CBS Sets Survivor, TAR Fall Premiere Dates

Season 25 of Survivor Kicks Off September 19.

CBS Sets Survivor, TAR Fall Premiere Dates

CBS announced its schedule for fall season premieres on Wednesday, and one of its veteran reality series will be leading everything off.

Survivor: Philippines, the 25th season of the granddaddy of network reality TV, will debut on Wednesday, September 19 as the first CBS series to get its new episodes underway. The season will be noteworthy for being the first set in the Philippines – we’re just pleased they finally got out of Samoa – and for featuring three players returning to the show after having had a medical evacuation during a previous edition.

Also, the new Survivor will premiere a week after the debut of longtime host Jeff Probst’s new daytime talk show, which at least at first will be carried in most U.S. markets. Should the new show be a success, Probst’s time on Survivor will likely have to end. It’s too early to say anything about the likelihood of that, however, especially considering the recent failure rate for new talk shows.

In other CBS news, the 21st season of The Amazing Race will premiere on Sunday, September 30. No word yet on whether there was any stunt casting a la Brendon and Rachel. All we can say for sure about the coming season is that thanks to the NFL, virtually none of the episodes will air in their stated time slot.


  • HoH8

    Ohhhhh…Boooo Hoooooo…that means Big Brother will end before Sept 19th… :-(

  • Corndogger

    I guess this means BB14 ends on Sept 19 if CBS follows the same pattern they have been.