Recap: First Blindside of the Season

Recap: First Blindside of the Season

Welcome back to Survivor South Pacific. The episode starts with Stacey and Christine at Redemption Island. I am not a fan of being “sour grapes” after you’re voted off, but I have to admit, if I were in a Redemption Island situation, I’d certainly want to throw people under the bus who screwed me over, so I liked Stacey’s plan of spilling everything to the “red” tribe (don’t worry Stacey, I don’t know the tribe names either).

Then, not even 7 minutes into the episode, we have MORE tears from Brandon!! Brandon’s tears should have their own place in the intro. He is so emotional that he is simply not playing with his head and I think he is going to end up totally sabotaging his own game, despite having been in a good position early on.

I have to say I’m going to miss Stacey. She is hilarious. Her whole “Adults call him Benjamin” rant had me in stitches! I loved that she called out Coach and told him he could “keep that hug.”

Did you guys recognize the Redemption Island challenge from the final three in Tocantins? Stephen, JT, and Erinn could each use only ONE hand; the other was behind their backs whereas the girls could use two. It certainly seemed to make the challenge a lot easier.

Also, I think Christine said earlier this season that she was going to be “the next Matt” (meaning Matt Elrod of last season who won Redemption Island duel after duel). Could she be right? She seems to be winning a lot!!

Benjamin (aka Coach Wade), though Stacey called him out, redeemed himself because he found the other hidden immunity idol!! To be fair, he certainly had help. Albert found the clue and then brought in Coach and Sophie, which shows that Stacey’s comments were directly on point and they are the core three in the alliance.

I said last week how perceptive it was of Jim to recognize how threatening Ozzy is to Jim’s position in this game. I think he did an amazing job turning the vote around and convincing Keith that since Ozzy says Coach should be getting rid of Albert, it’s clear Ozzy will be gunning for them next. I also think it was smart not to target Ozzy yet and instead go for his girlfriend, the beautiful Elyse.

By the way, is everyone else out there as on Team Cochran as I am? I freaking love that guy. He says what everyone else is thinking, but in an incredibly articulate fashion. I love his self-deprication and his humor. He called Ozzy the “middle aged Ozzy” and an “arrogant fisherboy” who “is entitled to our deference.” (That’s some beautiful language right there). Now don’t get me wrong, I love Ozzy, but if Ozzy hasn’t learned from his mistakes the last time around, then he is not going to make it any farther than last time and will be lucky if he even gets that far!

I loved slash hated the meat challenge. It was so disgusting yet so amazing at the same time. The meat stuck in people’s teeth that others had to pull out with their mouths was pretty awesome. Mikayla picking up meat off the ground with her mouth, also awesome. I was a big fan and cannot believe it came down to .2 ounces! If only the whole skewer and whole rest of the pig Ozzy had in his mouth at the end of the challenge had counted.

So, Ozzy’s hammock sweetheart gets voted out in our first true blindside of the season. It was beautiful and poetic justice after her condescending talk about Cochran getting picked last, but WHAT were Keith and Whitney thinking?! First I thought it was a good move, but after thinking about it, I realized, they DID cross Ozzy and break their alliance with him and now they have also alienated Dawn who did not seem to be expecting to get votes at all! I have a feeling there is going to be some major tumult on Tribe Ozzy next episode.

We also had our best vote of the season where Ozzy votes for “Coch-train” and then CBS bleeps out Coch (as in Cochran) as if they’re not showing the vote right then and there. Ha! Team Coch-Train to the end!

I hope you’ll all join me again next week for my recap of Survivor. Until then, don’t forget to follow me on twitter @eorlins where I’m always tweeting about hanging out with other reality TV people (I’ll be at The Reality Rescue in Richmond, VA this weekend!). Signing off for now, with tears, love for the “Coch-train,” and a big blindside, xoxo, Eliza.


  • Doco86

    u suck…just like coachran (or wateva his name is)!!
    ….they’re just dumb..!!! there’re at least 4 Immunity challenges and they get rid of one of the strongest one?? i mean…WHO does that??? they need to keep the tribe strong and once they get to the merge, make alliances with the others to get rid of your direct competition!!! Go ahead and jump on coch’s train, so u both can have a nice trip back to homeeeeeeeee!!

    • seth l

      Just because Eliza has a different opinion than you Doco86, does not mean she “sucks”. Stop acting like your twelve and start acting your age.

      Eliza, good writing, keep up the good work!!