Sharon Needles Won’t Be On All-Stars

Pandora Boxx first contestant to be confirmed

Sharon Needles Won’t Be On All-Stars

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4 winner Sharon Needles won’t be joining the cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars in the fall despite her winning the fan’s choice spot.

Sharon sent out a video explaining the news and announcing her replacement.

“Can’t a ghoul enjoy her victory for one calendar year before being forced back into the competition,” Sharon jokingly asks. “I mean, come on guys, I am the winner of season 4. Weirder things have not happened.”

Pandora Boxx All stars

So who is the replacement Sharon calls “Just as funny, just as silly and just as campy”? Season 2 fan favorite Pandora Boxx. Pandora came in second place during the All-Stars fan’s choice vote.

Bummed that Sharon won’t be on All-Stars? I think we should all understand. She just won and it would be pretty weird for her to step right back into the competition. She won the fan’s choice before she won season 4. So it all makes sense. Hopefully this means other winners won’t be allowed to return either. It should just  be a battle of fan favorites!

You can still get your Sharon Needles fix this season on Drag U.