Drag Race Episode 2: Lip-sync Extravaganza

Contestant comes out with a big secret!

Drag Race Episode 2: Lip-sync Extravaganza

This week on RuPaul’s Drag Race, the queens had to repeat Drag Race herstory while one queen made show herstory when  she revealed a secret she’s been keeping to herself.

Monica Beverly Hillz came out as transgendered before her fellow contestants and judges. I’m not really sure why this is a thing. But everyone was crying and I guess I was supposed to feel some sort of emotion, but I didn’t. So, moving on.

The RuCap

At the start of the show everyone was mourning Penny Tration’s departure and hinting at the fact that the would rather have seen Serena go home instead.

Then Ru enters the workroom to deliver the mini-challenge. Using just mouths, the queens are asked to lip-sync to RuPaul’s songs. The have to stand behind a Ru picture with the mouth cutout and lip-sync to Ru’s songs. It’s a silly challenge and that’s about as much as I can say about it.

The mini-challenge winners were Serena, Detox and Ivy. And as winners, they will be team leaders for the main challenge. The main challenge is a lip-sync extravaganza. They’ll be lip-syncing to the spoken word.They have to reenact and lip sync to scenes from seasons two, three and four.

During the filming the challenge looks like a big convoluted mess and I kind of want to take my eyeballs out and throw them in the garbage disposal. But thankfully, the finished products are far more enjoyable.

Meanwhile, Monica has been acting off the entire episode. Something is going on clearly. Then she says she has a huge secret she’s been keeping. So that’s sure to play out on the runway. Speaking of which …

The Runway Rundown

  • Lineysha Sparx — Miss Universe swimsuit realness
  • Honey Mahogany— Wonder Woman meets I Dream of Jeannie
  • Ivy Winters — Butterfly goddess
  • Vivienne Pinay — Golden Grecian Goddess
  • Alyssa Edwards — Call the ASPCA
  • Serena Cha Cha— Miss Universe Parade of Nations realness
  • Jade Jolie — Ring leader realness
  • Roxxxy Andrews — Swamp Thing realness
  • Jinkx Monsoon — Space cadet
  • Monica Beverly Hillz — Pop star realness
  • Alaska — Dark Lady realness
  • CoCo Montrese — Dominatrix realness
  • Detox — Evil Queen realness
  • (Drag Race Recapping 1o1: When all else fails, throw in the word realness)

After the runway show, the judges take a look at the finished products from the lip-sync extravaganza challenge.

My Video Ratings

  • Team Serena: This gets a big one out of four stars. Lip syncing was off. Looks were off. Not good. And the biggest offender was Serena. She in no way channeled Season 3 winner Raja.
  • Team Ivy: Four out of four stars. Great lip-syncing and the looks were good. Lineysha surprised everyone with her on point version of Season 2 winner Tyra Sanchez.
  • Team Detox: Four out of four stars. A Great lip syncing and an overall hilarious bit. Loved it. Detox and Alaska as Season 4′s Sharon and PhiPhi were pretty fantastic.

During the judges’ critique, Monica reveals the big news: that she’s transgendered and “not just a drag queen.”

The RuSults

Winning Team: Team Ivy

Challenge Winner: Lineysha

Bottom Two: Serena and Monica. Serena and Monica lip-sync to Rihanna’s “Only Girl (In the World).” And they’re both boring. I don’t care who goes home at this point. I guess I think Monica is better with the actual lip-sync. And since this is week two in the bottom for Serena, so the choice should be clear.

Sashaying Away: Serena


Say What? (Best Quotes)

“I’m just going to smack her like a fly over a cow patty. Go home bitch.” — Jade about Serena

“I tried to tease it but I just pissed it off.” — Jinkx to Michelle Visage about her hair

“If you’re going to walk with a whip you better crack that shit.” — Juliet Lewis

“Ladies, I need your lip-syncs to be as tight and unforgettable as your Charisma, Uniqueness Nerve and Talent (C.U.N.T.).” — Ru

“How many black cocks had to die for that outfit?” — Ru

“You were like Chewbacca in drag.” — Santino to Roxxxy

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