Drag Race Recap: And The Winner is …

Was it Chad Michaels, Sharon Needles or Phi Phi O'Hara?

Drag Race Recap: And The Winner is …

Tonight was the season finale of Ru Paul's Drag Race and Chad Michaels, Sharon Needles and Phi Phi O'Hara each gave one hell of a fight for the crown. So who walked away with it? No one.

Wan. Wan. Waaaaaaaaaaaan.

Yes, you read that correctly. For the first time in Drag Race's four seasons, a winner was not named during the finale. Ru Paul decided  that the race was too close for her to call on her own. She's turning to the public to share their thoughts on who should walk away with the Season 4 crown. Fans are asked to tweet who they'd like to win using the #DragRace hashtag or by visiting the Drag Race Facebook page.

There are a lot of speculation as to why Ru decided to do this and if she decides to go with who the public suggests, the winner will be an obvious one. But there's no reason to start speculating. Let me get to the recap instead.

At the start of the show we join the final three – Chad, Sharon and Phi Phi  - in the workroom waiting on the weekly She-Mail from Ru. They get the usual tease-y mail followed by Ru's sinister laughter and, as always, in walks Ru. She tells the final three that they will be put to the ultimate test for their final challenge. And like seasons past, they'll be joining Ru in filming her next video for her song “Glamazon.”

They'll have to dress the part, act and dance. The three queens immediately head off to learn the choreography for the video and while Chad and Phi Phi are finding it easy, Sharon is struggling a bit. Dancing hasn't been her strong suit the entire season. But luckily this isn't Dancing With The Stars and she'll get her chance to shine in other areas.

Phi Phi, however, struggles with the acting while Chad's only problem isn't a problem at all. Everything is perfect for Chad, as usual. And while that's judge Michelle Visage's biggest gripe with Chad, it is making her final challenge pretty easy.

Helping the three queens rehearse are surprise guests Tyra Sanchez and Raja, the winners from seasons two and three, respectively. Each queen spends some time with the past winners while the other has a one-on-one “lunch” with Ru.

The lunch, as always, consists of one Tic Tac and a lot of emotion. It's the one time of the season where Ru puts on her psychotherapist wig and tugs at the contestants' heartstrings. We learn that Chad has been semi-estrange from his father for years. Phi Phi has also had problems with his father. He says he put him in the hospital when he was 18 and hasn't spoken to him since.

Sharon's boyfriend is the one  who came up during their talk. A fellow drag queen, he's auditioned for Drag Race all four seasons and has been rejected. Sharon auditioned once, made it on the show and is no

w in the Top 3. She's afraid her experience on the show will leave things strained at home.

It's time for filming to begin. The acting scenes turn out way better than the dancing scenes and each of the final three shine in different ways. Chad has the acting down. Sharon lays the camp and humor on beautifully thick and Phi Phi's dance moves are spot on. Now it's on to the runway and the final lip-sync.

The Final Runway Rundown

Chad Michaels: Versace meets Jane Fonda. Chad's hair and makeup were flawless as always but she took a much-needed risk with the outfit. She skipped the glam down despite a crown being up for grabs and it paid off.

Sharon Needles:  Monster's ball. Staying true to herself, Sharon stormed the runway in her signature spooky contacts and even donned some octopus fingers. A lot can be said about a person who never compromises who they are.

Phi Phi O'Hara: Cave woman meh. I think Phi Phi's weakest moment of the night was the runway. A leopard-print neon pink bathing suit? Meh. Along with her usual too-dark makeup. Not the best of the night for sure.

The Lip-sync 

For the first time in the show's history, all three finalists are asked to lip-sync for their lives to Ru's “Glamazon.” And each do a fantastic job. Chad is spot-on with the lyrics, Phi Phi is tearing up the stage with dance and Sharon is offering the laughs and also nailing the lyrics.

The Judgment

“The winner of RuPaul's Drag Race is ………….. going to be announced at next week's reunion show.” Ru makes the big announcement and jaws drop – on the runway and certainly on couches across America. And then she adds the part where fans can express their opinions on who should win the season 4 crown.

So tune in next week to find out the winner of Ru Paul's Drag Race Season 4.

Quote of the Night

“I haven't eaten since 1972, Ru.” – Chad Michaels



  • Chriscordova

    Sharon Needles is new face drag !!! and Im an old queen from the Late 80′s you go girl…… punch it

  • Itspaul99

    Chad Michaels ‘Quote of the Night’ is actually paraphrased from an episode of ab fab.