Snooki & Jwoww Wear On Each Other’s Nerves

And they aren't the only ones who are irritated...

Snooki & Jwoww Wear On Each Other’s Nerves

Never in a million years did I think I would identify with Nicole Polizzi, but when Jenni Farley kept talking smack about her pregnancy on Snooki & Jwoww, I kinda wanted to punch Jwoww in the face.

Actually, scratch that, because I’m totally afraid of her. But I wanted to speak to her curtly, and tell her she was going to regret being such a bitch when she one day experienced pregnancy.

When Snooki didn’t want to go clubbing, Jwoww said she was tired of Snooks “pulling the pregnant card.” Later, she ridiculed Snooki for being tired and “sitting around being miserable.” Um, newsflash, Jenni: The first trimester is, often, tiring and miserable.

But perhaps not as tiring and miserable as this show is becoming. Without the sideshow of drunken antics, we are left with Snooki volunteering at a doggie day care (yaaaawn), Jenni’s dogs pissing and crapping all over the house (old news), and Jwoww taking baking lessons (zzzzz).

Are you still reading this? Because I can’t believe I’m still writing it.

The episode ended with some big fight between Jwoww and Roger that went something like this: “You lied to me, Jenni!” “No, I didn’t! What are you even talking about?” “You didn’t have to lie about the lawsuit!” “What lawsuit?”

The lawsuit that I just filed for wasting 30 minutes of my life. Maybe we do need more Roger and Jionni on this show after all.

Is Snooki and Jwoww making you more or less excited for the upcoming season of Jersey Shore?