Brandon Gives Away Immunity!

Brandon Gives Away Immunity!

Welcome back to Survivor: South Pacific. We are down to the final five - the same five who made an alliance on day one. Shocking really. It hardly ever happens that alliances made that early on remain intact throughout the game and don’t get broken up (by guys named Chris).

So the episode starts with Albert saying he thinks Sophie is dangerous. You’re just realizing that, dude? You couldn’t have come to that conclusion any sooner? Now she’s going to have to beat you.

Then we have yet another duel. My mom (@susanorlins) called me after the last episode and said oh my god! I think Edna beats Ozzy! I of course reassured her that nothing that is shown like that in a promo ever actually happens so I was pretty confident Ozzy was going to take it.

Edna came close to beating Ozzy in the duel, though! Once again, someone gets close, but no cigar!! Ozzy is superman. Seriously. It is like he can’t lose. If he does get back into the game, which it looks like he will, he is on a huge roll!!

Then all hell breaks loose among the final five. Albert is gunning for Sophie. Sophie is gunning for Brandon. Now that it is down to just them, the Upolu five really did have to turn on each other.

Great duel challenge this week and also great immunity challenge! Brandon wins immunity! And what does he do? Thanks Jesus. Jesus has been a huge part of this season.

Then the craziest thing happens. Brandon takes Erik Reichenbach’s title as dumbest Survivor EVER. At least Erik was enticed by beautiful, seductive women to give up his immunity necklace. AND at least he kept it throughout tribal council so the ladies had to keep up the act for the whole thing. Brandon simply gave it away as soon as he sat down. SO unbelievably stupid.

As most of you know, I’ve been a diehard Survivor fan since the first episode of the first season. I’ve never missed an episode. And when I knew I had been selected for the show, I went back and re-watched seasons, re-watched episodes, and studied. Now granted, that didn’t stop me from making plenty of mistakes of my own, but at least I didn’t make the EXACT same mistake as someone else. Contestants these days (and before you start jumping down my throat, I know it is not all of them) are often recruited last minute or brought on as a stunt (such as being the nephew of an infamous villain) and maybe don’t get to watch as much Survivor as they should before they go on the show.

That being said, everyone knows about Erik Reichenbach’s enormous blunder of giving away individual immunity at the final five! What was Brandon Hantz thinking?

Well I guess the answer is, he wasn’t. He was “feeling.” He has been an emotional wreck this whole season and personally I’ll be sad to see him go. I’d rather see him and his crazy antics than mute Rick or annoying Albert.

Speaking of Albert, is there anyone who thought he should have given the immunity back to Brandon? He almost certainly would have been voted off if he had.

I hope you’ll all be watching the double Survivor this week (the finale is on Sunday!) and you’ll join me for my last recap of the season! Thanks to all of you who have already supported me in my Mt. Kilimanjaro climb. For everyone else, if you’d like to donate to an amazing cause, you can do so here.

Otherwise, signing off for now, with stupid moves and the final four,

xoxo, Eliza