Colton Cumbie Apologizes on Twitter

Colton Cumbie Apologizes on Twitter

Perhaps the most hated Survivor in the history of the game, Colton Cumbie has made his mark in the “Villain” Hall of Fame just four episodes into the season.

After hearing him rant about Leif, calling him an “Oopmah Loompah,” a “midget,” and a “munchkin,” calling Bill “ghetto trash,” and saying that the only black acquaintance he has is his housekeeper, the internet went wild with their disgust of his dirty name-calling and diva attitude.

At the beginning of Thursday’s episode (where the men stupidly hand over the idol to the women) Colton appeared to be live tweeting during the show’s east coast airing. He hyped up the episode, full well knowing he had a lead role, but what he didn’t know (how, I don’t know) was the backlash he would receive when Survivor fans witnessed his ignorant trash talking.

His tweets began before the episode aired, and he wrote: “Whose ready for the most EPIC episode of #Survivor everrrr? #godsavethequeen”.

Never mind the spelling, the queen was ready for his spotlight  and he was excited for it to begin. The reward challenge began and Colton tweeted about the donuts. “Of course the fat kid gets excited about donuts!” he wrote. But then that’s the last we heard of Colton Cumbie for two days. He simply disappeared. The hate tweets started pouring in once the derogatory words flew from his mouth, and anyone who was watching the show was tweeting about and TO him, vocalizing their dislike for the seemingly spoiled, poison-tongued kid from Alabama. It was NOT pretty.

Once Colton emerged on Twitter again, he wrote, “I’m going into witness protection. I wonder if the alias “Regina George” is available….” Regina George being the twat from Mean Girls for those of you who remember. Pretty sure she had better hair.

Not long after that tweet, he took to Twitter once again, this time to apologize to those he offended. His words:

Were my comments ignorant? YES! They were meant to be funny..I see they weren’t. Do I regret them? I’m torn. In a way, yes b/c it hurt ppl

..but seeing myself act that way on television helps me to grow as a person b/c it’s uncomfortable and embarrassing for ME to watch. It’s

kind of one of those situations where you you don’t really realize how you sound until it’s played back and you’re literally cringing..

I seriously don’t hate anyone. I make fun of sense of humor as always been kind sarcastic and somewhat critical. I call myself

a “queen” as a joke. Am I a bigot? I don’t think so. I think I was a 20 year old brat who had never been out into the real world, and what

I thought was funny and ok wasn’t. I’ve learned I can still be funny and it doesn’t have to be at the expense of some1 else. *pageant wave*

It took him 7 tweets to say it, but it might as well have been none because Twitterverse and Survivor fans weren’t amused, and very few found it to be funny. Will Colton lose the diva attitude and mellow out in future episodes? I doubt it. But let’s be real, I bet you won’t miss the next episode to see what he does, will you?

Speaking of, check out this sneak peek of Wednesday’s episode where the tribes are switched, should be a good one…

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  • Angie

    I absolutely forgive him. He’s young and he was only regurgitating what his environment, and his parents, have instilled in him since birth. Anyone can grow, and learn, from their mistakes–if they choose to. It sounds like he’s on the right path… :)

    • CC

      His “apology” was even self-centered, saying he will grow from it! Please, he still doesn’t get it! He has no empathy for the people he savaged. Christina was the only one nice to him when he was sick, and Dr. Tarzan could’ve used his skills to help him and chose not to because what, ” the game is still afoot” and someone’s health is not as important.

  • BBbon

    Colton is exactly what The Producers Want!!!
    After all he is the most talked about Contestant on every Chat.Blog.and Comment Page on the Web.
    Love to Hate!!!!

  • Michelle Jones

    Not buying what he’s selling at the moment. What he spewed over the last 2 episodes was all kinds of vile. Now he’s sorry??? Which he never actually tweeted btw… I’m suspicious when you spew, run & hide and only ‘apologize’ when your feet are held to the fire. Am I to accept this complete reversal so soon? I understand the months between filming and broadcast. But IMO he switched up right after last weeks episode. Regardless, I’ll continue to watch Survivor One World and continue to dislike this ‘character’. Fully expect him to remain until late in the game, if not final 3. When the season is over, I’ll let my dislike for him go. That’s how I watch my reality tv….

    • slaptheboy

      He’s just a typical narcissist. His self image is so low that he has to build himself up to be gigantic just to compete with everyone else he feels is ‘normal’. I think that, coupled with his environment, has given us a guy it’s just best to stay away from, In his mind he’s a suave, sophisticated, secret agent type but in reality he probably can’t even bag groceries properly.

      These people make good television. They’re someone to make us feel better about ourselves. Sadly though, I now know that I cannot ever go on Survivor. He brought out a rage I thought I had worked out. Obviously I haven’t because if i were there… he would have taken a tree stump to the head the second he started screaming at Christina at the last challenge.

  • Shyla

    Colton is a nasty, narcissitic, spoiled, rich brat who is a waste of space.

  • Kathi123

    I think when he was born, both parents should have been slapped. He is a privileged child who needs some humbling. I am offended by him and his comments. I am offended that he has to think whether or not his comments were appropriate. he is a classist snob who is still not taking responsibility for his verbal diaherea.

    As a gay person, myself, he is offensive to me. Being gay still leaves many open to ridicule and hate. As part of this group he should appreciate the preconceptions of people to any disadvantaged group, be they poor, black, white, native, or any others.

    He grew up privileged, but maybe he should remember that daddy made the money Colton is flashing and bragging on. Colton has done squat with his life to this point. He hasn’t worked, he obviously has never had to be responsible for anything. His age has nothing to do with his mind-space. Every group has someone they would rather see under a paperbag, and he is it for me. He is not a good person.

    Colton, you should be ashamed of what you said to Bill. Your arrogance is underwhelming seeing as you’ve done squat for whatever it is you think you have worked for.

  • missymay

    My heart broke for Bill and Leif. Of all the guys in that tribe why would Colton target those two? We all know why, because they were different and he is prejudiced against certain type of people. I hate the air he breath.

  • Clfaulkner

    Colton is exactly what he appears to be…a narrow-minded bigot of the worst kind. No matter how you slice it, looking down your nose at someone’s financial plight is appalling to say the very least. Like they say…what goes around, comes around! Good luck with that Colton

  • Amitmistry81

    Colton is a waste of human space…

  • Candy stripe

    oh my… karma… came and bit him in the arse….

    • Jim

      Appendicitis was an easy out for this jerk. He should have been taken out in the jungle and bitch slapped by everyone else on the show. He will take this type of exit as a simple detour on his way to another show or episode and he will learn nothing. Sadly; he probably has friends and family who will comfort him and encourage his deranged behavior.

  • AP

    He’s a mean, useless, ignorant, and arrogant ASS.
    He’s GAy and he treats other people that way?
    That’s not what being raised privileged is all about.
    If he doesn’t have to work, and things gets done for him, then he should have graduated from college already.
    He’s useless to himself now, and will be useless to society as he grows up.
    He’s not going to amount to anything regardless how much money he gets eventually.

  • Nhairmedic

    Colton is a waste of human flesh. He is a predujice individual who has a completely false sense of entitlement.

  • Dawnholio1971

    Gimme a break. IT’S A GAME! And the only thing he did wrong was say what most of us think.

    • Scottman

      Hey dawnholio!!! No, MOST of us DO NOT think that way!! Let this be a wake up call for you! Now the next time you get free time from your mental institution, run down to the local book store and buy yourself a clue

    • Diana_pow

      I don’t think that way.

    • Berttrin

      then you are just a waste of f…king space as that piece of shit. And guess what you have to agree with me, because I am only saying what a lot of people are thinking about you. How does it feel. You asshole.

    • Darwin


  • Barb

    I didn’t think I could hate a Survivor player more than Russell, but Colton beats Russell by a million miles. This “kid” is spoiled, ignorant, ill-mannered and disgusting. I can’t imagine his parents are proud of him for acting the way he has. Bill is a military veteran who is pursuing his dream and Colton looks down his snotty nose at him…there are no words for the level of disgust that I have for this man-child, other than to say, karma is a bitch and it is coming for you Colton.

    • Geewits

      Wow. I had just sent an e-mail to my friend about this episode and I said all the same things you did. Great minds think alike.

  • Me

    He is a piece of crap spoiled little brat…

  • Wjulie1

    Worst human being I’ve ever had the displeasure of having been exposed to. If they EVER let that hate filled racist little prick come back , not only will I be done with Survivor, I will never watch anything on the network again and boycott any product that advertises on the network.

    Disqusting someone so evil and filled with such hate should be giving a soapbox to stand on and spout his evil and hatred.

    • Jim

      Ditto. Are you listening CBS? You owe your viewers an apology for every giving this little creep a venue to illustrate the worst in mankind. Your viewers deserve better.

  • slaptheboy

    How in the world did he get off that island without getting a tree stump slapped upside his head?

  • Freeinmeadow

    I never dreamed anyone could make Russell look good—-but Colton does—–I dont think I could live in the same town as him—–It just wouldnt be safe, tghe desire to kill him would just be too strong!!!

    • Berttrin

      I agree with you, Russell was bad because he played the game fiercely and he came out looking bad. Colton is a nasty fat waste of space who is that way in life. His ass should have suffered more for me to be appeased. Good going Karma. I now believe lol

  • DS

    So, glad the loser pathetic excuse of a human being, Colton is gone. I didn’t even want to watch Survivor because of him. Now maybe I’ll be able to enjoy the rest of the episodes. And more so, when his protege Alicia is gone. Can you imagine her being a special ed teacher to your child. She is another loser. Thank goodness for Karma.

    • Diana_pow

      That’s what I thought…special education? I wouldn’t want her near any children.

  • Jerry K

    I have yet to see a “Sorry Bill”, “Sorry Lief” or “Sorry Christina” in print or otherwise from Colton. All I have seen is how bad his remarks have scarred him. Poor Colton….. BooHoo..! His ignorant remarks made me and my partner of 23 years sick to our stomache’s. We have been Survivor fans since the beginning, but gave us pause as to whether we would watch another episode. I was elated to see them taking out the white trash, and cleaning the beach, breathing new life into the game of Survivor. I hope we are all able to come back to the game we love.

  • Ron Bravo Tango

    This was my last survivor, if Colten stayed, rumors he was going so I watched from another room. Can’t believe how self centered he was, should be ashamed of his behaviour. Even to then end he was selfish keeping the immunity idol and leaving Alicia in the cold. Too many like him don’t have time or inclination to waste on his kind. I am not kidding this was the last show if he stayed.

  • Fyrefox_01

    Hello? Alicia played right along, with her ghetto diva attitude. And she is a grown woman, a teacher. Wow. And no one there said a darn thing about restraining either of their awful talk. None of them. They all should be ashamed as a group that it was allowed. Poor Christina as well being bullied like that? What are these people a bunch of dumb, mute sheep? And not only that none of them spoke about getting rid of that snake? Bunch of sheep. Weak casting. Whatever formula they used to pick people – scrap it.

    • Billsgalpal

      You point out a very true fact. Why did no one in their tribe stand up for Christina and tell them to back off and quit being bully’s???? Interesting! If I ever see anyone being bullied I will definitely stand up for them because of the two worst, ugliest personalities, mean spirited, people on Survivor. Russell isn’t so bad after watching that spoiled rotten, filthy mouthed, two faced wann be bitch!

      • Anonymous

        I take it you’ve never read “Lord of the Flies”, or you wouldn’t be asking this question.

        • Khjdl

          I LOVED Lord of the Flies, but I am confused how that pertains here….

    • DisgustedAtCBS

      We will never know if other tribe mates came to the defense of Christina. It could have all been edited out. Each episode is culled from hours and hours of footage. The story tellers at CBS shape each episode. That said. I’m glad Colton got a good dosage of Karma, he has been exposed for the bigot that he is. Alicia is not much better either. Colton should also be banned from the finale. He better be looking behind his back 24/7 because he’s made quite a few enemies I’m sure.

  • LEE

    Colton is a BULLY. thats the only word for it. Diva…no. Queen…no. BULLY!!!

  • Shoppermom26

    Karmakarmakarmakarma karma Chameleoooooon. Oh yes! I usually do not take pleasure in someone else’s misfortune, but I cannot deny I was soooo excited that Colton was GONE. Knew he was gonna be fine or this would have been all over the news (SURVIVOR CONTESTANT DIES ON SET, news at 11) since we didnt hear anything then all ended well.

    My faith in the Universe is restored, after hating people for no good reason, saying such hateful things, acting in an unbelievably and inexcusably ugly manner. Some say he had a great game going, but he had the luck of the draw to be with those that had no gumption and showed little to no intelligence. Christina is the only one of that tribe I want to stick around.

  • Colcusux
  • Jay

    Best news ever!!! Karma will get you every time!!

  • Pam

    So Colton thinks being 20 and away from home the first time is an excuse. Well, I knew it was wrong to be as vicious as he was to his fellow survivors when I was in kindergarten. Seriously.

    He says he doesn’t hate anyone, but clearly, that’s not the case. I just hope he realizes how offensive his actions were, and just how clearly he showed himself to be a racist, elitist little bitch.

    Grow up Colton.

  • Berttrin

    Karma is a bitch isn’t it. I hate myself for even thinking this, but his dumb racist arrogant fat queenish ass should have suffered more. I am not buying this I am sorry bit, he is mean nasty and rotten to the core. And as they do with all trash, I am so glad he was thrown out-sick or not I am glad he is gone. Alicia is the next bitch I want to see go.

    • Anonymous

      Colton is an ignorant, self-absorbed brat. He lost his chance and was damned if he would improve anyone else’s chances by giving them the idol. He’s probably auctioning it on eBay right now.

  • Dfdfdffd

    So lad he got a medical issue! Part of me wishes it was more than that. Ok, a bigger part!

  • Glenn Drake

    I thought Colton was funny. There is no reason to watch the show now! The rest of those people are boring. Straight people are so dull. That’s why I have so few straight friends. I think I am going to watch Idol now. I am so glad Colton kept the Idol. He can sell it on ebay and make a lot of money. I am so glad he exposed that guy as low class and ghetto. It is about time. We gave a lot of ghetto people in this country and if you say there isn’t then go walk downtown and get hit up by people wanting your money or else. They are ghetto. I wish the ghetto people would the cities so I could visit them. The people who write that he is racist are stupid. They live in their suburbs in Glendale and their soccer moms and mini vans. They know nothing of city life. have someone cut your throat and you will see how things change.

    • honorKate

      I’m not a bigot, but Colton is just plain funny.

    • Darwinwp

      Glenn you obviously have a miserable life and people dont like you. thats why you support bullying. Have fun living the wonderful life you think you have!

    • Tony

      You’re just as bad you POS. You must be lonely and frustrated.
      Shoes fit you well bigot!!!!

  • Cashaw25275

    So glad this Bitch Colton( Crumbie )is gone. Karma will get you . You were a pain in the side to the viewing audience . And you went OUT with a pain in your side . YouNeed to learn some humility and get along better . Also, taking the idol with you was a dirty sleazy shot . And that remark about having a black housekeeper , and calling the other player “Ghetto “was just nasty , cruel, mean spirited and hateful . Iwould think maybe you need to watch your back Colton for all the stuff you did and said.Referring to Christine as a bitch was just laughable , because their has NEVER been a bigger Bitch than you. You ALREADY have a target on your back by the fact that you are just a little faggot.

    • Gerryandiris

      I couldn’dt have said it better . He is in foe a lot of surprises when he matures

  • J

    What kind of parent raises such an unlikeable, mean hearted, vile person like Colton. I could just imagine what a nightmare his mother must be. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. His parents are most likely as bigoted, ugly as he is. His family must share the vile gene amongst them all.

  • J

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. His mother must be a vile person in order to raise such a vile child. I’m sure ugliness, bigoted behavior is a family trait, Colton was doomed the second he was born to that mother that raised him.

  • realwatcher

    I was literally getting a knot in my stomache watching Colton and that hostile little loser Alicia bully Christina. It was horrible to watch. Then Colton was carted out of the game, and Alicia was quiet and stressed because her little girlfriend Colton took the idol with her, and I realized Karma is the best revenge ever. Those two self-destructed, and it was classic to watch….no two people ever deserved a dose of Karma. Colton can Twitter apologies all day long…the behaviour was genuine and hopefully Karma will continue. Unfortunately, in this day and age, a reality show will be offered to this horrible, spoiled brat.

  • canhip19

    Ignorant is not strong enough to describe this little punk. Colten being a homosexual should be very aware of the stereotypes and pressures that are thrown at a minority group. I have never in my life watched such a stupid ignorant person bash good people for nothing more that their height or skin color. Kudos to Bill for taking the high road and not reacting to a morons ranting. Respect for that guy!!

    I see now Colten is out of the game – let’s hope he gets a lobotomy along with his appendicectomy.

    I hope they don’t bring him back in another season… so annoying and I won’t watch Survivor again..

    • Jim

      The networks seem to like bringing back people the audience loathes.
      In some cases that may be useful for ratings but Colton is another matter.
      He is not simply nasty and devious, he is truly screwed up in the head and outright dangerous to himself and others. Witness his depression in the early episodes and then his venomous denigration of the others later on.
      Russel was at times annoying and always a bit of a weasel but he was not mentally unstable. Colton is seriously disturbed and needs time with a professional, not with an audience. His messed up personality is not something one grows out of and without some professional help, he’ll remain poisonous to himself and others.
      I have watched survivor loyally but if CBS brings him back on any show, it will be a show I will not watch.



  • Thepoos111

    Colton is disgusting and his gal pal Alicia should not be anywhere near children or adults with special needs. I hope her employers reconsider their decision….

    • Jollo

      I think survivor shows your best and worst….=colton never had a best..he is a snot nosed, entitled, bigotted brat and alicia should be banned from schools. i have been able to admire ‘villians’ in the past, even tho i didn’t like them..colton has not 1 admirable quality…cbs put him on survivor for 1 reason.. shame on you cbs…that kind of vitirile should not be aired!


    I watched the show because of Colton. Know offense, maybe it was CBS but the other survivors seemed like unfocused simpletons compared to Colton. Is being a bigot cool, NO. I am glad he got heat…But it is HILARIOUS! I don’t think I will watch now.

  • Pam

    If CBS brings Colton back on a future Survivor or in another of their reality series (which we know they LOVE to do), I will boycott. He’s a disgusting, ignorant bigot. Karma took him out on last night’s episode. Too bad he apparently recovered from surgery. The world would be a better place without his “kind”.

  • Loryli

    HE DIDNT HAVE APPENDICITIS! he had a stomache bug, they just thought it was appendicitis at the time. He is a big baby that milked it for all it was worth. Anyone with medical degree or schooling figured that out before the episode ended. I did some research on colton after leaving survivor to confirm my suspicians that he was a liar and faking it. HE INFACT WAS. When they pressed down and asked which hurt more, pushing in or letting go, he said pushing in. INSTANT CONFIRMATION that he was faking. APPENDICITIS symptoms are when RELEASING the pressure it hurts MORE than pushing in. But those that dont have medical knowledge or have been through that wouldnt know that. And for the record, if someone screams stomach pain, even if medics know they are lying, or exaggerating, they HAVE to do tests, to save their own asses. They knew he was faking it instantly, but couldnt say that until medical tests confirmed it

  • Jumeelah

    I think Colton has so much hate inside of him and intolerance for others that the poison spewing from him infected his organs to make him sick.. Karma’s a biotch… U got what u deserved!!

  • Jlbard

    I don’t know if to believe him or not…I don’t want to be gullible and I don’t want to be unforgiving if he meant the apology. I’m glad he’s out but I’m sorry he had to go that way. Now if they could just get Alicia out…

  • ski

    RACIST… Period.

  • Mustanggal5

    Colton no amount of apol0gy will make me chance my mind about you. A leopard can not change his spot. You are a disgrace to the gay community. Karma is a bitch and will bite you in the ass soon. Alicia is no better!! What a bitch. Both of your familys must be really proud of you. If you were my children I would turn you over my knee and give you the spanking you deserve!!!! I don’t care how old you are!!!!!

  • Sc_noble

    I am looking forward to the announcement that Alicia got fired from her job!!!
    Colton…Karma is a wonderful thing!!!

  • disgusted

    Colton has made his parents proud I’m sure! What a great job raising such a respectful, kind, open minded boy! NOT…..Epic Fail– some people should just not reproduce.

  • Gamble

    For the first time I disliked Survivor because of the creep Colton and Alicia. Reminded me too much of the nasty people at work. It was not necessary for their “game” to be so nasty. He didn’t have appendicitis. He was probably just consitpated because he didn’t have a dick up his ass. He convinced theproducers to let him out of the show with a fake appendicitis attack for some reason.

  • Jim

    Colton should never again be allowed on Television. He needs professional help and that is not meant to be mean, he is a seriously disturbed little man. I am a proud gay man and never in my life have I been so embarrassed to say that, because of Colton. I was appalled by his sissy show from the start of this season’s show and while I was certain I could not be more appalled, I was wrong. Hopefully the network never brings this troll back because he is not funny, nor entertaining and no one needs to see this.

  • The One

    I Typical dirty queer behaviour. I was hoping he had AIDS when she got sick. Die fag!!!! Die!!!!

  • Desi9

    What a despicable person. Less than human. An embarrassment to the gay community. A stereotype of an Alabamian.

  • Darwin

    He is so disgusting to watch and you can tell its his genuine personality. He is a waste of space and I dont think anyone wants him back on another season

  • Leapingfall

    I believe the producers saw during filming how disgusting Colton was getting and I believe he was “coached” into a scenario that allowed him to be removed from the show. I decided two weeks ago that until he was off the show, I would not watch another episode. It was too frustrating to watch and I believe the producers saw the same thing in their daily’s.

  • Geoscream

    Colton was a trainwreck to watch. Not only does he give gay men a bad name–they way we was cruel to Christina IT was disgusting to watch. im so glad he was sent off the show. The next one is Alicia with her just a size too small bathing suit. The sad thing are people like that teaching kids. Special Ed teacher that’s why this world has problems

  • Jennimy

    Colton is a freaking loser and a waste of air! People like him and alicea are the scumbags of society.. They are disgusting!

  • DomWinchester

    There is no better way to get this dastard bastard outta this game

  • kalesmom

    Reading through all the notes, I’m glad everyone absolutely hated Colton as much as I have. I don’t want to give Colton anymore airtime then he already had because you all, so eliquently, stated all the feelings I had for Colton. Enough about Colton !The biggest issue I saw was the bullying. They allowed her to be bullied and no one stood up for her or told them to “stop”. I can’t help but see this as a stamp of approval on “CBS” that bullying is okay. Since when did bullying become a entertainment factor for these shows. I am a avid “survivor” fan and this really has sickened me. Well…Colton had acute appendicitis, now what can Alicia get? hmmmm? Anything that knocks her ass of the show would be great. Karma is coming for you next Alicia

  • Simonshay

    Colton will not change. He can not change. He has narcissistic personality disorder and change is next to impossible fro those with this disorder. The only change he can make is to get better at spinning his bullshit and becoming more manipulative in order to get people to believe that he is not an empty shell of a person who is completely lacking a conscience.

  • Chris Styron

    Hateful, mean, despicable, prejudiced, spoiled, bully, condescending, arrogant, lazy, untrustworthy, loathsome, egotistical, contemptible, conceited, vain, smug, intolerant, vile, insufferable, odious, revolting, sickening, nauseating, repellent, repugnant, foul, unbearable, treacherous, narcissistic, detestable, abhorrent, disgusting, nasty, … good hair.

  • Fatshaftcan

    What’s pathetic here is that Alicia is one of the worst bitches out there.
    Colton made her look like a wonderful person!
    Now Alicia is a teacher for the special needs? OMG what a focked up world we live in.
    they should get married and live on an island ALONE!
    Rip his testicles out and make sure they CAN’T have kids!!!
    CBS…you should be ashamed of putting filth on TV like that.

    You can do better! I USE to love Survivor…it’s just not like it used to be.


    The most unfortunate thing here is that Colton got a physical pain whereas everyone around him got verbal pain.
    He’s fine now but what about Bill, Christina and Leif???

    Colton is of the purist evil there is on this planet. Imagine this dink in power!!!
    Give this guy/girl power and he’ll make many human beings suffer.

    I’m soo happy I can now watch the show without this POS!

  • Awesome ninja chick

    Everytime I heard his stupid little girly voice I wanted to jump through the TV and punch that little brat in the face as hard as I could and then do the same to his little henchwoman alicia. And what was that I heard she was?!!??!?!!? A special needs teacher!?!??!!? She should not be around ANYBODY with special needs. Or anyone in general. And watching those two bully poor Christina……… Ugh I don’t give two craps that Colton was sick, that’s called karma, and it will come back and bite you in the butt if you are such a disgrace as Colton. What made me laugh was when he decided to keep the immunity idol as a souvenier. I wanted to jump through and point at alicia, laughing and then slap her and then colton and say, “karma, baby.” Good riddance, Colton you will not be missed. Oh, and might I add, I love Bill. He’s an inspiration to me, dealing with colton and not brutally punching him when he was being so horrible to him. If I were Bill, Colton wouldn’t be taken out of the competition because of appendicitis. Bless his soul, I salut you, Bill and honor you. Best of luck to you.

  • Ashie<3

    OMG y’all are all so mean :(
    i truthfully liked him i didnt think he would ever win… but i thought mayb top 4 its just so sad that he went out with an illness
    haters just stfu if y’all have nothing nice to say dont say anything at all
    if he everrr gets back in to survivor i hope he wins
    so ya i like him so whatever haters hate me or what ever i dont care i will stand up for him cuz i want to…
    long live the queen <3

    • Tony

      Ashie<3 wrote:
      "haters just stfu if y'all have nothing nice to say dont say anything at all"

      That's too funny! That's your hero Colton described to a tee!!!

      You and Colton should hang out and be best friends.

  • Tony

    At keast obama loves the fag.


    People who do and say hurtful things on a show like “Survivor” always use the excuse they were under extreme pressure, hungry tired etc.. and they are not like that in the real world. I disagree when you are thrust into a situation like “Survivor” all your raw & true emotions come out I believe these people are exactly what they look like for the most part. I’m sure some can play the part for the 30-40 days, but no one can be as biggoted and hateful as this young man was and think anyone will believe otherwise.

    Shame on the other cast members for not calling him out on it and comming to the aid of the ones he was so mean to. Alicia might not be as bad but she was right there with him and for someone that claims teach and to be compassionate for Special needs kids? What do you say about them when your with friends.

    Once you reach adulthood words can hurt far more than any physical bullying, Colton and Alicia were discraefull in their behavoir. Their FAMLIES, FRIENDS, COLLEAGUES, and anyone who sees them should let them know that.

    Last of all Shame on the producers of “Survivor” for showing it on TV. Younever know how traumatized the berated cast members were. Sometimes like everyone on the show says it’s not always about the money.

  • Valerie MacArthur Sweetapple

    NO ONE WANTS HIM!! Comparing him to Russel is a BIG INSULT TO RUSSEL!!!

  • Brian Mouland

    The only person in the world to make Russel,Richard Hatch and Fairplay look classy

  • Guyverxt9

    Can’t wait for the headlines to read “Survivor Prima Donna Colton hit by n bus, twice… doused in petrol and set alight”. What a disgusting piece of filth.

  • Elizabeth

    Survivor needs to compensate Bill for the racism he endured on National TV from Colton! By giving him a job or something. I felt so sorry for Bill, who is a real inspirational person for having to survive on his own from a young age. Colton should not be given 1 more second of airtime as he is a repulsive racist/snob. It is the first time in 24 seasons that I was going to stop watching the show. Colton has never sincerely apologized and we should never hear his name mentioned again. /Even when he makes his FEEBLE attempt at an apology, it is not sincere and he never goes far enough, so absolutely nothing has changed with him. Survivor staff blew this one by not screening out a racist as survivor fans had to endure his rantings.

  • Ckftcao

    Colton u r a revolting faggot bigot spoilt cruel waste of space taking up air

  • Bean

    I sincerely hope the producers do not choose to bring Colton back for another season. He should not be rewarded for his cruelty. If he (or Alicia, for that matter) is brought back, I won’t be watching. There is nothing “fun” or “entertaining” about watching vicious bullying; during some of Colton’s and Alicia’s shining moments, I had to turn away because I felt so uncomfortable.

    Survivor needs to return to its roots: real people (not vapid wanna-be reality tv hopefuls) actually roughing it, trying to find food and make shelter. The show became so popular because it felt real, and viewers could identify with players. These days, the players are not likable, and they seem to have been chosen based on their willingness to do obnoxious, controversial things. I’m getting very sick of this tacky new Survivor formula…

  • papa

    Despicable animal. This kind of backstabbing lying, fake, person will end up dying of loneliness….I hope

  • papa

    If this little fat piece of racist shit was stuck to the bottom of my shoe I would throw my shoes away for fear of catching something.
    He couldn’t even bare himself on the show and faked his way out of it.
    This complete non achiever in life is wasting space in this overcrowded world, I think we should put him down like an animal because he serves no purpose and is riddled with disease

  • papa

    Its people like this that bring gay bashing back into fashion

  • not impressed CBS

    I cannot BELIEVE that Colton has joined the new cast of Survivor. I’m just appalled at how the producers think that was a good idea..