Survivor Caramoan: THE NEW CAST!!!

Eliza shares her thoughts on the cast

Survivor Caramoan: THE NEW CAST!!!

As you all know, I appeared on the first iteration of Fans v. Favorites and I’m so excited for round two. They have a lot to live up to given how amazing Micronesia was! I don’t think I’m saying this just because I was on the season, I truly think the general consensus is that it was an all around great season.

I know almost all of the favorites personally so just as a disclaimer, I am not unbiased. I have personal opinions and you may hate them. But here are my thoughts on the new cast! And by the way, this IS in a particular order.

The Favorites.

Francesca – she is not only my favorite person on this cast, but one of my favorite people on the planet so if I’m team anyone, I’m team Francesca. She is smart, rational, beautiful and is the only one from redemption island with half a brain who wouldn’t let Boston Rob just walk his way to the end of the game and the win (which the rest of those lemmings did!). I am thrilled to see her play again and hope her ability to be normal and rational on a team full of crazies won’t get her voted off early again.

Corinne – I am a former mean girl myself and probably not entirely reformed and so I love Corinne’s meanness and sense of humor. She cracks me up and I have my fingers crossed that she makes the jury at the very least, so she can be a snarky juror again. She was always loyal to her alliance on Survivor: Gabon so I think if she can make a solid alliance from the start she has a good shot this season.

Erik – I played Fans v Favorites with Erik and he made the dumbest move of all time (until JT came around) by giving away his immunity necklace to the manipulative women. But now Erik has some more life experience and I’m hoping he can parlay that newfound worldliness into doing even better on Survivor!

Brenda – I adore Brenda. She is the gorgeous, super chill surfer girl every girl has always wanted to be. Girls want to be her and guys want to be with her. She isn’t someone who ruffles feathers although she may have played a little too hard the last time. She is strong physically as well as mentally so hopefully she can make it even farther this time.

Malcolm – Malcolm was dealt a terrible hand last season by ending up on Russell’s tribe and continually losing but somehow he managed to make the final four and almost win the whole thing. He clearly has the strategy and the physicality to win, but none of the other favorites are going to have any idea who he is, so they may be afraid he will pull a Russell Hantz on them and be a huge threat. I think he’s a fun player to watch and has some great lines, so I’d like to see him do well.

John Cochran on Survivor Fans vs. Favorites 2









Cochran – I defended Cochran’s move last time of flipping on his original alliance because they were “mean” to him. Upon further reflection, I was wrong and so was he. Cochran had a shot of making it to the end with his original alliance last time and he blew it. If he plays with less emotion and makes the merge, he will likely go to the end because he is hardly someone who is a threat in individual competitions.  If he’s willing to bring some crazies to the end with him, then I could see this law student arguing his way to the win.

Brandon – Brandon played with emotion, not reason, the first time around. I am very curious to see if he can learn from his mistakes (and stupid moves) to make it further in the game. Unlike Erik who I think has changed since he first played, I don’t think Brandon has it in him to be the hardcore cutthroat person that winning survivor requires.

Dawn – Dawn and I have never met but she sent me some tasty bread! However, I don’t honestly remember anything about her from her first season except that there were a LOT of tears and possibly even a question of if she could continue on. Hopefully Dawn now knows she can make it through and therefore will be more sure of herself this time…and cry less for everyone’s sake.

Andrea Boehlke on Survivor Fans vs. Favorites










Andrea – Andrea is most memorable for her failed attempt at a showmance with Matt Elrod. She did very little else to be remembered on her original season, but she is credited with being the only one to scheme against Boston Rob. That didn’t happen. She backstabbed her ally (Matt) and voted him out and when he got back from redemption island, she backstabbed him again. If she can overcome her reputation and form a genuine showmance this time, maybe she can do better than last time.

Phillip – Phillip is a loose cannon. He was dragged to the end last time by someone who knew they could beat him. He should never have gotten past the very first tribal council last time, but he’s certainly entertaining as long as you don’t have to live with him. Let’s see if someone will pull a Boston Rob and drag this wholly unlikable guy to the end once again.

The Fans.

I don’t know any of the fans and I had trouble accessing videos from China so this is based on pregame interviews, and this is in no particular order.

Laura – I think I’m gonna like her. Her pet peeve is overtly religious people. That’s my kind of girl since if you’ve ever read my articles before, you know how annoying I find religiousness on Survivor.

Sherri on Survivor Fans vs. Favorites Season Two










Sherri – Sherri is clearly a huge fan of the show – she named her son after Colby Donaldson!! But is that enough? Sherri said in her pre-game interviews that she was going to lie about her age and say she was 37 instead of 40. That seems like an unnecessary lie but I think Sherri recognizes that she needs to try to fit in with all the young people on her tribe.

Julia – I can’t hate on Julia too much because she mentions me as her favorite Survivor moment, however, she does an impressive job of making an exciting moment sound dull. Hopefully she can be more colorful on the show. She clearly has no fear of adventure since she’s a race car driver, but let’s see if she can handle the personalities on Survivor.

Matt – Matt seems like an interesting character. He says he doesn’t do well without sex, food, and sleep so he may be screwed on Survivor. I can see how he got cast and maybe he will be Rupert 2.0 and edited as a hugely likable guy, but there is something about him I find irritating. Let’s see if my premonition is correct and if his tribe thinks so too.

Allie – She seems like an absolute sweetheart. She seems well rounded with a good head on her shoulders. She’s funny and smart and seems to deal well with people. I am rooting for her to make it far.

Shamar – It sounds like Shamar had the closest experience to Survivor that any non-Survivor contestant has ever had. I don’t know whether his being a war veteran is going to be helpful or just make him have a hard time dealing with all the blonde bimbos on his tribe who have never even spent a day sleeping outdoors in their lives. I love that Shamar protected the Occupy Wall Street protesters from police brutality. That makes me think he has a lot of empathy for others and he has a shot at doing well on Survivor.

Hope – Former Miss USA contestant Hope seems sweet but doesn’t have a prayer in hell. She claims to be ok with lying but not good at it. I have a feeling she’s gonna have a tough time with this game.

Reynold Toepfer Survivor Fans vs. Favorites Season Two










Reynold – It sounds like Reynold gets the game of Survivor, understands what he has to do to do well, and has a shot at doing well in the game.

Eddie – Eddie is a firefighter which he says will help him deal with stressful situations on Survivor. He also seems to be incredibly physically fit so I think he will be kept around at least for a while!

Michael – Michael is the gay guy from NYC. He’s my kind of person and someone I’ll contemplate initiating into the NYC wine & cheese club. Hopefully he can fit in with the rest of his tribe and last long enough to be entertaining!

I hope you’ll all join me for my recaps this season! I am excited for this season and hope you all are too! As usual, you can follow me on twitter (@eorlins) & instagram (@eorlins) and please leave comments – I read them all!


  • Loco40021

    andrea did not vote matt out first… i hope she voted francesqua out asap so i can read your bitter recaps! :)

  • Hunter

    Hi Eliza just because you and andrea don’t like eachother, doesn’t mean you can’t credit her for her amazing gameplay. And because you’re friends with Franny doesn’t mean you should overrate her for the 3 episodes she was in.

  • JenniferKeene

    Great roundup, E! Can’t wait to read your recaps.

  • HoH8

    Dont be so Modest…the reason the first Fans vs Favorites was the Best was because YOU was in it…. We Love You Eliza !!!!!….☺…..