The Best RuPaul’s Drag Race Quotes

She said what on Season 4?

The Best RuPaul’s Drag Race Quotes

Drag queens are known for their phrasing. Fish. Werk. Sickening. There really should be a dictionary. Now there’s a book idea. I’ve been watching this season’s RuPaul’s Drag Race and recapping them. Along the way, I’ve been collecting some of my favorite quotes so far this season. And here they are:

“That’s the queen I want to see from now on. From now on, queen, from now on.”  – RuPaul

“Come on, Madame. Mah damn face is sick of looking at you.” Sharon – Sharon Needles

“Her legs are like peanut butter … easy to spread.” RuPaul

“We got some big girls. I hope they don’t have diabetes.” – Willam

“Sharon Needles. Did I meet you at the free clinic?”- RuPaul. “I think so. I quit going. It’s so expensive.” – Sharon Needles

“I think I can see her pink Cadillac.” – RuPaul

“I’m beautiful, spooky and stupid.” - Sharon Needles

“This is called Drag Race, not Drag Walk.” — Willam

“Give us your best Karen Silwood.” – RuPaul

“Black people don’t just stand there when zombies are coming after them, they run bitch!” – Milan

“Puerto Rico feels bad because Madame doing a bad work of RuPaul’s Drag Race.” -Kenya Michaels

“When making your ass, always draw the shape of Africa, or as Latrice would say, the homeland.” – Sharon Needles. “I’m Polynesian, bitch.” – Latrice Royale.

“She was going for ‘Sex and the City’ and it was more like ‘sex in the alley.’ ” — Rick Fox. “I’m not going to turn that down, either.” – RuPaul

“You are exactly the type of guy that I go for, too. Like, that whole meth look.” – Princess to Sharon Needles

My cervix is softening just watching them.” – RuPaul on the DILF Challenge

“Everyone makes mistakes, but bitch you better look sickening when you get up! Look sickening and make them EAT it!” – Latrice Royale

“Edit yourself, bitch. Edit yourself.” – Chad Michaels

“Your tone seems very pointed right now.” – Willam

“Chad got some shade that lies deep within, honey.” -Latrice Royale



  • Fran

    You missed this one: “I am Latrice MotherF!@#ing Royale.”

    • Big Mo529

      they sure did! she sure did say it,and said it with lots of biscuits

  • Julia S.

    Chad Michaels said he liked the meth look, not the Princess

    • Allison

      Nope, it was the Princess.

  • Paru

    The Princess said the meth line, fo sho’. However, pretty sure Milan said the Drag Race Drag Walk comment in episode one when Jiggly and Alisa were lipsyncing, not Willam.

  • Goodgirl

    I love rupauls dragrace

  • christian

    “This is called Drag Race, not Drag Walk.” — Willam … This was Milan not Willam…

  • Lily

    “The shade of it all” was skipped as well- I liked that quote.

  • Elizabeth

    Never thought I would see RuPaul wearing chartreusse green, whoever was responsible should be decapitated:) Hope to enjoy hanging out munching on hot dogs, I’m only four digits away. LOVE YOU ALL MISS YOU:(