Survivor: First Look at Ponderosa!

Michael is the first to arrive, time to knock back a beer!

Survivor: First Look at Ponderosa!

CBS and Survivor are giving us our first look at Survivor Caramoan’s Ponderosa!

After having his torch snuffed, Michael arrives at his new home in Ponderosa. He is weighed and finds out he’s lost 21 pounds. He’s pretty stoked about that. He’s also pretty excited to eat something besides a spoonful of rice. But first, it’s beer o’clock. He takes one swig of his Pilsner and says, “Oh my God I’m drunk.”

Survivor Caramoan Ponderosa Michael

Michael’s not one of those Survivor castaways who go out bitter. He’s decided he wants to enjoy his remaining time there, and says it will be fun watching the game play out. “I wanted to put it behind me as soon as I got here,” he said.

As the tenth person voted out and the first person to reach Ponderosa, he’s probably just happy he made it to jury.

Michael enters his room at Ponderosa and it’s stark white and extremely basic, but he’s more than happy to have a toilet to use, and a shower. No more pooping in the jungle! He says after a good scrub he’s going to get a good night sleep in his bed and dream of the castaways “getting rained on back at camp, while they’re starving, while I drink some cold waters and eat some candy bars.”

Michael at Ponderosa: