Survivor 26 Cast Spoilers

Yep, more returning players! Find out who they are!

Survivor 26 Cast Spoilers

Survivor 25′s finale is upon us (it airs Sunday night on CBS) and fans are now looking to see what Season 26 has in store for us.

You may or may not have already heard (via internet spoilers), but there are going to be a slew of returning players next season. Normally I would moan and groan at this (as CBS is on a repetitive roll of recycling cast members) but most of the players they’re bringing back are kind of the misfits of Survivor. I like misfits. Rumor has it that the season is going to be “Fans vs. Favorites,” but this has not yet been confirmed. Also rumored, is that the season will be named Survivor: Caramoan.

Returning castaway are as follows:

Erik Reichenbach, Survivor Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites
Corinne Kaplan, Survivor Gabon
Brenda Lowe, Survivor Nicaragua
Andrea Boehlke, Survivor Redemption Island
Francesca Hogi, Survivor Redemption Island
Phillip Sheppard, Survivor Redemption Island
John Cochran, Survivor South Pacific
Brandon Hantz, Survivor South Pacific
Dawn Meehan, Survivor South Pacific
Malcolm Freberg, Survivor Philippines

(Malcolm, who has made the Final 4 of Survivor Philippines is a favorite to win Season 25, but since he is returning next season, my guess is he is NOT the sole Survivor of the Philippines.) Have we ever seen anyone play back-to-back seasons on Survivor? I think Probst has a woody for Malcolm.

I’m most excited for Phillip, Dawn and Cochran to return, because as human beings, I just freaking adore those three. I’m a little shocked that Brandon Hantz is returning, I guess the love affair between CBS and The Hantz’s is all but dead. Hmph. I’m sure he’ll be a trainwreck again because he’s a trainwreck in real life. You know this if you’re connected with him on Facebook. Oh, Nelly.




  • Zach

    Russell Hantz, Amanda Kimmel, and James Clement have all played in back to back seasons. Winners have also played twice so its not outlandish to imagine that Malcolm won and as a fan favorite was asked back.

    • Zach

      I hope they chose someone different than Francesqua and that is a mistake.

      • HoH8

        i believe the rest of the women cast are all white, right?……so they need Fran….☺….

        • Bleh

          brenda isn’t white

    • Zach

      Besides Francesca I think this half of the cast sounds nuts and will make for a hopefully batshit crazy sort of season. Which sounds incredibly entertaining to me.

    • Wes Dorne

      Rupert played back to back, but a player who has played back to back has never won either time…

      • Princessofpleasuretown

        Didn’t Boston Rob play a back to back??

        • Guest


        • Jason

          No. Nicaragua was in-between HvV and Redemption Island. He play 4, 8, 20, and then won 22.

        • Garettelliott

          No. Seasons 4,8,20 and 22

    • Phillip Stanford

      Penner i think has Fan Fav wrapped up everyone really likes Penner and his attitude towards Survivor on ponderosa and all is great

      • Deancote

        he’s not in this fan vs favorites. he lost the old fan vs favorites. he is a great guy though

        • Garettelliott44

          This is a bunch of players I would like to see back
          Bob Crowley – love his brilliance
          Russell hantz – ruthless
          Troyzan – competitive
          Malcolm – all around player
          Shambo (Samoa) – so original in herself
          Matt Elrod (redemption island) – nice guy
          Penner – prob my fav player w/ hantz

          • Livilynne

            I agree with Shambo! Actually all of your choices I agree with, but Shambo was just so unique and interesting, she brought new life to the game in her season!

        • Phillip Stanford

          I was talking about this seasons Fan Favorite the one that Lisa got i know he isnt coming back for another Fan v Fav, but Penner is loved by alot of Survivor fans so i assumed he had that wrapped up but i guess the christians and Pacts of Life fans had more votes

    • Livilynne

      Rupert also played back to back going back to pearl islands followed by all stars

      • Michelle Walker

        yep, so did Stephenie and Bobby Jon, Palau followed by Guatemala :)

    • Michelle Walker

      So have Rupert, Steph LaGrossa and Bobby Jon Drinkard

    • James

      Rupert Boneham has also played back-to-back. Survivor Pearl Islands and then All-Stars.

    • James

      Rupert Boneham has also played back-to-back. Survivor Pearl Islands and then All-Stars.

  • Spicy

    Thanks Zach, I was wondering…

  • Jeremy Woods

    I am most excited for Andrea because she’s pretty, lol

  • Daniel Sherriff

    Malcolm will have the advantage that Russell Hantz had when he returned for Heroes vs. Villains after competing in Samoa. None of the “Favorites” will know his game and he knows all of their games so Malcolm, who’s done very well this season, should also do very well next season as well.

    • Richard H. Shores

      I strongly agree with you Daniel.

    • Jezzer

      That is such a good point.

  • Joe

    I’m kind of surprised Kat from One World isn’t participating.

  • Andrew Sloan

    Francesca, Brandon and Phillip I could do without, but everyone else seems great. I’m especially excited about Dawn

  • Dssadad

    UGH BRANDON HANTZ AGAIN? are you serious. I could NOT stand him

  • Ccff

    didn’t francesca get voted off first?? random

  • Kevin

    Of course they invited Brandon back…

  • Aaron Guaraldi

    Is it actually confirmed, these castaways are returning?

  • Dark_2_

    Rupert Grint (sp?) played two seasons back to back his season and then all stars btw i am not really excited to see most of these people come back… they were mostly irritating to listen to rant especially Phillip!

    • Charlie Toft

      You did spell Rupert Grint’s name right, but you meant Rupert Boneham. Rupert Grint is from the Harry Potter movies, not Survivor. In other words, he’s Weasley, not weaselly.

  • Richard H. Shores

    If Malcolm is returning next season, I would think he was not in the final three (or final two if production decided to switch things up this season) and plays back to back as Russell did. He would have a huge advantage as Russell did.

    • Corndogger

      Andrea played a great game and had a lot of heart. What really killed her was her relationship with Matt and not being Boston Rob’s right-hand girl. Speaking of Natalie Tenerelli, I really would like to see her play again without being completely overshadowed by Boston Rob. I realize a lot of people thought she was an idiot because Rob told her what to do. I happen to think she was a great player because she actually carried out his strategies without him having to explain it to her a million times and she did most of it on her own. I would have replaced Francesca with Natalie in a heartbeat. Also would have been nice to see Andrea Underwood play again. I would have put her in and taken Brenda out.

  • scott butler

    Stephanie and Bobby Jon also did Back to Back with Palau and Guatemala

  • Michael

    Amanda, James, Rupert, Stephenie, Bobby Jon and Russell all played back to back seasons.

  • Lynda Perky

    Could do without Brandon Hantz and am tired of 2 or 3 returning players but I enjoy the Fans vs. Favorites. I need to say that I loved THIS years returning players because they left due to injury.

  • Phillip Stanford

    I say bring em back, AS LONG AS its only returning players, mixing New and old just doesnt work for me either All new or All older

  • Robin Paddock

    I’m sick of the Hantz’s, why dont they give some new folks a go!?

  • Kflynnss

    Brenda Lowe = annoying bitch

    • Wes Dorne

      Hot annoying bitch.

  • Wes Dorne

    I like all of the returnees except for Erik and Brandon. Erik was a non factor in FvF and is only remembered for his stupid play and ridiculous hair. Brandon? Not much needs to be said about him. Guy has no idea how to play the game. He is here because of who he is and the arguments and controversy he can cause.

    I like that they brought Corinne back. She is sassy, a bitch and hot.

    Hopefully it turns out to be a good season!

  • Spoiler

    It was leaked a while ago that Brandon Hantz gets removed early from the game for fighting. FYI

  • LEA

    Yes Russell Hantz played Survivor back to back his first two seasons so – do your research before you write stories like these… please and thank you.

  • jg96

    is this some sort of sick joke. They all suck besides Malcolm. Whoever thought of bringing these people back needs to be fired immediately

  • Ozdust9

    Rupert also played back-to-back! So glad to see Malcolm returning, but other than Hantz I don’t remember most of these players..

  • Briteyedbear

    Rupert played back to back seasons as well, in Pearl Islands and All-Stars. I don’t think that playing back to back seasons means that Probst “has a woody” for anyone.

  • ObsessedwithBB


  • John

    If this is the tribe of favorite, they are in big trouble!!!

  • Karen Fernandez Vickers

    Phillip and his pink underwear…REALLY???!!!!!

  • Princessofpleasuretown

    I dunno abt Probst, but I know I have a mini-bone for Malcolm

  • Tim Gilmore

    Stephenie LaGrossa also played back-to-back seasons. :)

  • nikki2118

    Rupert Boneham Played back to back. He went from Pearl Islands then to All Stars

  • Maggie198333

    Amanda and Russel played back to back seasons as well

  • survivor10101010111

    i love malcolm. he should have won Philippines. damn bitch lisa turned against him. AND stole fan favorite.

    • Jezzer

      Exactly! How DARE she try to play the game strategically! Everyone knows that all the other players are supposed to lie down and let the Chosen One cakewalk his or her way to a million dollars!

  • beat-72

    I really hope Malcolm is back. and also Rupert Boneham has played back to back seasons of survivor. Pearl Islands and then All Stars. From 2003-2004. Loved him :)

  • Jezzer

    In what universe are Corinne, Phillip, Brandon, or Cochran “favorites”? Corinne was a mean, unlikable bitch whose bitchery didn’t even have the decency to be witty or funny, and she was clearly hoping to use the show as a springboard for other opportunities that apparently did not manifest after the show. Phillip and Brandon are both obviously and uncomfortably mentally ill (and if the earth opened up and swallowed the entire Hantz bloodline one day, I would light a candle at St. Joseph’s and thank the Lord for His infinite wisdom), and Cochran was just a weenie. A weenie that really, really sucked at every aspect of “Survivor.”

    The only returning player I’m at all excited about seeing again is Malcolm.

  • Joshua Bogart

    Im excited to see how Francesca does. I LOVE that Philip is back as well. I love that Philip and Francesca had a huge blow up against each other at the first tribal council in Redemption so I wonder how they will act towards each other on the same tribe again…haha.

  • kungfuwomn

    So where are the fan favorites???? i dont see any fan favorites listed where’s Stephanie sorry but seems like a poor list to me? Sorry but probably not going to watch doesnt sound exciting at all.

  • Z3335571

    Stephenie, Bobby Jon and Rupert have also played back to back seasons!

  • Philipchua

    cochran and brandon sucks :(

  • Mark Uyar

    It’s too bad they have so many returning players from Redemption Island (one of my least favourite seasons). I wish there were more from Nicaragua (like Jane or Marty or Holly). I know Jeff would never let a quitter come back, but part of me really wants to see Naonka again as well.

  • Tlamb12

    Too bad Ozzie isn’t returning. Would love to watch Malcolm and Ozzie on the same show.


    Russell played 2 seasons back to back and 3 seasons within 4 seasons. Boston Rob played 4 times spread out over 18 seasons.

  • Chooserealfavorites

    shouldn’t fans vs favorites have actual favorites from past seasons. There are only a few memborable players here. Francesca Hogi she was out first how is she a favorite come on choose a real cast

  • Livilynne

    I think having both Brandon and Russell Hantz back on the show in the same season would give an interesting dynamic and would bring great entertainment to the show

  • valupatitta

    i wanna see danni boatwright from guatemala back. she is still the best player ever to play in a single season of survivor. also my gurl sandra i luv her and knowing her she’d probably weave her way into another victory again easy

  • Phillip Stanford

    Who in the world would pick those as favorites… Brenda, Andrea, Francesca, and Dawn all had very little to do with their own seasons, everybody hated Hantz and Corinne, Erik is only remembered because of the dumbest move ever, Phillip and Cochran are the only ones who would really be a favorite i just dont get it and no matter what they do it will never be as good as the Micronesia Fan v Fav that season was legendary

  • Johnnny

    Ugh I cant stand dawn. Love that Cochran is back! However what about Ozzy and Troyzan?? They were the best players!

  • Christina Siesling

    what a big let down

  • Fearless1oo

    when do canadians get to play? can you imagine…, nueffies, black frenchman,pot smoking british columbian’s and red neck albertan’s…., wow….., wow.., now that’s a survivor

  • Alex

    I really want to see Stephen Fishbach and Rafe Judkins return.