RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: Hot In Tuckahoe

RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: Hot In Tuckahoe

In this week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race we learned a number of valuable lessons:

  • Willam is a sitcom star.
  • Sharon Neeldes doesn’t answer to anyone.
  • Willam was in Sex And The City.
  • Dida Ritz needs to lotion her legs.
  • Willam has been in every cop show ever made.
  • Will & Grace creator Max Mutchnick is an a-hole.
  • Willam invented television.

Monday night’s show was all about situation comedy. The mini challenge found the queens splitting into teams of two to create their best police mugshot looks. But there’s a twist. Each person has to paint the face of their partner. While handcuffed to each other.

This had to be the best mini-challenge ever. The two best teams, in my opinion, were Willam & Madame LaQueer and Chad Michaels & Sharon Needles. Willam and Madame get the win and it was well-deserved. That means Willam and Madame are team captains for the main challenge.

RuPaul tasked the queens to divide into two teams to present versions of a sitcom called “Hot in Tuckahoe.” It’s about four friends who always seem to end up in jail.

As usual, the production process of the main challenge is kind of painful to watch. Willam talks back to  Max Mutchnick. Sharon talks back to Max. I’m not saying he didn’t deserve some backtalk (because he did), but this is a competition. These people are judging you. You can’t talk back. Save the drama for each other.

And as usual, people who say they’re trained actors always end up flubbing it up. We’ll now call that Mimi Imfurst Realness.

In the end, Team Willam delivered the best sitcom. And despite the fact that she knows “all about comedy,” Willam played it kind of straight. It was Chad Michaels and Latrice Royale who had the best comedic timing. Latrice as the butch prison guard was hilarious. And Chad serving up some Dorothy “Tootsie” Michaels Realness will forever be imbedded in my mind. Hilarity.

In the moments before the runway, we were treated to our first dose of major drama. Phi Phi O’Hara and Sharon Needles had it out after Sharon (I think) was trying to apologize for something she said about Phi Phi last week. At least I think Sharon was trying to apologize? Or maybe she was just trying to start a fight? At any rate, Phi Phi cuts on Sharon’s “one look” while Sharon cuts on Phi Phi’s so “20 years ago” drag.

The Runway Rundown

Phi Phi: Miss USA 1993 Realness.

Latrice: Matron Mama Morton Realness.

Dida: Akashia From Season One Realness.

Madame LaQueer: Mr. Yuck Realness.

Willam:Vivenne Westwood on Realness

Kenya: Junior Prom Realness

Chad: Renaissance Fair Realness.

Jiggly: Buttered roll Realness.

Milan: Emmy Statue Realness.

Sharon: G.I.L.F Realness.

In the end, the judges put Madame and Milan in the bottom 2. Lipsyncing for their lives to Pink’s “Trouble,” it was clear right away that Milan was going to upstage Madame. As Giggly pointed out (Ha), Madame is a “Pointer Sister.” She just kind of points and does little dancing.

I was all for Milan winning until she started ripping stuff off. I hate when drag queens take their dress off, and even worse, their wigs. William earns a couple points by sharing my sentiment. “I don’t understand why people take their wigs off…” she said. Me either. It’s tacky.

Madame LaQueer sashays away.



  • willam belli

    lol. i corrected a man on his name. wasn’t rude. i’m gonna correct you too cause spell check fucked you over in the last paragraph with it not being William. The Westwood was on sale but it was not on zappos. whoever writes this shit is a funny ass bitch and i wanna drink with you. I’m proud of being on tv, but not Sex and the City. they keep editing out shit i was actually good on like Nip/Tuck….ooops…grab that name for me. thanks. WILLAM

    • Branden

      Good job! You found the one William I planted just for you. I remember you on Nip/Tuck. But I liked your better on Hill Street Blues. Didn’t you play a baby hooker on that one? I’m kidding. You can buy me a drink anytime.

  • Riechickie64

    What did Willam do that was against the contract he signed?