Survivor Philippines Power Rankings: Week 7

Survivor Halloween Was Upon Us!

Survivor Philippines Power Rankings: Week 7

And we’ve made it to the merge! Big week!

And bigger week for mankind as we have come out of a hurricane disaster fit for Halloween as the world watches in waiting for the presidential elections.  Oh, and some man in China divorced and won money in a court case against his wife, whom he married “under false pretenses” because his wife had never told him about all the plastic surgery she’d had done to her face prior to their meeting and they’d just had their first child who was “too ugly” according to him.  This is a true story. Not to mention Spain and Greece falling apart in jaggedly bankrupt pieces of a jobless puzzle.  What is going on?!

Those of you out there who carry the Mayan opinion that the world is ending next month? It certainly seems so. Thank goodness we have a great Survivor season to end the world with.


But keeping up with the spirit of Halloween, I’ve zombified all our castaways.  I did this once for Big Brother and so Survivor also gets one:

Denise Survivor 25

DENISE:  You would make a great zombie (+10 points) because you would watch the behaviors of all the other zombies and realize all zombies are not alike.  Sure, they’re all walking living dead but some are faster than others, etc.  I’m awarding you extra points for making it to the merge after being in six straight tribal councils (+50 points) so that you and Malcolm could reunite.  You easily took the immunity necklace from the other women (+50 points) plus, you now have an “in” on the other tribe by way of Malcolm AND Blair (+20 points).  Nice.  I don’t know if zombies can kill other zombies, but please do take Zombie Abi out if you get a chance, please and thank you. Or ask Rick Grimes to do it. I’m sure even as a zombie you could convince him (+15 points).  WEEK 7 POINTS: 145

Jonathan Penner Survivor 25

PENNER: You would make a horrible zombie (-10 points) because you would try to force logic into zombified minds and you’d end up ostracizing yourself to roam the world alone.  But perhaps you’d find a Zombie Probst and then you two can wander together.  I can’t believe Probst straight up TOLD YOU that you were “in trouble at tonight’s tribal council” when you dropped out of the Immunity Challenge.  But really, that’s Probst’s thing so I can’t fault you.  Good for you on that bit of insider info (+15 points) and good for you for getting to the merge as a veteran (+10 points). I said last week that everyone knew about the idol and so it was not only a good idea to out it, but it saved you (+50 points).  Whether or not it was Probst who tipped you off, you made the right call.  I am looking forward to seeing you unfurl your thespian flair in fury upon those who betrayed you.  Just don’t take it out on Blair.  I think it’s so cool that you and she talked it out and you told her wouldn’t blow her matter of facts of life cover (+10 points).   WEEK 7 POINTS:  75

Jeff Kent Survivor 25

JEFF: I don’t think you’d make a very good zombie (-10 points) because none of the other zombies would get your baseball analogies and you’d just end up striking out with all of them.  But you’re not doing too bad in Survivor.  Sure, you changed your mind pretty quickly about keeping Penner around as a human shield and now he hates you for betraying him (-10 points) but he’s a veteran and veterans are always the biggest targets so it’s hardly your fault (+20 points).  You did well in the Immunity Challenge (+10 points) making it to the end with your batboy Carter. As long as nobody is on to your true identity, you’re still in a good spot overall (+20 points).  WEEK 7 POINTS: 30

Carter Survivor 25

CARTER: I suppose you’d make a pretty good zombie (+10 points) considering you don’t talk much anyway and you’re always starving and making weird stink faces.  Those are key components of zombie life.  Congrats on winning immunity (+50 points) and nice little work on praising Jeff at the end (+10 points).  We all know you would have lasted longer than Jeff had it come to it, but it was good that you stroked his baseball, um, ego.   There wasn’t much else of you this episode save for a few romantic walks you seemed to take with Jeff.  I think it’s cute that you two discuss your decision making like all good couples should.   WEEK 7 POINTS: 70

Malcolm Survivor 25

MALCOLM: You made it to the merge (+25 points) with the idol (+50 points) but then you let your guard down while Blair hung laundry up (-30 points).  Good thing it was Blair and not Abi, although Abi would never voluntarily do anything for someone anyway, because Blair’s not a threat to your safety.  But you came clean with her and tied an alliance knot with her and Denise in a bizarre mommy three-way with you in the middle.  It all sounds so complicated but at the end of the day you’re still in a very sweet spot (+20 points).  And despite everything your name remained off the votes come tribal council.  Good job (+10 points).  No go forth with your mommies and prosper.  WEEK 7 POINTS:  75

Survivor 25 Skupin Bleeding

SKUPIN: Finally, an episode where you’re not getting yelled at for eating too much rice, or making deals involving rice (+20 points).  You’d make a horrible zombie (-10 points) because all you would want to still eat is rice, instead of living flesh like the rest of the zombies.  It was cute how you and Penner made out imaginarily when the merge happened.  I’m sure it was a great feeling to know Russell had not made it but you and Penner had (+10 points).  You sucked at the Immunity Challenge though as the first one out (-20 points).   Being the first one out in a challenge right after merge is weak.  And dangerous.   WEEK 7 POINTS: 0

Survivor 25 Abi

ABI-MARIA: You would be one of the best zombies ever (+10 points) because you seem to be out for blood on a regular basis anyways.  I know you’re in business school. I can’t imagine I would really like you should I ever sit across a conference room table from you.  But you’re great for Survivor.  In fact, you’re the zombie brawn behind Pete’s zombie brain.  You wait until RC is out before dropping out of the Immunity Challenge yourself (+20 points) although everyone should be fighting for that immunity necklace at some point.  I do wonder what that some point is for you.  And although you were just a little bit crazy and wrong in your tribal council spat with RC, you stood your ground and I appreciated that (+10 points).  You don’t realize it was Pete, and so you are standing behind your logic and flawed context.  Until I know I’m wrong, I’m always right.  You’re still freaky crazy though.  Happy Halloween.  WEEK 7 POINTS: 40

Survivor 25 RC

RC: You’d make a successful zombie since you can always swim an ocean to the nearest country for fresh flesh to devour.  But unfortunately, your inner swimming beast was not much help to you in Survivor.  I didn’t like you at first watch, but you grew on me as I smirked at your level-headedness clashing with the hot-headedness in Abi.  But alas, you and the Brazilian were not meant to vibe and you were not meant to win Survivor.  Bye.  FAIL

Artis Survivor 25

ARTIS: I never thought I’d say this at the start of the season, but you would make a fantastic zombie (+10 points).  You have some deeply rooted and raw wrath in you and as a cancer survivor I imagine your grit and grind in life is the result.  It doesn’t seem you are sharing much of your life experiences with everyone else, unless we are not being shown that specific footage.  But I commend you for going from invisible to a cranky zombie-friendly triumvirate made up of you, Pete and Abi (+30 points).  An alliance of three is never a bad thing.  You held out for so long in the Immunity Challenge, before dropping out to leave Jeff and Carter to hug it out, but you couldn’t pull a win.  You have your eye on the prize though and I like that.  Should you get to the end you have a great argument to be made about your “what you see is what you get” style (+10 points).   WEEK 7 POINTS: 40

Survivor 25 Blair Lisa Whelchel

BLAIR: Oh Blair, you would make the saddess zombie ever (-10 points) because you would tear the flesh off of Malcolm and then cry “I didn’t mean to! I didn’t mean to!” like you did when you discovered his idol.  But it very cute, as were the little things Malcolm was saying about your “estrogen kicking in” and referring to you as “the church lady”.  He sounded a bit Romney but we know he wasn’t really disparaging you at all.   But it’s good that you teamed up with him (+10 points) and Denise (+10 points) but also take everything with a “grain of salt” (+10 points).  Well done, Blair.  My, how much you have progressed since crying by the well squatting in the rain (+20 points).  Penner believes you could end up in the final three because you are non-threatening and “a pretty cool lady” so clearly you’re doing something very right in multiple facets of the game (+20 points).  Carry on.  (Oh, and I made a miscalculation last week and owe you points.  It will be on the scorecard!)  WEEK 7 POINTS:  60

Pete Survivor 25

PETE:  You would be a very capable zombie (+10 points) who plants things to get zombies to turn on each other.  But you are rude and wrong in saying Skupin has “no brain of his own” (-10 points).  Don’t be so immature.  Not only does Skupin have quite an enviable brain, but as a zombie you would be all over that.  You kinda sucked in the Immunity Challenge, although I’m sure it’s quite difficult to keep a quarter of your body weight off the ground.  At least you weren’t the first one out.  But congrats on making it to the merge and solidifying alliances and tightening up a few loose ends to ultimately boot RC.  You followed through (+20 points).  Plus you made Abi look crazy at tribal council (+20 points).  I can appreciate all of that.      WEEK 7 POINTS:  40

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

And so in the spirit of Halloween, I am also handing out a treat to each remaining castaway.  50 additional points to each zombie for making it to the merge!

And here’s a treat for you all reading.  My little Noah and his first Halloween experience.  He’s quite a character, and sometimes a clown.

Big Brother Winner Jun Song's Baby Noah

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!

And at the end of this, the seventh week: Denise is #1! And Blair has made some moves all the way up to #3!

Survivor 25 Power Rankings



  • kcsmum

    Yeah!! Zombies live on the Island. JPro has really been on my last nerve. I seriously think a new host is in order. But I was a teeny but happy when he threw Penner under the bus. And I love the mommy 3-some. Good job, Jun.

    • Jun Song

      But who?! I can’t imagine anyone else who could pull it off?! Hmmmm…

  • Dean Brown

    Survivor is really great this season!! Especially now everyone has merged!!
    Nice to see Blair, Denise and Malcom as your top 3… I hope their alliance can go the distance, nobody would really suspect it and Malcom was right about it, the 2 women are probably the only people that could beat him… It would definitely be one of the closest votes ever between those three!!

    Malcom is in an incredibly spot right now. Intelligent AND physically strong, yet EVERYBODY wants to be alligned with him!!

    Probst was realllllllllly driving me insane this week!! He really should just keep his mouth shut and HOST the show… It annoyed me at tribal when he mentioned “could Malcom and Denise also be a threat? They could be working together and nobody would know”!! I genuinely think a lot of people didn’t even suspect that until he said it!!

    Abi makes great TV, but my god she’s such an awful person!! lol… The same with Jeff… I get that he wants Penner out, but the way he interacts with him in camp is horrible, he treats him like an unwanted child or something!!

    OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG That picture of Noah is the best!! Are you ever tempted to just dress him up in fancy dress every day of the week??!! haha
    Glad your household is back fit and healthy now too after the horrible bug you guys caught!! :)

    • Jun Song

      Yeah, I’m not sure what’s going on with Probst lately! He’s getting worse!

      Ugh, I can’t stand Abi hahahaha and I hear she’s just as obnoxious on Twitter!

      Ha! I do actually want to dress him up everyday just so I can have a gazillion pictures! :)

      Thanks for the good wishes! I’m not initiated into newlywed mommyhood for sure now! HA!

  • ChasingNormal

    Awe! Noah is the best part of your blog today :) He’s such a little cutie :)

    • Jun Song

      Ha! I thought he deserved a little spotlight :)

  • Michelle Jones

    I don’t do zombies but this was another great blog! Cheers for having the cutest clown EVER!!

    • Jun Song

      Hahahaha! I don’t “do” zombies either :)

  • spicy_pants

    Um, the Chinese guy….asshole.

  • Gaborrr

    How do you know if your wife is too ugly?? How come you didn’t Zombify Denise? Hahaha I didn’t like the immunity challenge..last time Jeff teased them with burgers and cakes :( Hmm now Jeff looks like Val Kilmer..Great Job Jun!! :D How does Emmet Smith get dumber each episode? I wonder when Carter makes stinky faces he is actually pooping his panties.. Excellent touch not Zombifieing Skoopy as he is already bleeding and hungry for Penner’s Brain!! I think Noah could beat Skoopy in any challenge :D

  • Scott Kamlah

    Noah is absolutely adorable :) – As far as Probst is concerned this is one of the reasons I’d never make it on Survivor – I’d be more interested in planting my foot firmly up his ass then completing the challenge. STFU Jeff

  • Sparky

    I am totally rooting for Denise to win it all. I just love her. I also wouldn’t mind if Blair won either. This is turning out to be a decent season, made more so by reading your rankings every week.

  • Lynda Perky

    We have all seen how stressed and short tempered Jeff Probst has been this year. Not sure if it’s Survivor or that he had to change up everything due to his new talk show. I heard that they had to schedule Survivor earlier than usual. Maybe that is why it was raining almost every day. He also just got married didn’t he. That is a ton of change.

    Sad to see RC go I really liked her. The first episode led me to believe she would behave like Abi Mari, boy did I call that one or what?

    Was devistated that Abi Mari did not suffer in challenge.

    Jun thanks 4 the laughs as always.

  • Lynda Perky

    I’ve said it before but, take a look at Lisa’s and then Abi Marias photos, their facial structure & hair are so similar. I really thought you used the same photo for both zombies, kept mousing up and down. Ha

  • Ben Denker

    ZOMBIES! Great blog, I like the new flavor on your rankings. If you’re interested, check mine out for a different twist:

  • Ben Denker

    You think Skupin going down in individual immunity challenge #1 was dangerous? I think this only lowers his value. They already want him out, no reason to increase your threat level this early. Denise is proclaiming, “I’M DANGEROUS!” when she dominates the women. At least he stopped eating rice and getting hurt for one week. :)

  • Phillip Stanford

    Kent….wtf dude, you completely screwed up your decision last week, not a fan of Kent so i like his laser-like-focus on only getting out Vets, look at Boston Rob once you have one player (Russell Hantz) that you are completely set on voting off it never works out, and your soon to go, Lisa is my pick to win this thing, she is walking to the bank like Sandra did two seasons.

  • Steph Foster

    Jun, I just youtubed the jury vote on BB4, because watching you kick Allison’s ass in a 6-1 vote never fails to entertain me. You were such a BOSS on that season!

  • drpaskall

    Noah’s adorable! I don’t know how I missed your Survivor blog, since I follow you, but somehow didn’t see it so I’m catching up all in one night, like reading a comedy short… :) Thanks, Jun, your with and sarcasm never fail to give me a good chuckle. Love your blogs.