Shahs of Sunset Season 2 Finale

Only at Persia Pelooza can one see a singing bird in spandex.

Shahs of Sunset Season 2 Finale

Poor Shahs of Sunset. The show had so much momentum for an epic finale and then was pushed to the side first by the Super Bowl, and then again the following Sunday by The Grammy’s. For those who did tune in to the episode last night the finale was about finding love–just in times for Valentines Day–and turning a very sharp corner, to put it in Mercedes words. Luckily it all comes together just in time for Asa’s performance at the infamous El Rey theater–and everyone reunites (except GG) at the first ever Persia Pelooza.

Two weeks ago, Shahs of Sunset abruptly ended at Sammy’s dinner party, or what was suppose to be the reconciliation of GG and Asa and all people Persian. Omid and Mike bowed up like roosters preparing to cock fight when GG grabbed the nearby dinner knife, grabbed her beau Omid and went for awalk outside. Fast forward to the opening of the finale episode, GG has returned from the walk sans Omid. Reza sits her down and prompts her for an apology to Asa since the Persian Pop Priestess has threatened to leave the premises. GG acts oblivious to Reza’s cues before finally delivering a half-ass apology to Asa that highlights her agressive actions at the pool party as ill-suited, yet the reason behind the actions logical. Asa answers flippantly.

“Sounds very complicated to me,” the Pop Priestess declares. But it’s when she physically uses her fingers to quote the word “apology” and calls her nemesis “crazy” and “a bully” that GG snaps. The 30-year-old starts swaying her head side-to-side like a Cobra about to make an attack. Frustrated and most likely fearful of GG’s unpredictable assaults, Asa calls GG and the entire situation “whack” and prepares to fled the scene. Hearing the word “whack” sends GG into a crazy song and dance about the word, which is actually quite funny. But the thing that is really whack about the scenario is everyone is now saying the word “whack”–a word that hasn’t been used since 1994.Shahs of Sunset Season 2 Finale

Before Asa departs, Reza holds her hostage and tries to give GG an impromptu lesson on apologizing. As her eyes glaze over it becomes evident she doesn’t understand so Mike takes over. First he insults his student by telling Reza “she doesn’t have the mental capacity to understand… let me try talking… friendlier.” Now this is a comment that GG is warranted to go bat shit crazy over, but she doesn’t. Mike is right. She doesn’t understand. So she stares at him blankly and he explains how an apology works as if he is talking to a caveman. You too much pride. Be humble. No sorry, buts…

By the end of Mike’s message, everyone is ready to leave. Reza turns to GG and says, “You let me down.” MJ stands up next to her and gives her owl eyes. And one by one they file out of the door until it’s just GG and Sammy. The mission to reunite Persians was an epic failure. The night is over.

On a different day, MJ and Vida (her mother) have planned a shopping extravaganza, an exercise assigned by MJ’s therapist weeks ago. The goal of the adventure is to unite mother and daughter, and so the stipulations are Vida is not suppose to be critical of MJ and treat her like an adult, rather than a little girl. But before they can get out of MJ’s car Vida is already complaining about her daughters parking job. Then inside the store she’s complaining about the number of sunglasses MJ has and why she chooses to wear such tight clothing. Still, this is progress for the mother-daughter duo because they are spending time together. Usually the two end up fighting and one or the other storms out.Shahs of Sunset Season 2 Finale

Cut to the life-size barbie doll know as Lilly. Surprise! She has ended her relationship with boyfriend Ali after a trip to Texas last week. The fact we’ve never seen him, he lives in a different state and we have only heard one unromantic phone call between the two, this really isn’t news to anyone–except maybe Lilly. But in her defense, having all that fake hair may make it harder for her to think as fast as the rest of us.

And finally, after hearing about it all season the infamous Persia Pelooza event is nearing. Asa needs to rehearse before the big performance, and so she hits up the rehearsal space that “all musical artists practice” in, even Gwen Stefani. The problem is Asa is not a musical artist, yet. Her routine–she realizes–is so hard and it dawns on the Persian Pop Priestess that she can’t shake her head to fling her hair and sing at the same time. The action and dancing changes the tone of her voice, which becomes a real performance conundrum. What if I can’t sing and dance at the same time? Asa says aloud, which is something that probably should have been determined before booking the show. Professional football players don’t play games unless they know they can defend or catch a ball. Painters don’t have art shows until they have created a collection. Even puppies aren’t bought until they are held and cuddled. It’s almost like Asa is trying to make a documentary of the integration of Persian Pop Culture in America and her role as the Persian Pop Priestess before the movement has even happened, regardless if it becomes successful. But bless her for trying. Asa may not be the best performer but she definitely has balls. Like really, I think she may be a man.

At his parents house across town, Mike has decided that his Italian girlfriend is the “one” for him and consequently has set up a date with his parents to deliver the news that he wants to marry outside his heritage. Upon arriving at the house, the family exchanges greetings kisses and once again I am bamboozled by the spread before them. On the coffee table is a plate of strawberries, a plate of dates, many plates of assorted pastries, bowls of nuts and I believe I even spotted a meringue or some sort of cream pie. If Shahs of Sunset has taught me anything it’s that Persians know how to be good hosts. The show has also taught me that Persians can be wasteful because no one seems to ever pick at or eat from these amazing spreads. What a waste!

Shahs of Sunset Season FinaleAnyhow, Mike delivers the “Italian” news to his parents and his Mom immediately gives her blessing and acceptance, as long as she makes him happy. His Dad on the other hand has different feelings. Since he was away during most of Mike’s childhood he is searching for a daughter-in-law to call his own. His fear of not being able to communicate to her–the dad doesn’t speak great English, he says–will create a divide in the family. Of course, after the father and son squabble a bit he eventually also gives his blessing and Mike is free to marry anyone he wants, as long as it’s not Reza.

Speaking of Reza, he claims to have been dating his boyfriend for sometime now although we’ve only seen Adam once this season. During the finale, the two mustached men are on a date and taking a stroll along the beach in search of sea glass. It’s something Adam likes to do, and also something Reza claims is only for white people. Considering we have a mason jar full of sea glass in our living room Reza may be correct about this particular racial profiling. One point for Reza. Anyways it’s not the sea glass that has Reza asking questions it’s Adam’s Facebook status of ‘It’s complicated’ that is causing concern. Reza clearly is scared to death of monogamy but likes Adam who seems into it, and also genuinely seems like a nice guy. The two discuss who would ask the other for the hand in marriage–a question only gays ponder, Boom Reza. One point me.–and it’s decided that Adam would ask, at least I think. What is clear is that no marriage would happen anytime soon because Reza is unsure about spending his whole life with one penis, or two if you include his.Shahs of Sunset Season 2 Finale

Drum roll please… Finally, the day of Persia Palooza has finally arrived and Asa is up early in preparation. Being a self-proclaimed Persian Pop Priestess is not as easy as some may think. First she must rid herself of the ‘bad-eye,’ an aura that comes from the ill wishes of others. So to rid herself of the bad-eye she boils something up on the stove–could have been mac n’ cheese for all we know–and then lets the steam run over her by moving the boiling pot all over her body (without touching it). Next she bathes in and drinks her homemade diamond water. And with fifteen hours to go until she showtime, it finally occurs to her she may fail. “What if I suck? Or people think I’m crazy,” she asks. To which I say too late Asa. Too late. Of course you’re crazy. Not even Jane Fonda in her workout video days wears as much spandex as you do. Not to mention, most people wear their diamonds instead of drinking them. But hey, we all have our ways.

In bathrooms all over Los Angeles, the Shahs are preparing for the night out. And first, we take a glimpse inside Lilly’s house where the glam squad has just arrived armed and ready to tackle her mane. During this session, they go for a curly look and by the time the team is finished she looks reminiscent of a winning poodle from a dog show. MJ has a surprise guest in her bathroom, and it’s George aka Drezzy, the young boy from her birthday party. Apparently the two have been secretly dating ever since meeting. She now even refers to him as boyfriend. GG is getting glammed up for the evening, but she’s decided not to go to Persia Palooza but to a different event in downtown Los Angeles called Fashion Menya. She realizes she’s been ostracized out of the circle and finally appears to be surrendering the white flag. She uses some kind of island metaphor to explain her situation within the Shahs of Sunset family but really, she’s just been kicked out of the cool kids club. That’s what we call it here in America, except soon she’ll realize there is no such thing as a cool kid club at all. And that my friends, is what we call growing up.

At Persia Pelooza the cast, minus GG, all arrive with significant others. Mike and his lady, Reza and Adam, MJ and Drezzy, Lilly and her hair–everyone is in attendance to support Asa take to the stage. Although Mike is the only one with realistic expectations of the performance. “I think she may have bit off more than she can chew.” Asa is backstage preparing and having her make up applied when her mom visits to bring her flowers. The endeavor makes Asa emotional and she tries to explain the importance of the performance and what it means to her family but what im thinking is–it’s not too late to quit. She did terrible in the studio with Andy and horrific at rehearsals, so what gives her the confidence to continue is unknown. But she does. And eventually she takes the stage and gives it her 100%. It’s not particularly a show I’d want to go see, ever, but it doesn’t matter. I still root for her to do well because nothing makes me more uncomfortable than a bad performer… except a bad performer in spandex with wings.

Shahs of Sunset Season 2 Finale

By the end of Persia Pelooza, everyone is in Asa’s star trailer hugging, reflecting and even having a food fight. It’s official. Another Season of Shahs has come to a close. So thanks to the cast for sharing your lives with us, and even allowing us to pick on you at times. Or, pick on you all of the time. It takes balls to have a camera follow your daily life (Asa knows what I’m talking about).


  • AW

    I really enjoyed your recaps of the episodes this season. Thank you. I too loved the amazing food spreads that appeared in nearly every episode. Do the stars go on to eat the leftovers for the next two weeks? The amount of food Reza put out for his kiss and cry session with MJ would have fed me and my family for a month, maybe two. The stunning arrangement would not have looked out of place at a wedding reception.

    Very, very disappointed in Asa’s lack of talent. I love her. I love her guts and her approach to the world, her acceptance of her less than perfect body, her ability to do the new age thing with a straight face. She seems really fun. I would love to hang out with her. But, I was hoping we might actually hear her sing – just two or three notes would have been great – just a single utterance of “do re mi” at any time during the entire season would have been fantastic. And if she must rap, it would have been cool if she could have risen to, oh, anything resembling actual rap, perhaps Wierd Al’s Amish Paradise? Why isn’t she out there performing every week in clubs or at least having her friends over to her huge house and performing for them there? Practice makes perfect. Get in a few performances at parks, libraries, restaurants, private parties BEFORE the big event with the actual famous people, the belly dancers, the hard core ethnic musicians, the stretch limo, the choreographer, the ultra deluxe trailer with, again, amazing food options. Doesn’t all that come AFTER learning how to perform in front of people and demonstrating some small measure of talent?

    Ah, Reza. Loved that he purchased half the deli section at Whole Foods for the picnic at the beach. I bet it got sand in it and had to get thrown away – again a staggering waste of a vast quantity of awesome food. MJ – glad she’s getting some action. Still think the guy is crazy young for the 40-year old. But she’s been looking better. I think if she got totally thin, she would be very beautiful – prettier than Lilly maybe, definitely prettier than GG. MJ has been losing weight since the birthday party episode and I bet the boyfriend has something to do with that. Glad she and her mom are working on their issues. GG – this was the season where she learned, at age 30, that actions have consequences. I hope she can quit smoking and drinking such giant quantities of booze. (Ditto for MJ re the smoking and drinking). I wish GG would go to college or perhaps a finishing school – no idea why such a pampered Persian princess needs to be all violent and profane and speak like she’s from the hood. It’s unappealing in the extreme. Mike. He impressed me this season. I dismissed him as sort of a big muscle, small brain guy. But he’s proven to be rather wise and insightful this season. Love his committment to improving his life, partnering with Reza, losing weight for his Playgirl thing, his devotion to his Italian girlfriend who seems like a real person, not a drama queen, his desire to help GG with her emotional problems, his efforts to help Reza and MJ shed a few pounds. I’ve become a Mike fan this season. Go Mike!

    Lilly the newby – Lilly and her hair. I am a Lilly fan although she was so out of her element in Mexico. I had complete sympathy – I too am not a fan of the dirty, sweaty, drunk club scene. However, I could not believe she would wear designer stuff to a club. Do these people not own any clothes from Target? Something that can get dirty? She also really needs to learn not to whine about her body ad infinitum. Love that she earned her law degree and seems to have a good head on her shoulders – again, it can’t be easy balancing with all that hair. I wonder if she ever topples over? Glad she dumped the boyfriend. She needs to find a real man and have babies before she is too old – she’s got maybe four years to make that happen. Then it’s too late. I like her bikini company. It seems to make her happy. I think she should follow her dreams and be herself. If she doesn’t want to drink, that’s okay. But she might want to tone it down around people who do drink. Maybe have one alcoholic drink and sip it, just to be part of the crowd rather than loudly demanding virgin drinks all night. I hope she can learn how to have a good conversation and really engage someone, rather than driving them away like she did on that one unfortunate date where the poor guy was in agony and couldn’t wait to get out of there while Lilly rambled on and on about her ex boyfriend. I would love to see Lilly without the bizarre clown makeup and maybe ditch the extensions. I bet there is a pretty girl under all that stuff – maybe she could get rid of the implants too. ‘rock her natural beauty” – as Asa would say. Maybe in the next season, Lilly can work on Asa to help get her in a little better shape (I think trimming up the rear end is not a crazy out of control thought for someone who plans to have a career as an entertainer on stage and seems to love tight clothes). Then Asa can work on Lilly to help her ditch the artifice and be real. Could be a win, win situation all around.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Mike get married, to seeing Reza and Mike find success in real estate. Looking forward to MJ quitting smoking and drinking to excess and getting so thin that Lilly can’t complain about her. I look forward to Reza realizing that he is a middle aged guy and to start acting like it. I look forward to GG cultivating some manners and elegance and refinement in her demeanor, quitting smoking, and laying off the drinking to excess. She’s the same age as Lilly. If she wants to get married and have kids, she better get a move on. Would love to hear Asa sing – just a couple notes, pretty please? next season? I dunno. That Jackson guy you are dating seems a little creepy. Maybe find a different boyfriend? Above all, get out there and perform every single week, so when the big time arrives, you are ready for it.

    • Jana W.

      Thank you for reading. And yes, totally agree about being on Team Mike. My fiancee and I were having the same discussion about him while watching the show. While I expected him to be like the Situation from Jersey Shore, he actually became the one cast member with dignity and reason. Go Mike.

  • Calvinyetes

    cancel this show

  • helen32

    this show is boring they failed last year and this year with those stupid drama scenes made up to get ratings please cancel this show these people are nobodies