Meet The Season 5 Queens: Detox

Get to know the fierce lady boys competing on next season's Drag Race

Meet The Season 5 Queens: Detox

Let’s welcome our next Queen of Day in our quest to get to know the contestants of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5. It’s Detox!

And a lot like Alaska Thunderfuck, Logo won’t be using her last name because someone at some point decided that some words created by humans were just too much for the ears to bear. But, to save you the trouble of googling, her full drag name is Detox Icunt. That’s Icunt: I-C-U-N-T.

“My style is very high fashion and edgy and editorial mixed with Jem and the Holograms and Patrick Nagel on crack,” Detox says in her intro below. “I’m an amazing lip syncer. I love to compete and I’d like the world to know I’m gorgeous.”

Normally, this is where I’d insert my first impressions based on the video, but with Detox, I can do one better. I’ve actually seen her perform in Hollywood, so I can tell you first-hand, that you’re in for a treat. Treat’s not even the right word. Detox is incredibly creative and talented. She’s definitely got what it takes to be one of the stars of Season 5.

Follow her on Twitter: @TheOnlyDetox


  • Goldie B.

    Girl, I have heard Detox is just SICK’ning!

  • Dust Rose

    Every time I see a picture of her the song Chow Down starts playing in my head

  • noelani54

    I wonder if Detox has had her brow bone cut down. I know that there are some transexuals who have that done, because having a very prominent brow bone is such a distinctly masculine trait. Detox has that big scar between her brows, and it also looks like some of the skin between the brows is missing, or something like that. I think her upper lip is way overdone the way it makes the inside of her upper lip stick out so much, on each side. When she smiles, only the two center teeth are visible. If that is the kind that will eventually go away, I hope she doesn’t get it done quite as big, next time. I also think Detox has pec implants. They don’t look like regular breast implants because they are up higher. It makes more sense for a drag queen to do that. It still looks like considerable cleavage, when a padded bra is worn, but not like a woman when they are out of drag (like Drag Race alum Carmen Carrera).