Top 10 Moments of Drag Race Season 4

As the show winds down, let's take a look back

Top 10 Moments of Drag Race Season 4 how to get your ex back

This week's RuPaul's Drag Race was a clip show, of sorts, so instead of the usual recap, it's time for an end-of-the-season rundown of the Top 10 moments. And even though the biggest moment will come next week when a Season 4 winner is crowned, here are 10 other moments worth noting.

1. Willam is disqualified. There were no other options for the No. 1 spot on this list. It's not that often that a contestant is forced to leave a show for breaking the rules. And while we're still not sure what Willam did, I think she couldn't have asked for a better outcome. Like Sharon Needles says, “getting kicked off is more punk rock than winning.” In Willam's case, I think Sharon's right. He's an actor before he's a drag queen and the publicity he got from Drag Race can only help.

2. Chad Michaels as Cher. Chad is known for his Cher impersonation. And while most people thought he was going to be a one-note with Cher, we only saw it once this season. And Chad definitely made the best of it. While the others were making fools of themselves as Snooki and a cracked out Diana Ross, Chad was all class. Sneaking in Cher costume changes (even her Oscar hair!) every so often was genius. It was definitely the most-deserved challenge wins of the season.

3. Sharon Needles vs. Phi Phi O'Hara. “Why don't you go back to Party City!” “Tired ass showgirl!” It was one of the greatest fights in show history. And while Sharon and Phi Phi had patched things up before last week's episode, I think it's safe to say the war is on once again. And the fact that they're in the Top 3 fighting for the crown only makes things more delicious.

4. Dida Rtiz and Jiggly can perform, girl. OK, so Dida's wigs were busted and Jiggly was a hot mess on a good day, but you can't deny their stage presence. Both queen defied the odds a number of times and escaped elimination with their lipsyncs.

5. Sharon Needles wins the first challenge, and America's heart. She was definitely an ulikely fan favorite from the start. But who knew America would embrace a goth queen? Who knew they'd pref how to get your ex back

er spook over sparkle? And it all started with Sharon's first win during the very first challenge. I know she had me at the bloody mouth.

6. Past season queens return as zombies. We usually don't get to see any of the previous season queens back. Unless you're Shangela. So it was nice to see some of our favorites back from the dead, literally.

7. Phi Phi finally makes us only hate her a little. Ah, Phi Phi O'Hara. Arguably the most disliked queen in four season, Phi Phi had one moment where everything came together for her. During the DILF challenge, her makeup didn't suck. Her attitude was kind of OK and she really did do a great job making over her DILF. For a second, we thought maybe she wasn't half bad. But just for a second.

8. Kenya Michaels returns and is eliminated again. This wasn't as fun as it was last season when Carmen Carrera was brought back just to be eliminated at the end of the episode, but it was close. Nothing like watching someone get their hopes up just to have them dashed once again. In the very same fashion. *Evil laugh*

9. Chad's first lipsync of the season. It took Chad until the end to have to lipsync but when she did, it was flawless. Latrice had been a force on that stage, but Chad and her quest for perfection has yet to be matched.

10. Chad and Sharon's bond. Each season there's a special bond. In Season 1 it was (well everyone hated each other, so scratch that). Each season after the first, there's a special bond. In Season 2, there was Raven and Morgan. In Season 3 we had The Heathers and The Boogers. And in Season 4 we've got Chad and Sharon. And I have to say that Chad and Sharon's bond is the best of the four seasons. They're so honest with each other and the fact that their complete opposites in most ways makes it even sweeter. Too bad only one of them can win the crown (I like to image Phi Phi doesn't stand a chance), because I'd like for both of them to win. Or better yet, I'd like for them to get their own show together on Logo. Couldn't be any worse than Eden's World.



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    Willam should star in a biopic of David Lee Roth!