RuPaul's Drag Race Season 4 Winner is …

Willam's disqualification finally explained

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 4 Winner is …

After a week of waiting, we finally know the winner of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 4.

At the end of tonight's reunion special, RuPaul crowned Sharon Needles as America's Next Drag Superstar.

After her crowning, Sharon had only one thing to say.

“Happy Halloween,” she said while taking the runway walk in her crown.

After three seasons of having the results spoiled, the winner was not announced at last week's finale. And to keep the winner a secret until tonight, the show filmed three different crownings and piped the actual results in live at the end of the reunion special.

Another first this season was the public had a bit of a say in the winner. While the final decision was RuPaul's, she asked the public to vote for their favorite finalist via Faceb

ook and Twitter. The outpouring of support of Sharon Needles was so massive, it shouldn't come as any surprise that she walked away with the crown and the $100,000 grand prize tonight.

Sharon, an entertainer out of Pittsburgh, started the contest as the underdog. She's not your typical drag queen. She prefers spook to sequins and gore to glam. The public responded surprisingly well to her schtick and has already voted her as its choice to be a part of the RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars season set to air sometime after this summer. There's no word on whether or not Sharon's win will keep her from taking part in All Stars.

The other big news coming out of the reunion show was why contestant Willam was eliminated. We've been teased for weeks that the queen broke some rules that forced Ru to disqualify him. So what rules did he break? Contestants were supposed to keep their filming a secret and he not only informed his boyfriend of what he was doing, he let him visit his hotel room while sequestered. Boring.

Latrice Royale was voted Miss Congeniality, which is the equivalent of fan favorite, by the public.



  • S!

    Can’t believe ANYONE would vote for PhiPhi. She was massively unlikable.

    • Asc102021

      Thought she was a shady bitch from the git!!

  • Olive

    Phi Phi even looked terrible for the crowning. Why would she wear that?

  • Angelina

    I absolutely love this show. I have watched from the first episode and finally got the queen right!! But there are many other queens who were also deserving. Heres a pitch, why don’t you do a season with all of the second runner ups to see who comes out on top. Keep up the great work and much love to all the queens. You are an insperation to all, including me!! Love and kisses!!
    Angelina Carl

  • Sequi

    I though Phi Phi look was good. And I’m no where near a fan of her.

  • HarleyHippyChick

    Asc, What a great idea!!! I would also love to see a season of runner ups. I have to say that I was massively disappointed that Sharon Needles won. I apologize to those of you who loves her but come on, its fun for a while but drag is about being beautiful. Men being beautiful as women so us women can emulate them. Who wants to emulate Halloween, all year long? Just disappointed. Chad is gorgeous and PhiPhi is also gorgeous (on the outside), shitty person on the inside tho.
    I’ll still watch next year but won’t hail Sharon as Queen of all. Nope. Sorry, can’t do it.

  • coocoolarue

    Phi Phi not fair takes a header tonight. He skanky arse loses and makes the masses ecstatic. Love how Willam takes Fee-Fee who dares to the carpet. Calling bull chit on her lying, shady self.

    The look on Phi-Phi big hair was priceless when she lost. And I loved, I mean loved how Sharon hugged Chad and ignored the tired show girlz.

    Poor, poor Phi-Phi all air just felt abused, she has feelings, and she gets hurt. That skank would toss her mums under a bus for a spare token even if she has a pocketful. Save the crocodile tears Phi-Phi we jeer.

    Poor old Jiggly, trusted Mz. Phi-Phi to near, and broke down while speaking of the betrayal with Fe-Fe all rear and the fake arse apology issued by Fee-Fe fake tears. Oh Jiggley, make a better class of friends.

    All hail the new Queen, the future of Drag, the incomparable Ms. Sharron Needles. Party City has a new spokesperson. And the old Free-Free who cares takes her old, weak, tired show girlz look back to some hick back alley.

    That’s all…… Class dismissed

  • Ludy_sexy

    I love Sharon Neddles but Phi Phi was the ultimate bitch so I wanted her to Win. In my heart she is the number 1 girl