Snooki & Jwoww: The Quiz

How many ways did Roger offend Jenni's dad? Whose testicle is that?

Snooki & Jwoww: The Quiz

Is it just us, or is Snooki & Jwoww kind of boring? With Snooki on the pregnancy/sobriety wagon, the show has been relying on the girls' stupid quotes and home decorating shenanigans to carry it, and frankly, that can only last so long.

In last night's ep, the girls finished up their dinner with the Jersey Shore roommates, and then threw a family-and-friends housewarming party, at which everyone but Snooki got to imbibe. But party ain't a party with a sober Snooki.

Since nothing monumental happened, we're going to spice up our recap a little bit with a quiz. See if you know all the answers, and if you guessed at least 50 percent right, no need to fire up the DVR later. (Answers are at the bottom.)

1. What was the most obviously scripted part of this episode?
A. The Jersey Shore roommates faking shock when Snooki announced her engagement.
B. Jionni trying to kick Roger in the head, but instead injuring his foot.
C. The pervert handyman Anthony conveniently showing up when the new handyman was there.

2. Which of the following is NOT a comment made by a Jersey Shore roommate regarding Snooki's pregnancy?
A. “The only meatball I have left is the one on my plate,” Deena
B. “I can't picture Snooki being tied down unless it's to a bed post or something,” Pauly D
C. “Because of her, I am petrified to have a kid,” Jwoww
D. “You are going to be a young mom and have a nice life with your kid,” Sammi
E. All of those quotes happened.

3. True or false: Jionni would be great help at assembling IKEA furniture, since he put that grill together so quickly.
A. True. Good thing he's handy because crib assembly is no joke.
B. False. Roger and his infinite wisdom had to come to the rescue.

4. What sex detail did Roger NOT announce while seated right next to Jenni's dad?
A. That Jwoww always denies him sex.
B. That Jenni was wearing crotchless underwear at that very moment.
C. He has has chlamydia four times.
D. He has a tiny penis.

5. Whose dad is more creepy looking?
A. Jwoww's
B. Jwoww's
C. Jwoww's

6. When Jwoww spray tanned her drunk friend at the party, what was her biggest concern?
A. She hoped it didn't used up all her solution because she needed to renew her tan in the morning.
B. She didn't want him to sit on their zebra print chair while he was still wet.
C. She saw a ball pop out of his underwear while performing the service.

7. How did Snooki describe her sex with Jionni?
A. Loving, passionate sex, “not rabbit sex.”
B. Like two meatballs rolling around in Alfredo sauce.
C. Better than GTL and tequila shots combined.

ANSWERS: 1 – C (but you can have credit for any of these answers); 2 – E; 3 – B; 4 - B; 5 – A, B or C; 6 – C; 7 - A.

Do you like seeing so much of Roger and Jionni? Are they helping or hurting this show?



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