All About Brandon and His Breakdown

Clearly Brandon had a meltdown, but whose behavior was EVEN worse??

All About Brandon and His Breakdown

Episode 5 of Survivor was insane. Literally. The episode starts out with Brandon saying he’s going to volunteer to be voted off (and then changing his mind the next morning). Then comes a reward challenge which the favorites win, once again. The fans are disheartened, but continue their search for the new hidden immunity idol. Reynold finds it again and tells Eddie about his discovery. Brandon is having a tough time. Phillip instigates and Brandon loses it, and the favorites tribe decides to forfeit the immunity challenge so Jeff has them vote right then and there and Brandon is voted out.

Welcome back to Survivor Caramoan: Fans v. Favorites 2. We rejoin the fans tribe post-tribal council and Sherri is sad Laura is gone. Reynold discusses having had to use the idol. Michael comments on how Reynold is their “clutch” guy. Michael says Reynold’s been clutch in challenges (I thought that would require actually winning, but apparently not), clutch at starting fire, and everywhere else and he doesn’t want Reynold to have the idol anymore or find the new one.

Then we hear from Brandon. He starts discussing his passion for his family. He feels guilty for having left his family especially his kids who probably wonder why he’s gone again. He misses them and so he tells his tribe he volunteers to be voted off at the next tribal council.

Then Brandon decides to admit to the tribe he was gonna pee in rice and beans and burn the shelter to the ground. Yikes. Doesn’t seem like the best thing to reveal but Brandon certainly doesn’t seem to be in the best frame of mind.

Then, the next morning Brandon changes his mind and announces that he’s going to be staying and being the most intense version of himself.

Up next, we have the reward challenge for a big steak barbecue (including spices, wine, etc) – which is the coconut throwing slash basket holding challenge we have previously seen in other seasons. So once again, no puzzle. Seriously?! What’s up with the lack of puzzles this season? Am I going to keep saying that until we finally see a puzzle? Well, maybe I am.

Reynold kills it in the challenge once again and doesn’t miss a shot (at least not that we see), and he puts all of them in Brandon’s basket and so Phillip gets to be the hero even though clearly if Brandon hadn’t been taking the brunt of it for so long, Phillip never could have held on. So Brandon drops out and Phillip ends up winning the challenge for the favorites. Did anyone else notice Probst’s comment, “Sherri is worthless in this challenge” as if she wasn’t worried enough about being thought of as weak after Laura was voted off.

Anyhow, the favorites win and take home the steaks, veggies, spices, and wine (anyone else notice Corinne go right for it?).

The poor Fans can’t win. Sherri says muscle isn’t paying off. They seem really disheartened. It is so hard to continue to lose on Survivor, especially when it does nothing but rain.

Everyone on the fans tribe goes looking for the idol. Reynold finds it again. He claims he is going to keep his mouth shut this time, but he still tells Eddie. I guess that’s understandable since they have been together since day one, but I don’t know if I’d tell anyone if I had it. Reynold says he doesn’t want anyone to know he has it, especially not the majority alliance but then he goes and lays in the shelter with Eddie rather than continuing to look for the idol. That seemed pretty stupid.

Then we rejoin the favorites. Brandon is sullen. He is mad Phillip is taking credit for challenge. Brandon says, “Phillip Sheppard, this dumbass spy agent, whatever you want to call him, thinks he won the challenge.” Then he tells Phillip to “shut the f*ck up” which doesn’t sit well with Phillip and Phillip says he is a street fighter and won’t be told to shut up by a young punk.

Somehow I doubt Phillip is a street fighter but Phillip is a 54 year old man who is quite clearly egging on a 22 year old boy. As absolutely crazy and unstable as Brandon clearly is this episode, in the scenes with Phillip, Brandon comes off as being the sane one. Phillip seems just as crazy and angry but just has had more years of dealing with his insanity and keeping it in. Brandon is still a kid. Why does Phillip continue to engage him?

Then Phillip does something even more repulsive to me than being excited to sit out a challenge, he says to Andrea that the favorites should throw a challenge. I HATE challenge throwing.

Well, then Andrea stirs the pot (probably unintentionally, but stupidly nonetheless) and tells Brandon what Phillip said; that Brandon is still in trouble and going to be voted off next.

Then Brandon loses it a bit more. He tells Phillip that no one likes Stealth R Us, the nicknames, or Phillip. Brandon soon realizes he really is next to go and dumps the rice and beans everywhere and then screams about Phillip being a bitch.

Then it is time for the immunity challenge and the tribes show up, and Jeff asks how Brandon is and Brandon says he had an outburst and asks to speak to the other tribe. He basically tells them about Phillip’s alliance and just kind of rants. Then Corinne speaks on behalf of the favorites and says they want to forfeit the challenge and hope everyone can respect that decision.

Brandon is fired up and hostile. Probst should win every Emmy from now until forever for what he had to deal with this episode. This was a scary and sad moment. Brandon admits during his rant what an incredibly difficult time he had in his life after he was on Survivor the first time. This part makes me think what I’ve kind of thought all along, and I know a number of other people have contemplated and asked, how could they put him back on the show? After how hard it was on him the first time, why bring him back? Is he drama? Yes, of course he is. But the well being of an individual should trump the show’s ratings. I hope the psych testing in the future is more thorough than this because it seems like Brandon should not have been out there this season.

Then Andrea starts crying and says how upsetting it is to see Brandon like this and to hear nasty names being used. Then of course Phillip interrupts and says he never said anything. Why did Phillip have to speak at that point? I don’t know. That man is an adult who really should keep his mouth shut. You could even see Andrea getting annoyed with him.

Phillip engages Brandon. He calls Brandon pathetic and yells at him and brings up his children. Although clearly Brandon is the one who had the meltdown, Phillip comes off as equally as crazy. Phillip says Brandon saying Phillip is in charge is a figment of Brandon’s imagination. It is so condescending, crazy, and unnecessary. First of all, Phillip thinks he’s in charge. Second of all, Phillip has told everyone he’s in charge. Third of all, you know you’re about to vote him out, why would you act like that?

I’m sad for Brandon at the end of this episode and disgusted by Phillip. Does anyone else feel the same?

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With Brandon’s massive breakdown, xoxo, Eliza


  • trainrobber

    I’m always disgusted by Phillip…I’m not sad for Brandon…most everything he said was true…I just didn’t like the way he handled it…

    • Sarcastabtch

      That’s pretty much how I feel. I can’t stand Phillip, but I think Brandon needs some serious mental health help. :( I don’t feel sad for him necessarily, but I *do* agree with the philosophy behind what he said, just not how he executed it. I’ve never been a fan of either of them, and honestly, I’m kind of pissed that Brandon left without Phillip ever really being called out on his bullshit. If he wins, I am done with Survivor.

  • Sara Traynor

    I hated all that went down. It was complete exploitation of a mentally unstable young man. Brandon should not have been cast. He worried me in his first season with his whole ‘inner-struggle’, and this season was even worse since he was not in a comfortable position. I think that this should be classified as a medivac ala Kathy in Micronesia, since there’s no way he would have been let continue in the game.

    I agree with you about Philip. Terrible behaviour from a grown man. I don’t buy that he’s ‘crazy’ either. A bit eccentric, sure, but he comes across as quite intelligent in my opinion. I also did not like how Probst went to Philip during the fake TC. The whole situation could have ended much worse and should have been diffused by removing Brandon earlier, rather than milking the drama for all it was worth.

  • Monyca

    Agreed. Phillip is an adult, he was moments away from getting what he wanted (Brandon going home), just keep your mouth shut. It seems to me they both have some kind of unchecked mental illness, and while I guess that makes good tv, it’s kind of sad to see it in action and I bet it’s scarier to have to live with it.

  • Papo_Reality

    I hate Phillip! #TeamHantz

  • Adam Poch – BB13

    I hate when people throw a challenge too! (On Survivor that is!) It never works well down the road. Look at the Boston Rob vs. Russell Hantz season. After Hantz’s tribe threw it to get rid of him, they got blown out and washed away one by one.

  • Susan

    Wow, great recap and analysis. I’m so glad you give a thoughtful picture of Brandon and YES, I was thinking the same thing–that they do psychological testing–and if Brandon had such a hard time before, that it was all about the ratings that they brought him back. No one mentioned that even if he says he wants to be voted off, Brandon can’t go home to see his family until after the 39 days, when everyone can then go home.

    It was a gripping episode and I hope that everyone who needs some emotional help gets it! Here is some advice from cognitive behavioral therapy for when your thoughts are taking you to upsetting places:

  • Big Brother Buzz

    I completely agree with your article! Phillip is a disgusting person, I was extremely disappointed that they even recast him this season, being cast as a “favorite” even disgusts me, he’s no favorite of mine, nor will he ever be, Jeff should have told Phillip to be quiet, even though Phillip should have had the sense to just shut up on his own, but he’s an unstable man. Yes, Brandon could have handled things differently, Phillip in NO WAY ‘WON’ that competition for the tribe, Brandon worked much harder, held more weight than Phillip ever could have, the end! Phillip is ruining this season of Survivor for me..

  • AnomyBC

    I’m disgusted by both of them, and I have been since long before this. That said, I think you’re being slightly too critical of Philip here, and too forgiving of Brandon. Also, I agree that it was a horrible decision to bring Brandon back, and that he shouldn’t have passed his psych eval. I really do feel like they knew he was mentally unstable and brought him back anyway because they thought it would be good for ratings, and that’s something that definitely makes me a little disappointed in the show.

  • Tiffany 22

    Mixed feelings. Phillip is extremely annoying but I also think a Brandon meltdown was inevitable from the moment he stepped on the beach.

  • Charlie Toft

    Eliza, you sort of touched on this, but based on your experience with Survivor, is there any way a legitimate psychological screening could have cleared someone like Brandon for the show, or is it obvious they knew he was nuts and cast him anyway? Especially when you consider he’s done this before and really wasn’t the picture of fine mental health even then.

    It just looks to me like Jeff wanted a Hantz on this season no matter what, and didn’t much care to see any evidence that Brandon couldn’t hack it.

  • Silkendrum

    I desperately want someone to tell Secret Agent Man that the only reason he got so far his first time was that everyone knew that no one on the jury would vote for him, and if he’s not voted off right away this season it will be for the same reason. I really really want to see his reaction to that.

  • zach

    Didn’t agree with you about Cochran’s tweet, but I have to agree with you about all your B. Hantz vs Phillip sentiments.

  • Kodibear

    Disgusted by philip and agree with what you said about him. I’m also disgusted with Probst for exploitation. Brandon should never have been invited back.

  • Leslie Black

    I am going to ask you to share this. Not one of those you are a dork or you don’t believe in Jesus if you don’t share or you are somehow an inferior human being if you don’t share request. This is something I feel strongly about, share if you want to.

    Most of you know I am stupid crazy about Survivor, I have spent many years and much energy pursuing my dream of playing the game. I have a son who is Bi-Polar and I work with kids effected by mental health issues. Survivor and mental health, these are two subjects completely separate from each other that I have strong opinions about.

    In last night’s episode of Survivor they came together in a way that left me feeling heavy hearted, slightly ill and wanting to let someone know that it was not OK. The producers of my favorite show exploited a contestant’s mental health issues for profit (ratings). Brandon Hantz’s meltdown was promoted extensively as the “much watch episode”. Jeff Probst tweeted regarding the lack luster response to the season “it’s ramping up” speaking about last nights episode. I felt like CBS was selling tickets to drive by a fatal accident on the freeway.

    Mental health problems are not a laughing matter nor should they be prime time entertainment. Survivor dropped way down into the daytime, Jerry Springer type TV genre. If Brandon’s suicide was announced on the news tonight would any of you be surprised? Let’s poke him until he explodes, it will be great! How is this being responsible? I blame the media for promoting and myself for watching.

    The school shootings, so prevalent lately, are not about guns. They are about mental health and bullies and looking the other way. Guns are the easier target. Mental health care costs money, and time. It takes compassion and empathy and actual roll up your sleeves work.

    CBS, SEG I hope you get this message and make the effort to do better.


    Leslie Black

    • Lynda Perky

      Leslie, I totally agree. This is not about bad behavior or bad choices made by a normal mind. When you are ill you can NOT think and behave withing normal parameters. I started new medication for depression in November and am totally amazed and surprised at how my thought processes have changed. For years I could not stop obsessing about how worthless I am for hours at a time. Today I may have a quick thought like that and then it stops.

      Unless you have experienced this it is hard to believe. I did NOT think anything could help me. Thank God I was honest with my son and my Doctor. I hope Brandon gets help because it is possible to think better and enjoy life.

      Thanks for putting yourself out there because I know how scary it is. Our society makes fun and light of those of us on medication. I hate the flippant remarks people say about so and so is on meds or so and so needs their meds. This is serious and not funny.

  • Gloria Pack

    Phillip needs to go, he rode Boston Rob’s coattails. And now he is playing with Boston Rob’s rules. Team Stealth needs a good kick in the butt! Phillip has been giving his chosen few names, which they hate, but tolerate. He also leaves out some of the tribemates. Why was crazy Phillip even given a second chance? He is a racist nut and does not deserve any tv time. Last seasn he washed his underwear in the cooking pot, gross. Let’s give new players a chance and stop bringing in favorites, they have had their chance. It is time for new players to get a chance. If I was in Brandon’s shoes, I would have done a lot worse to Phillip, espically after bringing up Brandon’s children and wife. How long before he is voted our? He will not win and if he does, I will not watch anymore, and I have never missed an episode! I am a true survivor fan!!!!

  • Hhander

    Ugh..aren’t you a little biased Eliza? Phillip is crazy but he’s harmless. And regardless of how crazy he is Brandon shouldn’t be speaking to a grown man like that. I was so disgusted when Jeff was massaging Brandon’s shoulders while Brandon continued to curse at Phillip. And when Jeff gave Phillip a chance to speak he interrupted him because Andrea was crying. It’s easy to see who Jeff favors. And to say to Brandon “You know I love you man” (like the shoulder rub didn’t show it off). I love you blogs Eliza but don’t be so biased. Besides this whole episode seems staged to me. Before Brandon even broke down the whole tribe was speculating about how unstable he was

  • BigDan

    Eliza I’ve liked you in the past but your opinions are soo stupid. Phillip is so much better now than he was in S22. Brandon didnt hurt Phillip yesterday he hurt the whole tribe. And even today he has no regret. He thinks the fact that he was being voted out gives him a right to behave this way. Of course he voted for someone during each of his tribals, and in S23 almost everyone he voted for went home – do they get to behave this way? Phillip’s a dolt but Brandon’s behaviour is completely on him.

    And stop bagging on Cochran. If you didnt like his comment that makes you stupid, not him disgusting.

  • JLA

    I was actually yelling at the tv “LIAR!!” at every statement Phillip said at the fake tribal council. I laughed in a pityful way when Brandong said no one likes stealth r us and philip said “c’mon everyones having fun with it” because he was trying to say it was just a joke, but clearly it’s not because in confessions philip is all in, he’s book that he shamlessly promotes on twitter called “the specialist” is all in, and we all know phillip takes stealth r us WAY serious. So that statement was funny, but sad.
    Pretty sad that I was TOTALLY on Brandon’s side, philip DOES act like a dictator, he DOES think he’s in charge, he SHOULD NOT have indicated that he was the hand that feeds brandon, and everyone else just follows along with it because they recognize phillip is emotionally unstable too and it’s easier to let him live in his delusional world than to burst his bubble. And while i’m sooooo on brandons side, i wish he could have realized it was a game, and that to further yourself in the game sometimes you take shit that you wouldn’t take in real life. But then again, why should anyone have to take phillips shit to get further in the game.

    Oh, and corrine, instead of being one of the most vocal on getting brandon out, should have seen him as an opportunity to keep the target off herself (even if she didn’t know there was a target) just like Sherry wanted to keep shamar around to keep the target off her. Just saying.

  • MrSwing

    With regard to the Favourites’ throwing of the challenge, I think this might be the exception that proves the rule. The Favorites expressed (IMO legitimate) concern for Brandon’s health, and by the time of the immunity challenge they had not-insignificant reason to fear for their own safety as well.

    I’m usually disgusted when a team throws a challenge, but having dealt with a friend on the business end of a psychological breakdown before, I can’t find it in me to condemn them for wanting (a) Brandon to receive the help he needs ASAP, and (b) to remove a frightening, unpredictable presence from the game. In their situation I would have been afraid for my personal safety, and of what Brandon would do between the challenge and TC after he’s already shown his willingness to cause me to starve, and mentioned the thoughts he’s entertained of destroying the camp.

    The entire episode made me sad and uncomfortable. I wasn’t really bothered by Phillip until right at the end – where it really seemed like awful, bullying behaviour to attack Brandon’s family once Probst was holding onto him. Launching a personal attack on someone so obviously in the middle of a breakdown – and only once he knew that Probst was restraining Brandon/Brandon would not be returning to the game – is the act of a straight-up BAD PERSON.

    Phil reminds me of a child. The type who claims he has a hoverboard and an uncle who works for Nintendo who gives him all the super-secret, never-released games, but you can’t come over and play with them because it’s a secret! His lashing out at Brandon out of pure petulance and ego – he had already won! Brandon was going! It was an attack of pure spite! – also strikes me as the action of a child who just wants to “win” the argument. Amazingly, Brandon came across as the more mature (if less psychologically healthy) of the two.

    So we basically got to watch two terrible people being terrible at one another. Here’s hoping Phillip goes next so that we can actually enjoy the rest of the season.

  • Enmanuel_cr4

    Eliza I agree with you, they are both crazy but Phillip is just stupid, he needs to go.

  • Lydia

    I don’t feel bad for Brandon one single bit. He came on this show with a vengence. From day one he was looking for an excuse to go off. From the very beginning he was out to prove a point and he continuously made horrible comments like, “I will burn this place down” “Don’t mess with me, I’m a Hantz” “I will make my uncle look like a saint after I’m done here.” Those comment were made continuously…even when thing were going smooth. I couldn’t believe when he was volunteering to go home because “he missed his family” and then made sick comments like “I was going to pee in the rice and beans.” WHAT? WHY? You just volunteered to go home. He was sick and he needed to go. I completely agree with the tribes decision to forego the challenge to get that psychopath out of there. He was dangerous. I am so disgusted with Jeff for the way he handled that. He gave Brandon permission to be a psycho idiot. He was even smiling. The rubbing the shoulders and letting that go on like he did was the real disgusting behavior. What a waste of an episode. It was the Brandon Show. Everyone knows you don’t give the child who is having a tantrum ANY attention. The minute he destroyed the food, production should have stopped and he kicked off the show, AND it shouldn’t have aired!!! I’m sure Brandon watched that last night and was just so proud of himself. He should be ashamed of his behavior have sorrow in his heart for how he handled that. Phillip is a doofus, but he’s harmless. Again…what a waste of an episode.

  • Lynda Perky

    Eliza I did notice Jeff’s comment & Sherry has sucked in several challenges I have enjoyed her strategy at times.

    “Phillip seems just as crazy and angry but just has had more years of dealing with his insanity and keeping it in.” Yes, thank you. Philip was an instigator and enjoyed pushing Brandon’s buttons. They both are clearly unstable but for a grown man to keep engaging like that is Pitiful. Get medical help, both of you. I am scared for Brandon and his family something is very wrong and he can get help to feel and think better. Really! This behavior is not just immaturity and lack of taking responsibility for your actions, Brandon’s thinking is off and the look in his eyes was very telling.

    I agree that CBS should be ashamed for putting Brandon back on the show they knew better. Very irresponsible and self-serving.

    • LR

      Lynda, I agree that Brandon’s behavior is not just that of immaturity or of taking responsibility for his actions; his thinking and emotions are definitely not normal and the look in his eyes was haunting.

      I hope that CBS is ashamed for putting Brandon back on the show and leaving him open to vulnerabilities he is so ill equipped to handle and that they offered him psychiatric help that extended well past just exiting the show. Brandon has some demons that need to be slayed and he needs professional help in dealing with them. CBS is as much to blame for the meltdown as Brandon is and they owe him and all contestants good after-show-care. I hope CBS/Burnett Productions has done what is right.

  • Ben Stacey

    I think, that while it might have been compelling TV to watch, the overall feeling I had was uncomfortable and sad. It was uncomfortable because it really appeared that the situation could have escalated to actual physical violence. Also it was clearly a situation that the Favourites did not want to be in. And because we were watching someone who it seems is not emotionally stable having a real meltdown.
    I seriously made me worry about the future of one of the greatest shows on TV. If something bad happens to Brandon as a result of the events on the show or from it airing, it could well jeopardize the show itself. I hope the producers are doing all they can and should to help Brandon and to make sure this sort of thing does not happen again.

  • MarMar

    I completely agree with you Eliza !

  • Luke

    I’m sorry, but most people-in this case Phillip-can’t keep their mouth shut when they are being attacked. This went outside of the game and into real life. If somebody just dumped out the beans and rice as well as started to attack you verbally would you just sit back and take it? I don’t think so, especially when this could really hurt your game strategically with everything Brandon said. I’m not a huge fan of Phillip, but I see nothing wrong with what he did. Normally I am totally against throwing challenges because it always comes back to bite them in the end with numbers, but in this case it was totally justified. You can’t have someone who is mentally unstable on the tribe and may even come to physical violence. They didn’t even throw the challenge; they just forfeited because they were so scared they might end up winning.

  • Justin

    No wonder you never got far in Survivor, you’re biased and delusional and don’t have the capacity to read people. Brandon had a cry that he couldn’t control his fate. What about the other hundreds of Survivors who got voted off! Did they throw the beans and rice. What about when Brandon proudly claimed he would eliminate the Savaii tribe one by one. Did they sabotage the camp cause they couldn’t control their fate. No! Brandon thinks he’s entitled to the million and being in the game and that’s his (along with his delusional uncle’s) downfall.

    You’re as crazy as Brandon is. I hope you play again on a tribe with Brandon and Russell Hantz and feel sad for him when they eliminate you.

  • Survivor Trev

    We all have people who get under our skin. Apparently Phillip has really burrowed himself deep under your dermis. I’d be interested to read your thoughts on the Brandon meltdown had they not involved Phillip.

    I personally think that the Brandon situation is an embarrassment to the show. Survivor isn’t the highest brow entertainment out there, but it is the gold standard for reality TV in my book. Brandon acting like a 3 year old with anger management issues isn’t entertaining to me. He’s a 20 (21?) year old man with children of his own and he needs to start growing up.

    Over the years Survivor contestants have become less concerned with winning the game and more concerned with how they can make their mark so they can get more TV time. Brandon clearly wants to one up his uncle Russell and it seems like he had his mind set on doing something with the rice from day 1. This isn’t the kind of TV I want to watch.

    Now you might argue that Phillip is a black belt at trying to get more TV time. While that might be the case, at least you can see that he clearly wants to win this game. Brandon’s idea of winning is creating chaos for a cheap TV moment.

    I know I’m not going to convert you into a card carrying “Stealth R Us” member, but that’s not my goal. A conversation isn’t interesting unless you have 2 differing viewpoints. Anyway I enjoy your insight and I’ll try to be a more active commenter on your blog.

    BTW I just saw the pic of Machu Picchu on your twitter. Machu Picchu!!! I’m jealous :D

  • Sarah

    I agreed with Brandon’s statements regarding Philip–I think that Philip is acting ridiculous and is playing the role of a dictator–but I just wished that Brandon had calmly planted those seeds to the other tribe members instead of having a complete meltdown and basically quitting the game…

  • stellagal

    I knew Brandon was going to have a breakdown just like last time. I just wondered how long it was going to take.

  • Matt Downen

    The Hantz’s have this cult following where the more disgusting they behave the more these people defend them.. Phillip was far from blameless of course but anyone that’s defending Brandon needs to have their head examined. The Hantz’s are creeps and hopefully none of them will ever be on a show I watch again.

  • survivor fan

    Eliza, what show were YOU watching??? Brandon is an adult just like Phillip is. One difference Phillip is playing the same character from a prior season, a character that the producers love, Brandon is playing no character, he is playing himself. A mean-spirited, selfish, little jackass ..he is exactly like his uncle. Phillip showed a lot of restraint by walking away, I would have punched the little idiot for destroying all my tribe’s food. ALL Hantzs should be banned from reality television, there is nothing good about them.

  • Mookie

    Really yall believed it? I laughed the whole time, thinking how much was Brandon being paid for his “meltdown”. It just didn’t ring true. Survivors ratings have been progressively dropping, and this little stunt was done to increase ratings.

  • Dan Heaton

    I think that Phillip and Brandon are irritating for different reasons. Brandon is a kid who’s been sucked in by the idea of being a Hantz on reality TV. He’s also unstable and shouldn’t have been cast, and the producers knew what they were getting. They pretty much cast him so he could go crazy; it’s not like they expected amazing gameplay.

    Phillip is a goofball and a camera hog, but it’s a different situation. He did walk away from Brandon at the first outburst and didn’t do anything on the level of messing up the tribe’s food. He may have gotten nasty with Brandon at the challenge, but that was after Brandon said a lot of insults towards him first. Who knows how long that scene lasted? I don’t think we can equally compare their behavior in this case.