Recap: Queens of the Ring

Recap: Queens of the Ring

This week’s RuPaul’s Drag Race put the divas in the ring as fierce lady wrestlers, but first they had to stuff their asses to the rim in a “Juciest Ass” contest.

Yes, I said “Juciest Ass” contest. I’m not even kidding and that’s what makes this show so amazing. It’s the finest form of over-the-top camp and hilarity you will find on television now and possibly ever.

The episode opened with Ru telling her girls to pad their asses with foam and packing peanuts and anything else they can find to make Kim Kardashian and JLo’s asses weep with jealousy. So who ended up with the top bottoms? Ru gave the win to Phi Phi O’Hara, Chad Michaels and Willam.

So what was the point of this silly challenge? Aside from choosing the team captains for the main challenge, there was none. No point at all.  Just because. And that’s another reason why this is one of the best shows on television.

For the main challenge, the queens are divided into teams of three, led by Phi Phi, Chad and Willam and tasked to form the Lucious Ladies of the WTF. The lady wrestlers must come up with back stories, looks, costumes and moves. Two ladies from each team will play the good guys while the other two play the villains.

Team Phi Phi’s actual story and wrestling match were so funny, I couldn’t even take notes. Seeing Latrice Royal throw Kenya Michaels will forever play on a loop inside my head. I’d put them in first place with this challenge. Followed by Team Chad, then Team Willam.

At the runway show, RuPaul opens the show with her weekly walk, and while I normally don’t critique Ru, I have to say something about her look this week. That dress this week was so hilariously hideous I think I loved it. Or hated it. No, I loved it. And hated it.

The queens were asked to present their girliest looks on the runway, and for the most part, they delivered. The best looks on the runway were Chad Michaels, Sharon Needles and Kenya Michaels. Chad gave us “fish on a stick”  while Sharon Needles showed us what she must of looked like before death (and it’s pretty damn cute). Kenya is a half pint of fierce. As one of the judges said, she looked like a living doll.

I also kind of liked The Princess’ look, but the judges did not agree with  me and put her up for elimination.

Team Chad won the challenge with Chad and Madam LaQueer standing out as the individual winners. Joining The Princess in the bottom two was LaShauwn Beyond.

The Princess and LaShauwn take the stage to lip sync for their lives to “Bad Girls” by Donna Summer and right away, LaShauwn kicks her shoes off along with her class. The bitch was dancing around on stage in no shoes and panty hose. Was there any doubt that she would not be the one going home? No. LaShauwn, sashay away.