Motherhood is Lonely For Snooki

Baby comes first, Snooki feels like chopped liver

Motherhood is Lonely For Snooki

Maybe it’s because we have a baby in our own house, but watching Snooki navigate new motherhood isn’t nearly as dramatic as we expected. In fact, she’s pretty good at it so far, especially compared to MTV’s other parenting shows. Ahem, Teen Mom.

In last night’s Snooki & J-Woww, Snooks welcomed some of her Jersey Shore brethren — Deena, Sammi and Ronnie — who came to meet baby Lorenzo, and were naturally impressed with his cuteness and ability to produce super loud flatulence.

Deena held Lorenzo and didn't drop him

But a sleep deprived and hormonal Snooki got irritated with Jionni for a variety of reasons. She felt he didn’t pay enough attention to her because he was always focused on the baby. She wanted to him to shoot some video of her with Lorenzo, and he razzed her a little bit. He thought she was being irrational, but you know what? We totally understood where she was coming from.

A mother-to-be spends more than nine months being pampered and catered to, but once the baby comes out, it (understandably becomes top priority. Mom is the one who often seems to document baby with photos, which means she rarely ends up in any pictures herself. Meanwhile, she feels sore and haggered and emotional after giving birth, and she struggles to get enough time to take showers, and just generally doesn’t feel like she did post-pregnancy. It’s not their fault, but many dudes usually don’t get that. How could they?

Moms need love, too

We’ve been there, Snooki. Takes a while to adjust, but you’re doing great.

Mama Meatball did, however, get out for a manicure, to which we say: Bravo, girlfriend! You totally deserve it.

Other highlights from Snooki’s scenes: Deena wonders if a placenta is the thing that comes out of a baby’s bellybutton. Thank you, try again.

In her TMI move of the week, Snooki shared with friends that she looked at her post-childbirth lady parts in the mirror, and the sight was not pretty.

Meanwhile, over in the J-Woww camp, she and Roger finished out their Maine trip with an important vocabulary lesson: In Maine, a camel toe can also be called a moose knuckle. Roger that.

When they returned home to Jersey, they argued for a bit over Jenni’s ability to properly supervise the dogs while they were in the back yard. (Diesel apparently ate something and was barfing.)

Jenni compared having dogs to having kids. “If I had kids and dogs, I would need a maid and/or a nanny,” she said. True dat, J-Woww. I have a three-year-old, a baby and two dogs, and I can’t say I haven’t longed for a sister wife from time to time.

Are you surprised at Snooki’s mad parenting skills?


  • Jun Song

    “Snooki shared with friends that she looked at her post-childbirth lady parts in the mirror, and the sight was not pretty.”

    I did too. It made me hate my vagina for a few days. But I love her more than ever :)

    Thanks for the recap!

    • Lynda Perky

      What would you expect after pushing out a football? Ha

  • Lynda Perky

    Yes but this is from months ago. Hope she enjoys it. I sure understand the hormone flux right after & focus on baby. It does get better