Survivor Chat with Jeffrey From The Glass House!

Another Google Hangout where we share our thoughts about this week's episode!

Survivor Chat with Jeffrey From The Glass House!

Superfan Missy Z is back at it again, with another Survivor Google Hangout! Joining her this week was @alanstraub, fan Randi, @RealityRecaps, @jeffmarxthespot from ABC’s The Glass House, comedian (and Spicy’s good pal) @comedyjonah, and @Michynkrs to chat about Survivor’s exciting episode this week.

What do they think about Dana quitting despite the doctor saying she was okay physically, Matsing disintegrating, this week’s challenges and Dawson going home? Watch and find out!

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  • Lynda Perky

    I totally think it was ok she went home we’ve all heard Survivors say how awful the rain and cold is. I have a good pain threshold but not everyone does. Bodies also shut down differently. I’m glad they gave her something for pain after she left. It would not have been fair to give her meds while staying on the show. She is only human. She did NOT steal someone elses spot on the show. She played well and was good entertainment. Wanted her to stay.

    • Danalambertsurvivor

      Thanks Lynda. I hope everyone at least knows that the choice I made wasn’t an easy one. I have loved Survivor since the beginning and had dreamed of doing the show for years. There’s no way I would go out there and be kicking ass in challenges and our tribe was doing so good, just to leave for a tummy ache.

  • Dylanz1

    “I was actually sick from the very, very beginning. Day one I started getting sick. I couldn’t keep anything down, lot of running back and forth to the bathroom and such. It was dehydration. I spent four days in the hospital. Lots of fluids and antibiotics later, I was slowly recovering.”

    • Lynda Perky

      Dana? I saw you on your Skype interview on the Survivor website after my comments below. I blasted Eliza in a comment on her article for being so arrogant. Please read it and know that not all fans are stupid and think we could do better. I really do believe Survivor is much much worse than it looks and am thrilled that people like you have the guts to try it so I can live vicariously through you.

      You were really good a physical comps I can only imagine how well you would have done if healthy. Thanks for a great game.