Recap: Couples & Back breaking Weights

Recap: Couples & Back breaking Weights

Welcome back to Survivor South Pacific. The episode starts with Ozzy & Elyse swinging on a hammock together. Ozzy tells her he’s loved survival stuff since he was a little kid. They’re clearly forming a bond and looking very much like a couple. Ozzy & Amanda 2.0? (By the way, would this be a good place to mention that Elyse is HOT! Now that the girls have their bathing suits – wow!) Between the two of them and Keith and Whitney, we have a tribe of lovebirds!

Jim is very perceptive and recognizes how dangerous Ozzy is in a couple. It is fair to say that any returning player is very dangerous with a woman by his side (and I say HIS because in these two returning contestant seasons, have you noticed that the ONLY woman ever to return is Stephenie LaGrossa??) I think we need some more women to come back and run these seasons.

It has been clear from the start of the season that Brandon Hantz is no Russell Hantz but he certainly reiterated that with his behavior on this episode. He is absolutely falling apart. He must have read the rulebook on “how to play Survivor to win” and THEN decided to do the exact opposite. He completely confesses to Edna that she is not one of the core five people in their alliance. This, of course, puts her on edge and she tries to step up her social game.

Needless to say, that didn’t go that well for Edna. I felt sorry for Edna this episode because of how she came off. I actually heard people are calling her the “Asian Eliza!” I totally get the comparison. I think I didn’t quite fit in on my first season and people thought of me as being kind of annoying (okay so maybe that’s an understatement). It’s really hard to connect with people on the island especially when you think you’re on the outs, so I found Edna endearing. She was really trying and I am a fan of hers! Go Asian Eliza, go!

Then came the Redemption Island duel. Can we get rid of Redemption Island yet? I’m over it. But I thought it was interesting no one wanted to go with Cochran. I liked that Jim made it seem like he was doing it as a favor to the tribe and didn’t just jump at the opportunity, which would have made it obvious he was turning on Ozzy and the others.

Ozzy has an interesting strategy this season and I think it mimics Boston Rob’s in some ways from last season. Ozzy wants to be the only one talking strategy and making decisions so he mocks other people for trying to do so. I thought Dawn’s comments about Ozzy not wanting anyone else to strategize and mocking Jim for strategizing so much were very perceptive. She make a good point and we’ll see if she will be able to get it across to any of the Kens & Barbies on her tribe.

On Redemption Island, Brandon Hantz once again opens his mouth and this time apologizes to Christine. I loved the exchange subsequent to the apology. Jeff said: “Do you accept his apology?” Christine replied: “I accept it but not sure if I buy it.” Um, Christine, what do you think Jeff meant by accept? To accept an apology is to buy it!

At the duel, in case you didn’t know, there were two very big Survivor fans competing. They both applied to be on the show (nowadays many castaways are recruited) and both Christine and Papa Bear dreamed of being on the show. I knew I would feel sad either way. Bye bye Papa Bear.

I love when AWESOME challenges are brought back. I think the challenge on this episode was fantastic. It was insanely intense and I was very impressed with Dawn’s strength (and Stacy’s)!

Stacy did her best to throw others under the bus, but ultimately it wasn’t enough and she was sent off to Redemption Island. I didn’t think there was much suspense to her boot, though. Also, has anyone else noticed that Coach ONLY gets rid of women? It’s true. Watch for it. Coach is a misogynist through and through.

I hope you’ll all join me again next week for my recap of Survivor. Until then, don’t forget to follow me on twitter @eorlins where I’m always tweeting about reality tv (and my new haircut, did you see it?) Signing off for now, with backbreaking weight and Survivor couples, xoxo, Eliza.


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    I think Asian Eliza is a bit harsh but pretty funny too. It would suck to discover you’re out of the loop. Thanks for your blog Eliza – please keep writing.