Survivor Philippines Power Rankings: Week 6

Letters From Home! But Not For Everyone...

Survivor Philippines Power Rankings: Week 6

First of all, I loved the “Dawson kissed her chances at the million dollars, goodbye,” from Probst in summary of Dawson’s manhandling of him last week.  And I suppose Probst was pretty happy with Katie going home on Day 16.  He has been borderline obsessive with calling out her weaknesses during challenges, has he not?  In fact, Probst should wear #TeamPenner t-shirts for every episode.

That was my Probst rant.  I have them sometimes.

But moving on to some raving (the challenges were oldies but goodies)…and additional ranting, of course:

Survivor Kalabaw

KALABAW TRIBE: You gorge on letters from home to complement the sandwiches, soup, potato chips and brownies you “won” at the Reward Challenge, giving up roughly a day’s rice in order to do that.  I say it was a good call.

DENISE:  I didn’t award Pete any points when Abi found the idol, and so I didn’t award you points when Malcolm found the idol.  I do wonder if I should.  Hmmm.  It looks like you’ll make the merge though now that you’ve survived two tribal councils in a row (+60 points) as the “new girl on the block” as you called yourself.  You’re still, you’re still Denny from the Block.  I love it.  You have such an immense advantage in this game because you watch and read people for a living which we see in your talks with everyone, including the one with Katie where you discuss the likelihood of Penner having the idol (+20 points).  And physically, you are ridonkulously fit.  This combo has been benefiting you week to week and although Blair gave you a run for your money during the Reward Challenge, you were quite the muddy force to be reckoned with. It was nice getting to see you win something (+25 points) and take down that enormous sandwich like a man.  You do well in the Immunity Challenge as well but the rest of your team failed to score points.  You are one of my favorites this season and I hope to see you go far!  WEEK 5 POINTS: 105

Survivor Bog Roll Challenge Skupin Penner

PENNER: Probst loves you clearly, as we all saw him trying to warn you of a possible blindside at tribal council.  That was a good call you made at the Reward Challenge making that deal with Skupin and the rest of Tandang (+30 points) although as a fan I would have loved to see more of a battle, which you’re partly responsible for robbing me of (-20 points). But I appreciated that grip you had while you were fisting Skupin and the big ball simultaneously, it made for a great screenshot (+20 points).  I don’t know if everyone else got pages upon pages of letters but your letters from home looked like a screenplay! Good job scoring the first point for Kalabaw at the Immunity Challenge, giving your tribe momentum (+25 points) but you kinda sucked for the rest of that challenge (-20 points) although Denise was aiming her balls straight to you.  It seems everyone and their sex therapist knows you have the idol, so you might as well wear it around your neck.  I kid.  I like you.  And you bring a sense of logic to the game (+20 points), albeit kooky at times.  WEEK 5 POINTS:  55

KATIE: It’s so unfair what the producers did with you.  Just when we started to see you’re your pageant side barreling through your personality, you get sent home.  What a buzzkill.  Last week I said “Come on pageant girl.  Seal deals!” and just when you start to drop f-bombs and rally against Penner, you are cut off at your pageant knees.  It would have been awesome, though, to see you tell Probst to STFU when he shouted “Katie, completely ineffective in this challenge!” but I can appreciate you keeping your cool.  Oh well.  Buh-bye.   FAIL

JEFF: Awww, we got to see such a sweet side of you as you cried while reading your letters from home, and you didn’t even have to get all muddied up for it (+10 points).   You kill in the Immunity Challenge, easily catching those pop-ups like 1-2-3 (+50 points) but it isn’t enough in the end.  You bring up, to Carter, the possibility of blindsiding Penner and for a baseball player, you’re playing a pretty good game of Survivor (+10 points).  Even all your “You don’t know if you’re gonna strike out or hit a home run but you go up to the plate and swing the bat,” baseball analogies are starting to grow on me.  But when you asked Carter “Which way you wanna swing?” I held my breath for a second because my mind went somewhere else entirely.  You impart some of your stream of consciousness to us and during tribal council, while calling Katie “useless” in the same breaths. I think you made the right move voting Katie and not Penner, in the end (+20 points). Nice.  Carry on.  WEEK 5 POINTS: 90

Survivor Carter Never Talks

CARTER: You’re quite the enigma, at least to me.  You seem physically and mentally fit but always tend to sound whiny (-10 points), especially so when you’re nagging about the stingray that got away.  It seems your kryptonite is “starvation” as you cry that your “body might not be able to handle the starving game”, as opposed to The Hunger Games? You kinda suck at the Immunity Challenge (-20 points) although you hold your own against Pete in the Reward Challenge (+25 points).  But you, like Jeff, are not too shabby in figuring out this game and you decide to keep Penner in another week to perhaps use as a body shield come merge (+10 points).  But your complete brain fart is revealing to Penner that he may be voted out, “Penner, what do you want to do? Katie or Penner?” is inexcusable (-50 points).  Although it seems Penner’s none the wiser so you lucked out on that one.  I don’t know.  Maybe it was better when you didn’t talk? WEEK 5 POINTS: -45

Survivor Tandang Tribe

TANDANG TRIBE:  You guys have never seen a tribal council, although there’s so much tension in your tribe the drama would be great to see.  But all good things come to those who wait, so I will patiently await some fights later.

MALCOLM: Nice job working your way into the tribe (+20 points) and proving yourself worthy and just unlucky to have been on the Matsing sinking ship at the start of this season.  Everyone on Tandang seems to dislike each other enough to like you, so you seem to be in a good place (+25 points) so you need to bank on it.  You and Blair make an unbeatable team in the Immunity Challenge and you bring home three of the five need points to win (+60 points).  From the previews for next week it looks like you and Blair team up, similar to how you and Denise once did.  You and the whole mommy figure thing is becoming a pattern. Interesting.     WEEK 5 POINTS:  105

Survivor Mud Bog

SKUPIN: Dude, this is two weeks in a row that I’m starting your ranking with “Dude”.  This is your fault.  Dude, why are you eating all the dry rice?! Why?! That’s borderline unhealthy for you (-15 points)!   More/Less, you choose, your tribemates are pissed about it (-25 points)!  I appreciate your state of bliss during the Reward Challenge, stemming from your love of the game, but you looked a little too happy there while Penner was crushing your muddy nuts.  Although the rest of your tribe agreed, some begrudgingly, to the deal made with Kalabaw it seems you are taking the heat for basically forfeiting the win.  This is not a good week for you (-25 points).  You’ve managed to piss off many people and sit it out of the Immunity Challenge at a bad time as well. WEEK 5 POINTS: -65

ABI-MARIA: You are a piece of work! “Kalabaw totally used psychology and it worked!”  Yes. Psychology is great.  And you are great for entertainment value, which is usually bad for social dynamics around camp, but your tribemates let you get away with your nasty disposition.  You sit out your sixth challenge (-60), but again there are no immediate consequences because your tribe continues to avoid tribal council and really you are conserving your energy (+50 points).  Because you have Pete and Artis bitching about everything with you, you aren’t in any immediate danger.  All in all, you’ve managed not to expend much energy (+20 points) in the sixteen days in the game and you have the idol.  I really would have loved to seen you up against Denise in the Reward Challenge, but I can’t get everything I want.  Sigh.  WEEK 5 POINTS: 10

RC: There’s not much of you this week, although you are the only girl to actually score a point during the Immunity Challenge (+30 points).  You refer to Abi as a “Brazilian bomb that’s about to blow up at any second” which is true (+20 points) but mild.  You can be harsher, really.  I give you credit for not bitching behind Skupin’s back (+15 points) once you went back to camp, like so many of your fellow tribemates chose to do.   Watch your back missy.  Brazilian bombs cause some serious damage! WEEK 5 POINTS: 65

Survivor Artis

ARTIS: Well then, it seems we’ve turned a corner with you and around that corner greeted us a very angry Artis! I find your intensity tolerable, a little fire in you finally (+10 points).  I found your impersonation of RC hilarious (+25 points), as I did your bitchfest during the Reward Challenge (+25 points) but I have to agree with Blair when she said that kind of negative energy is wasted energy.  I’m sorry your birthday was ruined by Survivor, really.  But you need to stop acting like a “teenaged girl” like Skupin said, and find a better way to expend energy (-20 points). It’s unbecoming.  Or, you can bond with follow bitchers Pete and Abi and try to pull off some sort of coup.  WEEK 5 POINTS: 40

Survivor Mud Bog

BLAIR: BLAIR!!!  I had no idea what to expect when you went up against Denise in the Reward Challenge.  No, I’m lying.  I thought she would steamroll you, and I was wrong! Bonus points for you (+10 points)!  You held on to her like your whole world depended on it, and I am so impressed with your versatility (+25 points).  Nice move handing the coveted Immunity Idol to Abi after the win, even if Probst made her hand it over to Malcolm.  You’ve been coddling Abi here and there, I’ve noticed, with the intent of keeping on her good side.  Well done (+15 points).  Your social game is on-point and you perform well in challenges, unlike Abi who doesn’t perform at all by choice.  You are building quite a resume should you get to jury (+15 points).  You found the magic spot called Malcolm during the Immunity Challenge, propelling your tribe to a win with three straight shots to him (+50 points).  Who knew you were good with a slingshot?!  Amazing.   WEEK 5 POINTS:  65

PETE:  You held Carter off during the Reward Challenge, scored your tribe’s first point during the Immunity Challenge and also played a hell of a defense against Jeff in that same challenge (+30 points).  Physically, you are impressive and aiding your team.  Socially you are playing quite a ruthless game, which works fine in Survivor (+15 points).  Saying you agreed with the deal made with Kalabaw then adding fuel to the “Burn Skupin” fire back at camp is a good move (+10 points).  I definitely would not want you or Abi as an enemy.  You’re not one of my favs, but I can’t fault you for playing your own style of game.     WEEK 5 POINTS:  55

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

At week six, we pretty much have everything we want from a season of Survivor!  And it looks like Jeff has taken over the #1 spot again, with Malcolm only five points behind him!

Survivor Power Rankings Jun Song



  • kelly harwell

    I have to say I’m TEAM MALCOLM !!!! also like JEFF !!!!!!!

    • Jun Song

      That’s the thing! I kinda like everyone in their own way too! Malcolm and Jeff are cool in my book!

  • Branden B

    I so LOVED Blair mud wrestling with the sex therapist.

    • Jun Song


  • Lynda Perky

    Pete was a coward, in his secret clip after the challenge he said he is the king and everyone listens to him. Then starts complaining about everyone listening to Skupin. All talk no action he did not stand up with Artis to say he wanted to keep playing and convince the rest of HIS team.

    Hoping for merge so Malcum and Denise can continue their alliance. Wishing that KC & Skupin would take some chances. I would love to see everything turn around at the merge with Pete and Abi Mari (spelled wrong on purpose to bug her).

    How about Lisa smart player, team player, and strong as nails.

    Curtis, really? Jun you were kind to him blaming lack of food. But I did see him throw down Pete 4 times at reward challenge so that was good.

    I feel Skupin is smart in challenges when he sees things and passes them on 1. idol thrown in air 2. Malcum’s fast so tells Lisa to aim for him which she does.

    I wonder what Malcum thinks of his new team? Nothing on show and nothing on secret clips at the CBS site.

    • Jun Song

      Hahahaaha, Pete’s young and cocky and dismisses thoughts of consequences :)

      I really want to see Malcolm and Denise in the final few too! Lisa’s great. Much better than how she started out!

      I’m being easier on Carter because we’re getting less footage of him to build a more “positive” persona hahaha, I’m giving him a chance!

      Skupin’s SUPER smart! Davy and I LOVED when he threw the idol up. He gets it. Not everyone does. But it also sets him apart and makes him an easy target since he’s a returning veteran too. The odds are against Penner and Skupin but we will see!

      That’s what I mean. The producers don’t show us that side of Malcolm. Yet :)

  • Kimani Kya

    I really think Malcom is my favorite. He is the whole package; social game, strength, seems intelligent. I would love to see Malcom Skupin and RC take the others out

    • Jun Song

      OMG we just lost RC!


    I’m so surprised at Lisa’s gameplay so far. I thought for sure she would have a breakdown during the first week. She has pulled her self together and she is kicking ass at the challenges! She’s most definitely my sentimental pick to win the show based on her performance so far and just because it’s freakin Blair! I’m also glad that Artis is getting a little more camera time he’s a pretty funny dude and i hope to see him go far as well.

  • Dean Brown

    Yeah Jeff was more than obsessed with making Katie look useless!! “Katie misses again… She has been completely ineffective in this challenge”!! Seriously he’s supposed to be impartial right??!!

    Penner was really clever making that deal knowing they practically had no rice left anyway!! But I’m with you, it would have been awesome to see just how many hours they would have lasted in that challenge!!

    I want Tandang to lose soooo badly, just to see Abi and RC go crazy at each other at Tribal!! haha…

    Blair amazed me in the reward challenge. I was kind of upset when she was ready to square up against Denise because I thought she would end up humiliated!! I’m liking her more and more every week!!

    I can’t believe we’re up to week 6 already!! But that just shows how good this season has been, soooo much more interesting than One World!! Hope you’re loving it too Jun?? Keep up the awesome blogs :)

  • kcsmum

    Not sure who JPro hates more – Katie or Abi. Partially I think they present too much temptation to the newly-wedded Jeff. But with Katie now history, I can only look forward to Tandang finally going to tribal & Jeff ranting constantly about Abi not playing challenges. Lest we’ve all forgotten since he likely told us at least twice during the hour. Love the blog, Jun,

  • Hillary

    I guess you could say I’m a little biased to Kent because he played for the Giants and I’m about an hour from SF & I’ve met him but I’m really enjoying his game play, a lot more then most besides Malcolm. Jeff is so smart & just an all around good guy, he did hurt his knee but you can’t really tell because being a pro baseball player he’s used to getting hurt. I’d like to see him get second place. With how many times Denise has been to tribal I’d like to see Kalabaw win once so she gets a break & I’d like her to get third. I want Tandang to go to tribal at least once before the merge because I’m pretty sure that the hottie Malcolm is safe, because of how well he does in challenges & the good energy he brings to the tribe like Lisa said. I’d love for Malcolm to win first because I love Hermosa Beach, one of my favorite beaches in California so I guess you could say I’m a little biased towards him too.

  • Bajean3

    Why does Blair only get credit for 65 points when you award her 105 in the paragraph? Confused…

    • Marty Mayes

      You do realize her blog really isn’t about the points right?!?

      • Bajean3

        Right but she writes it for us to play along and I am so I was asking her not you so snarky, why cut points when she herself in her paragraph had nothing but positive to say about Blair. But sure, I guess I was thrown off by the tally every week at the end of her blogs. Cheers.

        • Jun Song

          Oh I actually did the math wrong and cheated Blair accidentally! I have to fix it in today’s blog!

  • Thatbluesky1974

    I always look forward to your blogs Jun.

    I am really surprised at how well Blair is doing. I kinda wrote her off at the beginning, especially with the edit she got in the first few episodes but she is really playing a good game.

    How did RC end up in a suit during one of her scenes? She was standing there in a gray jacket, albeit a little wrinkled, but it looked like a gray business jacket.

    I hope Denise or Blair win.

    • Jun Song

      Me too! She had that break down and I was so worried for her! HA! I saw RC’s jacket…she’s had it from the beginning but it’s so odd to see her put it on when she’s virtually naked the rest of the time! :)

      I am so hoping for a Denise win!

  • Sparky

    This was the brightest spot in my week. You never fail to make me laugh and I love you for it. I so look forward to your blogs each week. Reality Nation got a real prize with you.

    • Jun Song

      Thanks Sparky! Glad you’re following. I always like to know who’s watching with me! :)

  • Gaborrr

    Skoopy Doo got a lot of perks that day, free rice, free mud pies and a free prostate exam Hahahaha I wonder if he bled from that? We’ll never know :( Does anyone realize how dumb that was getting some free loving/mud-wrestling action instead of just pushing the ball?? Penner wanna do Penner or Carter?? Haha I wonder if Kalabaw wil starve to death when Penner leaves? Should Katie have kicked Jeff in the nuts in the same token as Dawson kissed him?

    • Jun Song

      Hahahaha…you always make me laugh Gabor. Katie should just given him a jab to the ribs at least! HA!

  • Phillip Stanford

    Im actually not a fan of the rice trade on Penners part, Penner fan myself he kind of got screwed especially since his whole tribe seems to think he is the only person allowed to find food for them just my opinion on the matter, another job well done by Jun

    • Jun Song

      Oh totally, I thought it SO odd that their entire tribe settled on Penner being the sole fish/food provider like wtf?! Writing my next blog now…last night was good huh?!