Survivor Philippines Episode 7: Idols and the Merge!

What does Eliza think of two immunity necklaces & what does she have to say to RC?

Survivor Philippines Episode 7: Idols and the Merge!

We finally had the merge on episode 7 of Survivor this week! The tribes merged and had a picnic to celebrate. Malcolm left his immunity idol in his shirt, which Lisa found. Abi and RC continued to clash and the majority alliance decided to split the vote to flush out Penner’s idol and ultimately voted RC off.

Welcome back to Survivor: Philippines. We are back at Team Penner and it sucks to go to tribal. Yes, yes it does. Penner is pissed he got a vote, but Katie is the only one who voted for him and she is gone. He should save his wrath for later in the episode. Penner is actually a pretty trusting guy. He acts like he’s not a strategist and not sneaky; he totally is. But he’s someone who will remain loyal and he tells himself (and us) that he has to remember how much everyone lies in this game.

Then we find out, it’s finally time for the merge!! I saw on Penner’s twitter that they named the merge tribe Dang Rayne (cute, right?) but I don’t think that was shown on the episode. Anyhow, the tribes have just a few minutes to pack up everything and leave! Malcom, of course, has to go get his hidden immunity idol before he leaves.

We get to hear from Jeff Kent that he hopes no one talks about baseball and he wonders if people are suspicious of him, but for some reason HE is suspicious of Penner, someone who has been totally loyal to him. Jeff Kent, I knew I didn’t like you.

Then we have the merge and the tribes get food and get to hang out. Well, Lisa being the sweetheart that she is (doesn’t she just seem like a truly, genuinely nice person?) decides to hang everyone’s clothing so it can dry out. She knows, as does anyone who has been on Survivor, that having wet clothes is awful. So she goes to do that and what does she find in Malcolm’s things, but the hidden immunity idol.

Malcolm knows he has to do damage control right away, so he takes Lisa aside to talk to her. She, for some reason (ok, the reason is clearly that she’s too nice), is apologizing for having found it. Malcolm apparently forgives her, even though he makes some sexist remark about her estrogen kicking in, because he makes a final three alliance with her and Denise.

Lisa is also off bonding with Penner. She thanks him for keeping her secret. She seems pretty well liked by everyone and like a shrewd, dangerous player in that respect.

Skupin and RC know they’re on the outs with their tribe and they want to flip. Jeff Kent wont’ hear of it though. He is all about getting rid of Penner. He says returning players have no place on Survivor. Clearly he hasn’t been watching for the last five years.

Then we have the immunity challenge. For the first individual immunity challenge, contestants have to hold a bucket with 25% of their body weight the longest. Pretty simple. Then one man and one woman win individual immunity.

Now let me discuss that for one second. That is BULLSHIT. Yes, I said it. It is bullshit. This whole “giving out two immunity necklaces” thing came about somewhat early on in a water challenge because men inherently have a bigger lung capacity than women and men are stronger, so that was taken into account and the powers that be decided that there would be two necklaces given out. WELL, I never got that opportunity. I was the last woman standing in the first individual immunity challenge in Fans v. Favorites and it was a water/breath holding contest and there should have been a second necklace and it would have been mine. So yeah, RC ultimately got voted out, but it’s not like she didn’t have a chance to fight for individual immunity against only people of her own gender.

Anyhow, back to the challenge. Denise finally wins her first challenge of the season. She’s officially going to have been to every single tribal council this season and Skupin’s tribe still hasn’t been to one yet. Oh, and Carter wins for the men, beating out former professional baseball player Jeff Kent.

Then we have tribal council, where Abi gets all crazy again and calls out RC for unburying the clue to the idol. I wonder if Abi now feels kind of stupid for all that since it really was Pete who did it and not RC. At tribal they talk about how two returning players are still in the game and Pete chimes in that no one likes that they’re there. Okay dude, unnecessary comment.

Then it’s time to vote and I was so nervous that Penner wouldn’t play his idol, but thankfully he was smart enough to do so and good thing, too. He would’ve been gone with an idol in his pocket if he hadn’t. So his votes don’t count, then aside from the two for Pete, the rest go to RC and she becomes the first juror.

Don’t worry, RC. I know how it feels to be the first member of the jury, aka the Mayor of Ponderosa, and as much as it sucks, you should take it as a compliment. They were all threatened by you. They would have had a lot to fear if there were any individual swimming challenges! Sorry you didn’t last longer and look forward to meeting you in person in NYC when I’m back!

Next week, Penner has no alliances and is going to wage war on everyone. Can’t wait to see it.

I hope you’ll all join me again next week for my recap of Survivor. Until then, don’t forget to check out my blog ( and follow me on twitter @eorlins (though I’m only on intermittently because of the blocks in China). Signing off for now, with idols & the merge, xoxo, Eliza.



  • Sam Brown

    Thank you for pointing out how Jeff ruined everything with his ridiculous crusade to get all of the returning players voted out early. The former Kalabaw members could have easily gotten Mike and RC to flip and then they could have taken out Tandang one by one, which would have been an awesome play. I nearly missed the show because I was working late at DISH last night, but thankfully my Hopper recorded it with Primetime Anytime. Being able to keep up with everything on during primetime on the 4 major networks without having to set any timers is so nice. I am glad that I caught it because basically every alliance was thrown out the window and we are in a strange new game where anyone could end up being a power player.

    • Alex

      Jeff has been so obsessed with stopping a returning player from winning that he is willing to sacrifice his numbers, his allies, and his advantage so a newbie can win. This could well be the first season (that mixes returning players with new ones) where no returning player makes it to the end, unlike Guatemala, Micronesia, Redemption Island, and South Pacific.

  • Abby

    I believe it was only fair that they had two necklaces – one for men and the other for the women. But I liked the concept of the challenge this week. I think we saw something like this in Exile Island, although that one was a bit different because they were in this ledge above water. But still, like in your case, there was only one necklace up for grabs. Maybe the producers also wanted to stir things up because having two immunity necklaces would further narrow down the options as to who could be going home.