Snooki + Cancun – Alcohol = Whining

The pint-size preggo has a miserable spring break

Snooki + Cancun – Alcohol = Whining

Believe it or not, Snooki & Jwoww are perfectionists. Whether they’re getting wasted and blacking out at the Jersey Shore or trying to find common ground in Cancun during their spinoff series, the duo does it to the best of their ability. Unfortunately, that often amounts to beating a dead horse.

We’re not sure why Snooki thought going to Cancun during spring break while pregnant would be a lot of fun for her. She didn’t let anyone forget, even for a second, that she was unable to imbibe.

Between Snooki, Jwoww and their two friends, we were reminded of Snooki’s expectant state numerous times, especially considering the show is only 23 minutes long minus all the commercials. They mentioned being pregnant/preggers/preggo 16 times. Snooki complained about not drinking five times, and repeated that she was bored over and over. Why didn’t she just go off and do some pampering activities on her own, like a mani/pedi or massage?

Snooki did manage to drag the gang to the zoo and swimming with dolphins for a few hours of sober activity. But in next weeks ep, it’s Jwoww’s turn to choose the activities. Something tells us we’ll be hearing more complaining.

Other show highlights:

1. The lights went out while Jwoww was in the shower. “There’s nothing like shaving your cooca and the f—ing lights go out and you can’t see what your next move is,” she said. “It could be a f—ing dangerous move.”

2. “Can you get a tan from fire?” Jwoww, after watching the fire dancers during dinner.

3. “I  haven’t seen the moon yet. Is there a moon in this country?,” Snooki. If only she weren’t sober, I’m sure we would have seen her moon at least 400 times by now.

4. “I don’t get how dolphins are this trainable. My dogs cannot even piss on a wee wee pad, yet these dolphins can dance in the water?,” Jwoww.

5. “Ew, it looks like a vagina,” Snooki, on a crocodile’s mouth. We wondered what vagina she’s seen that has tons of teeth, but decided we didn’t really want to know.