Shahs of Sunset Episode 4: RECAP

It's official. MJ and Reza are on the outs (for this episode at least).

Shahs of Sunset Episode 4: RECAP

This week’s episode of Shahs of Sunset picked right up where it left off last week–in MJ and Reza’s office. Just to catch you up in case you missed it, Reza is all mad at MJ for a number of reasons but it’s her recent choice to stand by GG’s side during the epic “pool party fight” that has him yelling at her in the office. MJ, oblivious to the resentment Reza has built towards her over the past 20-years, is confused as to why Mike is standing in their office. That’s because Reza has secretly asked Mike to come and join him on the residential side of selling things. So Mike is standing in the middle of the spat waiting for his broker interview and also sizing up the office because Reza wants MJ out.

On the way to lunch the boys discuss the argument that just happened.  Reza doesn’t know what to do. And Mike tells him it’s kind of shitty that he didn’t tell MJ about his interview, or at least tell him she would be there. “She’s never there!” Reza defends himself.

Lilly’s sister Yassamin came to visit two and half months ago and has yet to leave. The two sisters look very similar but Yassamin uses about half the weave Lilly does. Lilly also claims the two to be polar opposites. But now Lilly needs her sister to back her up at the upcoming party since MJ will be present. “My sister is a [bleep]ing tiger. Don’t let her little frame fool you,” she tells the camera.

GG having a heart to heart talk with Mike.Mike drops by GG’s house after an impromptu phone call. He wants to talk to her about her recent behavior. At the door, he holds up a blow up punching bag and gloves as if to say, “Take it easy on me.” It’s likely that GG missed the message completely. So Mike makes it simple and tells her how it is. “All your stories have changed. The whole crew feels like your irrational. And if you keep going like this it’s going to get to the point where you’re in the NFL–No Friends Left.” GG tries to defend herself and deflect the wrong doings on to Asa but Mike’s not having it. “People don’t want to hang out with you,” he says again, reiterating his point from before. GG looks shocked and runs to her room crying.

MJ is tired of Reza picking on her and thinks his recent retaliation is bullshit. To get even, she pack up all of her office belongings and decides to work from home until Reza realizes she’s gone. She’s determined that her absence will make him miss her and cause him to reflect on his actions. Little does she know she’s just made it easier for Mike to slide into her spot.

With all the drama going on Reza is ready to get effed up. But before he can go raid the gay bars of West Hollywood he must make a very important decision. Should he wear a crew neck or V Neck black t-shirt? He calls in his friend and fellow club goer for back up. More important than shirt collars his friend wants to know what is Reza and Adam’s status. “Monogamy in a gay relationship is kinda like ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.’ As long as you don’t come back to the house with more than you left with, it’s all good,” Reza explains to all the dumb straight people in relationships. The other main difference for the gays, according to Reza, is the expiration date for club going. His expiration date he explains is 55-years-old, a healthy 25-years longer than the average straight club-goer. So what I think he’s getting at is he and Adam are not that serious, obviously. At the club he makes out with a “hot, young , yummy ho” named Erik and fulfills he strange armpit fetish by repeatedly shoving his nose into the crotch of Erik’s arm. What man friend? Good times in the gay city!Reza hooking up with Erik.

Out of nowhere we learn Asa has a boyfriend. Oh and it’s a black guy named Jermaine Jackson, Jr. that talks in a deep, raspy voice as if he’s making love to a microphone. Apparently, Persians and African Americans are not suppose to mix and so Asa is as giddy as a clam. She loves breaking the rules. It’s what Pop Persian Princesses are born to do.

Mike tells his family over dinner that he’s switching from commercial real estate to residential now that he was officially awarded the position by Reza and MJ’s broker. Having two younger, more successful brothers can be tough on a guy’s ego but not as tough as the criticism from Mike’s Mom. “You don’t know residential. You don’t have patience. You’re not a hustler,” she tells him bluntly. “Good luck.” And now we know why Mike is a meat head. He’s needs those big biceps to prevent his mother’s words from hurting his sensitive heart.

And finally, the weekly Shahs party is near. MJ gets ready in her bathroom, alone. While Lilly has called her ‘glam squad,’ a team of three, to come ‘glam’ her and her sister out in her living room, not that tonight is special. Lilly uses her ‘glam squad’ two or three times a week. That clown make up can be a bitch to apply! Duh.

At the bar, aka designated party zone, everyone is waiting on the guest of honor Tehran from New York to arrive. Coincidently, he is half-Persian and half-African-American and what Reza likes to refer to as a “unicorn.” Because again, Persians don’t like to mix business with pleasure. Asa is honored to be in the presence of the unicorn because she hopes to have her own unicorn one day. In a surprise turn of events (and by surprise I mean not a surprise at all), Asa’s Fashion Week performance was canceled. You remember the one, the performance she was asking $15,000 for even though she only needed $2000 for her month’s rent. Seems like she pulled the ole’ all or nothing trick, and sadly ended up with nothing.

Shahs of Sunset feud on the horizon.MJ is the last to arrive to the party as usual. And Reza is sweaty with anticipation. MJ, scared to death, but seemingly cool on the outside walks up to him to say hello and kiss his cheeks. Reza returns the welcome, but then tells the camera he’s pissed about the scene. MJ makes a comment about Lilly’s dress that gets her all worked up. “You shouldn’t have worn that dress,” she retorts, agitated, and then says in an interview, “I’m wearing a $2000 couture dress. She’s wearing an 8th grade dress 10 sizes too small.” While MJ’s dress was a little tight, I can’t help but think: At least she didn’t need a glam squad to get ready for a shitty bar outing, Lilly.

With Lilly and her sister as back up, Reza is ready to stir MJ’s pot. He gathers everyone’s attention to make a toast to his favorite people, none of which include MJ as his so-called best-friend of 20-years. And on that note, MJ leaves the building. Sammy, a great friend of both Reza and MJ who hasn’t made too many appearances in the second season yet, notices what happened and confronts Reza about his behavior. Asa and Reza team up to throw MJ under the Persian bus but still Sammy stands firm. “This is your friend of 20-years, Reza,” he continues. Now not just sweaty, but flushed, red and irritated Reza continues to defend his position while Lilly demands that someone owes her an apology.

“One event!” Tehran yells, interupting the drama. “This is why I don’t move back to Los Angeles.”

MJ leaves the building after fight with Reza.And that’s it. We’re left with another Shahs cliffhanger of unresolved fighting and arguments. Be sure to tune into Bravo next Sunday to find out if MJ and Reza can reconcile their friendship. Do you think they can work it out? or is Lilly in the way? And does anyone else think Lilly is totally lame besides me? She drives me nuts.

Most importantly, Merry Christmas Eve! May Santa bring lots of love and laughter to your household.


  • zimon66

    Very surprised the Mike&GG conversation got hardly any mention here. It was really WEIRD on her end. That girl either got royally Bravo Edited or she’s has some serious problems going on upstairs.

    • Cheryl Marshall

      gg seems to be in total denial