises you.

I can’t f*#@ing wait!

 Bubbly and funny, but don’t let her infectious laugh fool you – there’s a bite behind that giggle. Jade’s rainbow aesthetic brings color to the competition and a smile to her competitors face. But will her looks be met with the same enthusiasm on the runway — Logo

Follow her on Twitter: @QueenJadeJolie


  • Goldie B.

    Girl she is FIERCE!


    Just fabulous queen! Love that chicka!

  • sg

    She is funny. She says crazy nonsensical stuff but in a tone that is very conversational. Love it!

  • guest

    First of all, it’s Tits McGrits. Second of all, Gainesville is NOT in the Panhandle. And there are no tractors in Gville. Or conch shells. Nonsense, people, nonsense.

    But she’s cute.

  • Daniel L Hatchett

    You’re stupid to say that!! She needs to get rid of her last name. It’s an insult to Angelina and change her first name to Shade. And please do something about that annoying fake ass laugh of HIS!!