The Shahs of Sunset Reunion: Part 1

The cast reunites for some serious trash talking!

The Shahs of Sunset Reunion: Part 1

Just when we thought the nights of watching crazy Shahs was over, the cast unites for a 2-part reunion show. Although this time Andy Cohen is there to help Mike mediate and ask questions from fans. Below are some of the funnier quotes from the evening, and perhaps one comment I wish would have came out during discovery.

Overheard from the Shahs of Sunset cast:

I wanted to make sure it was nice and shaved, groomed… kind of like Mike’s pubes. — Reza to Andy Cohen in regards to his mustache

They are a bit unruly and she sometimes she likes to wear clothes that don’t support them. — Reza on why he always touches MJ’s boobs

She’s so naturally skinny that even her shoes have to be taken in. — Andy Cohen introducing Lilly, or Persian Barbie as she’s often dubbed

I don’t gloat or brag or anything like that. — Lilly telling a flat out lie

Shahs of Sunset Season 2 Reunion Shoe

Lilly and Reza

Here are the reports on how much I spend on hair, make up and the Glam Squad! — what I wish Lilly to confessed

I couldn’t resist. — Mike on his upcoming Playgirl shoot

Watching myself on TV showed me how uptight I am. — Lilly on why she doesn’t party

She has been lying so much and drinking a lot, she now lives in a different universe. — Reza on his rocky relationship with MJ now that Season 2 is over

Drinking is not something I’ve never denied doing. — MJ on her boozing

I take Xanax, Klonopin and everything else… who cares. — GG on MJ’s possible prescription habit

It’s a term of endearment. — Asa on why Persian mothers refer to their sons as ‘Golden Penis’

You see me being skanky at a gay club. — One of many reasons why Reza’s Mom is upset with him

I’m naturally skinny and I just don’t have much body fat. — Lilly not boasting and not gloating

Looking down… looking down… looking down. — Lilly trying to bust MJ telling a lie

I was really sadden by it. — GG’s reaction and response to watching her aggressive behaviors on Shahs

Shahs of Sunset Season 2 Reunion

GG and MJ

Bare knuckle boxing match. — GG’s solution to her and Asa’s differences

You have forgotten what a natural woman looks like. — Asa to GG on being called a transvestite

Shut the fuck up before I throw all these olives in your face and make you look better. — GG to Asa

When MJ’s the voice of reason you know we’re in big trouble. — Reza on MJ in regards to her defending GG

And there’s more trash talkin’ to come! Next Sunday, February 24, the Shahs of Sunset Reunion Part 2 will air on Bravo. Hooray for back stabbing and narcissism!


  • Dirtracing7x

    I’m sorry, but that over weight loud mouth piece of shit Reza, needs to get the tar beat out of him, for the garbage that he talks about MJ. Only an unhappy piece of crap like Reza, would go on NATIONAL TV, and talk shit about someone like the way this PUKE did! Go far away Reza, you’re a fat slob, that needs to have his teeth pounded out of your mouth.

  • Trinivibeau

    Been wondering what kind of spiritual person Asa is? I was under the impression that spiritual people are selfless and positive towards others. All I see is someone making a claim to something they are not to get attention and fame. Cant wait for the mother ship that dumped her here to come pick her back up.
    MJ girl! Dont worry bout thouse fools! You are a very kind and understanding person just had some tough breaks as a child but that just made you more sensitive to others feelings and you try to make everyone happy So what you have to tell some little white lies to achieve this any one with half a brain can see this That should tell you something about some of your co-cast like Asa and Miss plastic not so fantastic Lilly who by the way couldent cut it as a lawer so became a unhygienic panty pusher if I was a model or a distributor I would not be doing business with her dont know were thouse bottoms have been.

    • helen

      this show is stupid needs to be cancel fake drama to get ratings