Drag Race Episode 4: Double Elimination Shocker!

Dance challenge sends two lackluster queens packing

Drag Race Episode 4: Double Elimination Shocker!

This week’s RuPaul’s Drag Race but the queens to test with their best dance moves and the challenge proved too much for two of them.

For the first time in Drag Race history, RuPaul sent both of the bottom two home after a lackluster showing and a boring lip-sync.

The show picks up right after Monica’s elimination last week and not much is going on. We do learn that Vivienne Pinay does not like Roxxxy Andrews.

Let’s get to the Mini Challenge. Ru comes in and asks who are the best dancers at RuPaul’s Drag Race? We’re going to find out with a Soul Train dace-off. The winners of the mini-challenge are Jinkx Monsoon and CoCo Montrese.

So that leads us to the Main challenge. The queens will be debuting an original American drag ballet called “No RuPologies. It will highlight the highs and lows of RuPaul’s life and career. Jinkx and CoCo are, of course, team captains. CoCo picks Alyssa first (RECORD SCRATCH) because she can dance. Even though they hate each other.

Team Jinkx: Lineysha, Ivy, Jade, Alaska
Team CoCo: Detox, Alyssa, Roxxxy, Honey, Vivienne

The girls head off to dance class under the direction of So You Think You Can Dance winner Travis Wall. And things aren’t going well for Alaska or Lineysha. Actually, the whole team seems to be struggling just a bit.

Was Team CoCo any better? Alyssa is a professional dancer, so they’ve got that going for them. BUT there’s still this mistrust  and tension between her and CoCo. So that’s going to cause some issues.

Alyssa wins the challenge

The Ballet

Team Jinkx: It was fun and not as bad as I thought it would be. Alaska wasn’t even bad like we were lead to expect.

Team CoCo: Their performance was a bit more serious and  very well-danced … and then there’s Honey. She’s not quite shining this week.

And this week the Runway went so fast that I couldn’t even recap it. So I won’t. Thanks, Logo!

Jinkx, Ivy, Alyssa, Vivienne, Roxxxy, Honey are called out as the top and the bottom contestants. The others are sent to safety.

And Ru asks “who do you think deserves to go home.”

  • Jinkx says Vivienne
  • Ivy  says Honey
  • Roxxy  throws Vivienne’s name out there
  • Vivienne goes with Honey
  • Honey picks Vivienne
  • Alyssa says Jade (even though Jade is safe. Interesting)


Winner: Alyssa Edwards
Safe: Ivy, Jinkx, Roxxxy
Bottom 2: Honey, Vivienne

Lip-sycning for their lives are Honey and Vivienne. They’re lip-syncing to “Oops I Did It Again.” And Honey is not quite working it. But neither is Vivienne. Send them both home, I say!

Sashaying away: Both of them. WHAAAAAAAAT! Yes, history is made as Ru decides they both deserve to go home!

The Best Quotes

“Girl, once you go Black Swan, you never go back.” — Ru

“I think that she’s an attention whore.” — Vivienne on Roxxxy

“Chaz Bono came out of Cher’s vagina.” — Alaska

“All the girls are like cats in heat .” — Jinkx on the dance coaches

“This week our queens were challenged to dance their padded asses off.” — Ru

“The next team better not slip on all that pee on the stage because we pissed all over this competition.” — Jinkx

“Honey was just kind of bad, and I was carrying around some extra blubber.”  — Detox

“From here on out, I will not tolerate no half-steppin.” — Ru

What do you think of Ru sending home both Honey and Vivienne? Was that the right decision?

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  • San1andreas

    nope he should have sent coco home she is such an ameture and need to leave sooner rather then later