Mike Shouhed Poses For PlayGirl.com

And we have pictures... as well as an interview!

Mike Shouhed Poses For PlayGirl.com

It’s official: the reality TV show Shahs of Sunset will be returning for a third season and cast member Mike Shouhed couldn’t be any happier. Along with his contract renewal, the 34-year-old has plenty to share. He is madly in love with his girlfriend. His favorite Persian restaurants are hooking him up with free tahdig and the red carpet treatment. And most recently, he posed for PlayGirl.com. What more could a guy that loves manscaping and Louis Vuitton’s ask for? 

Jana: Tell me, do you bare it all for the PlayGirl.com shoot?
Mike: I don’t kiss and tell. [Laughs] You’re going to have to check it out for yourself.

Well then. What kind of manscape artist are you?
I’m a great manscape artist. And I manscape all the time. It shouldn’t be something done just once. A man should take care of himself from head to toe—manicure, pedicure, manscaping. I like to keep everything tight and clean.
Mike Shouhed Interview for Reality Nation

Now that Season 2 of Shahs has ended, what’s next?
It was just announced today [April 2] that there is going to be a Season 3. So I’m excited to come back, and hopefully make it happen. This season I think my story is going to unfold, get a bit deeper. Right now is the best time of my life. I have a lot of things happening, like the show and real estate and hanging with the elite. I’m definitely on the upswing of things.

Are you engaged or at least living with your girlfriend yet?
Jessie and I are still dating. We’re not engaged yet, but I love her very much. I’m hoping to take the relationship to the next level. We’re at least talking about it.

How does she feel about the Play Girl shoot?
She loves it! She’s been there—with me—since day one, and they even asked her to be a part of it. We’re both very honored.

So which job brings in the most money? Shahs or real estate?
Real estate is my bread and butter, for sure.

Which job is the most fun?
Shahs! Are you kidding me? I get to hang out with my friends, act crazy, have cameras follow me. I feel like a celebrity, quote unquote. I’m walking through Manhattan now, talking to you, and all these people are taking pictures of me. It’s crazy.

Of all the cast members on Shahs, you seem to be the most real in regards to telling people how it is and understanding your role in friendships. Has that always been your demeanor? Or does the show bring out a different side of you?
Have you ever heard of the movie True Romance? Well, there’s this scene with Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette. He asks her, ‘What’s your biggest turn off?’ She says, ‘Persian Men.’ Do you remember that? Well, anyways, as a kid I was like, WHAT? My whole life I’ve tried to be the dominant man, the type of guy that women will fall in love with, either as a friend or a lover or as a husband. I just try to be the best me I can be. And I don’t think being on TV has changed me.

Do you feel pressures to break the stereotype of Persian men?
Absolutely. The pressure is on. Although, the show has humanized the Iranian culture. And as cocky as it sounds, I feel like I’ve made the Persian man a sex symbol. To be asked to be on the cover of PlayGirl.com for its 40th Birthday is a huge deal. Brad Pitt has done it. It’s just amazing.
Mike Shouhed

People want to know: Have MJ and Reza kissed a made up yet?
Um… it’s a work in progress. Any friendship that has lasted for twenty-plus years has its ups and downs. But they’re working through it.

Can you seriously call Asa a Persian Pop Priestess without laughing?
[Laughs] She’s so eccentric. She doesn’t care if you don’t like it, she’s just like, ‘I’m coming out with Diamond Water. I’m the Persian Pop Priestess. Deal with it.’ I like that about her.

What’s the best Persian restaurant in Los Angeles?
The best Persian restaurant in Los Angeles would have to be Darya in Santa Monica.

Do you really go there? Or are you just giving me names?
I go there! Another favorite and where I get the most love is Aram in Beverly Hills. Every time I go there they roll out the red carpet. It’s nice. [Laughs]

In order to be an honorary Shah, what’s the first thing one should purchase?
You have to rock some awesome gear, get yourself a nice pair of Louis Vuitton’s, and have a nice car. Also, you have to use cologne responsibly.

Good point.
Or else it’s just too much.


  • http://twitter.com/taniatbul Tania

    Funny. And yet all so true. Good guy. And because Persians grew up with some good fundamentals.
    Sex symbol ??? For sure.
    Darya?? Wow. Sabzi polo1/2 green salad with grilled salmon… Oh the drool…

  • Malia

    Nice props to the Persian Restaurant In Santa Monica. I love him. Feel free to interview him weekly, and keep the pictures coming. He is one beautiful hunk of Persian Love.

  • Prospective male model

    This guy is certainly an inspiration and I like how he is supported by his fiancee, and If I can look as good as him I’ll be honoured and proud too. But I’ll work hard and one day I may be good looking enough to pose in a known magazine. My wife supports me and she says she’s proud of me for even trying

  • Briannaa Ariel

    I have always liked Mike, but he is drinking too much, and it is ugly, low class and lowering his likability. Khang Mike!!! Reza has proved to be two faced, catty, and acting like a typical queen, and at first, I didn’t think so, but he is so outta line more than not.

    Mike, get your shit together! don’t make Kaelymi look bad!!!

    • Taylor Stern

      I always liked Mike as well. You are right about Reza… typical queen. I only know of one gay man that I met in my entire life that is a true class act. Reza has become annoying as well as all of what you said. Mike looks beyond hot in this photo…. go Mike.

  • Taylor Stern

    I like Mike as he seems like a fair person & a great friend. I don’t know about brains but he is easy on the eyes.

  • Taylor Stern

    I like Mike as he seems to be a fair person & a great friend. His girlfriend Jessica is average at best. She seems a bit boring. She does everything for him already & so what’s left. She converted so fast but I feel she should have waited longer or until he put a ring on it. She gives it all up so fast. Then she has the audacity to say to Mike,”You’re old…the only reason I am asking is b/c you’re old”…. “I don’t want to have kids with a forty year old.” Then she continues to say it in a nagging way & use the “F” word…. classy. Oh sure that’s attractive & it’s even more attractive when you point out that you are hot. Girl please…. you are not all that in the first place. There are other great women out there & we are talking about Mike Shouhed so have several seats. Jessica’s legs are ugly/average body, her hair is straight boring thin, face cute/average, flat personality, immature (to make those comments to Mike) & somewhat appears desperate. I am not saying she should be a drama queen because drama queens are annoying but have some sort of you know…class, maturity, PERSONALITY or charm. I mean this girl has the personality of a Golf tournament….boring. He needs the personality of a Gwen Stefani type basically someone who is exciting, creative & doesn’t completely loose themselves in their man but still treats him like a king. Jessica is not a challenge. If she was would she have to pressure a guy. She is clueless when it comes to dealing with a man. You need to leave your man somewhat wanting. They are still new & she is already like this. Mike is smart for taking his time. She acts like there is a big hurry. I don’t think she should wait around for years but why would you want to come at a man like that. I lost respect for this girl even more after those critical, horrible words. She basically insulted all 40 year olds while she was at it.