Shahs of Sunset Episode 8: RECAP

Asa becomes orgasmic for diamonds and Reza confronts his grandma.

Shahs of Sunset Episode 8: RECAP

This week on Shahs of Sunset, the cool kids of Shah–Mike, Reza, MJ and Asa–prepare and go on a trip to New York to celebrate Rosh Hashanah with Reza’s family, while GG–the lonely, ousted Shah–admires Omid, the only person that seems to be giving her attention at the moment. But first, before taking off to New York, Asa must work. And while must people consider work a place to go every weekday from 9-5, Asa randomly stops by a diamond wholesale shop. She is on the hunt for the perfect diamond to infuse into her Diamond Water project now that she has locked down an investor.

“A diamond’s vibrational energy is the original energy of the creation of the world,” she explains to those of us at home. In the store, she attempts to tell the diamond guru Pat the same story, as well as her intentions of creating and selling diamond water. “Wow. Interesting,” Pat remarks. But by the way he looks at her during the response it’s clear he is thinking something else. Something like, “You’re kidding, right?” But at the end of the day Pat is a business man and wants to sell diamonds, so he invites Asa into the VIP room where the bigger diamonds are stowed. Once seated he pulls out a box of diamonds that carries many small plastic bags of diamonds that are 3-carats or bigger. Asa runs her fingers over the the bags, which appears to be an orgasmic experience for her, and pulls two diamonds out of the pack.

One plastic package a holds 9-carat diamond that she immediately falls in love with. She places the rock on her forehead to feel its energy and ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ in response. She appears convinced this is the diamond for her Diamond Water endeavor until Pat tells her the rock retails for $325,000. Her budget, she admits, is only between $60-65,000 and so she quickly moves on to the other diamond. And wouldn’t you know this diamond’s energy happens to be better than the first, even at half the carats of the first one. She cautiously asks Pat the price of this diamond and learns it’s much more reasonable at $85-90,000. He eventually even gives her a family discount at $75,000, which makes Asa really happy even though it’s still $10,000 outside her budget. She will get her people in touch to make the sale, she proudly boasts.

Asa makes love to water towers.Upon touring the water making factory, Asa walks with her rug in hand and appears amazed by all the surrounding machinery. Once to the destination where the Diamond Water is said to be produced, she sets down the rug and sets up a praying/meditation station. Eventually, she starts praying/meditating. Her rituals and love-inducing techniques, which are essential to the water’s success, heavily remind me of the guy on My Strange Addictions who is in love with his car. Like him, she hugs and kisses the inanimate objects, water towers, as if they are human. The only difference between him being a weirdo and her doing something honorable is the belief that her Diamond Water requires her love energy. In fact, as she explains it, it’s one third of the concoction (the other two thirds being water and the diamond, of course).

On to more normal daily activities, MJ and GG meet up to take their pups for a walk. GG wants to know what the heck is going on with MJ and why all the late-night texts from Mexico. From her perspective, it seems kind of messed up that she keeps getting uninvited to events and yet when something goes wrong–aka Asa and MJ fight–MJ runs to her to complain. For the first time ever, I think GG has a point. But MJ reminds GG of why she was ousted and the first place, and then also attempts to explain how she’s done so much for her. “I care so much about you and its fucking me up,” MJ tells GG, acting as the victim. Like GG always does when she cant verbally express her emotions, she starts bouncing up and down like a boxer and then suggest they continue walking the dogs, which is code for: I need to burn some energy before I punch a bitch.GG and MJ walking dogs.

Across town Mike has his own problems brewing. He wants to introduce his lady friend Jessica to the family, but is worried that her Italian heritage–aka she’s not Persian or Jewish–will not be accepted. Since his brother is a dentist, he drops by his office for a monthly teeth whitening session and also to ask for advice. The only advice his brother can offer is not to have his teeth whitened so often because the procedure is only meant to be done yearly.

At the family dinner, the interaction between Jessica and Mike’s family is awkward at first. She is unsure of the rituals before dinner, and like a hawk, Mike’s mom is watching and accessing her every move. Once learning that Jessica is only 6-months away from finishing nursing school and beginning a Masters program, Mike’s mom starts to loosen up. As Mike explains,”Persian moms love–with a capital L–love professional degrees.” More like Persian moms like professional degrees and women who won’t assume the family dowry.

Needing attention, GG stops by Omid’s house to hang out. Like a little girl (or like the beginning of a cheesy porn flick), she shows up licking and sucking on a red lollipop. The gesture does not go unnoticed. Omid makes a comment about the location of his lollipop, and GG uses the opportunity to throw her back and laugh all flirty-like. Now that she’s starting to realize she may have romantic feelings for Omid, she admits to not knowing how to act around him. Omid, on the other hand, couldn’t feel more differently. “I probably am a player. She’s fine with it.” Only she’s completely unaware that she may be being played. She also really does not know how to act around Omid. Upon saying she has to tell him something, she says the one thing that’ll make any player’s penis shrink instantaneously. She says, “I’m having your baby.”GG sucking lollipop.

Cut to Lilly. Just when I had forgotten all about the Texan drama queen, her whiney voice emerges from the television to make her weekly debut. She has a blind date to attend later in the night and so her Glam Squad arrives–all three of them–to doll her up. But wait–she has a boyfriend? The answer is yes and no, depending on what day it is. Since Ollie hasn’t made the move to Los Angeles yet, today she has no boyfriend. So she meets a personal injury lawyer named Hadi for dinner. He’s impressed by her beauty but wonders why she is still single. In minutes, he learns the reason why and wishes he could run away from her as fast as possible. During dinner, Lilly talks of her ex the entire time. She mentions still being in love with him and even says, “I wish he were here.” Hadi becomes so appalled by her behavior he starts texting on his phone, which is rude and his intention. “Just like talking about your ex for 15-minutes straight,” he retorts when Lilly tells him about his bad behavior. Needless to say, the date becomes the perfect example of what not to do on a date and both parties depart the restaurant with a terrible experience.Lilly and her glam squad.

Finally, it’s time for Reza and cool kids to head to New York! Upon arriving Reza and crew drive in circles and become lost in the city streets, which can become expensive when driving a Land Rover. Reza meets with his father at lunch, and delves more into the history of his grandmother. He wants to know why she is so unlikable. As it turns out she was forced to divorce her husband based on a rumor, and as a Persian woman in her 20′s was ousted from the community because of it. Reza’s father, Manoochehr, explains how he was heartbroken when she left because he was only 8-years-old at the time. Understanding the history of his family helps Reza process the present relationship he has with his father and the two cry it out over lunch.

At the Rosh Hashanah dinner with the family, the goal becomes to confront grandma and establish some kind of relationship. Reza and gang arrives with many presents, both food and beautiful flowers. If anything, Reza knows how to host and arrive at a party. Once introductions and greetings are over Reza heads to the kitchen where his grandma is sitting all alone. Only unlike his last visit when she ignored him, this visit she acknowledges his presence immediately and demands he gives her big kisses. She tells Reza, “I’d die for you.” And Reza sits next to her confused by her recent interaction.

“Did they switch grandmas at the old folks home?” he says in an interview. Being accepted by his family is a new feeling for Reza and he revels in the joy and emotion it brings him. He also is touched by his friends support and presence. For the first time ever it seems like–at least in Reza’s world–all is right and good. This Rosh Hashanah, or new year celebration, is one to celebrate and remember forever. In closing he admits, “The beauty and symbolism [of the night] was not lost on me.” And Shahs of Sunset ends on a positive note for a changeReza and his grandma make amends.

Were you touched by Reza’s family reunion? And what are your thought’s on Asa’s Diamond Water endeavor?  


  • Maeby

    I could watch Asa buying diamonds all day; I think I’m going to use her technique the next time I’m at Zale’s. Shahs of Sunset is my favorite thing to watch after my shift ends.