Jeff Probst: Best Reality TV Host EVER

Oh my, Jeff is a complete badass - watch this VIDEO!

Jeff Probst: Best Reality TV Host EVER

If you didn’t already love Jeff Probst and Survivor, wait until you watch this UHmazing video of Jeff being a complete badass, a fearless, crazy mofo while shooting for Survivor: Caramoan.

Jeff posted a link to this video on his Twitter account and oh my lawd, is it thrilling.

Behind the Scenes, The Open: Jeff takes a helicopter ride over to a gigantic, taller-than-a-skyscraper rock that he steps onto. He is going to shoot “The Open” for Survivor Season 26, where he says, “39 days, 20 people, 1 survivor.” Just watching the footage makes this girl queasy.

The helicopter hovers over the massive rock and Jeff carefully makes his way out of the helicopter and onto the rock, where a guy who CLIMBED THE ROCK is waiting for him. Ha, and you thought you had big cajones.

Jeff is strapped to a safety harness, then he shoots The Open, which we will get to see during tonight’s premiere. Then the helicopter returns, and Jeff climbs back into it. Did Jeff’s sexy factor just go through the roof for you too?

Dawson, you lucky biotch.


  • Wes Dorne

    Always one of the best scenes every season. Usually they have a behind the scenes video of what the Tribal Council looks like. Haven’t seen that yet this season.

  • bjo2298

    OMG! Finale! Really!! You guys are a train-wreck and make more than “the occasional” mistake like Chelsia commented on your last mistakes. Just pointing out that you make a LOT of mistakes and I don’t even read a fourth of what you put out. In case you haven’t figured it out yet…’s premiere!!!!!

    • realitynation

      Happy to see we didn’t lose you as a reader! If you email me with your mailing address, I’ll send you some Reality Nation SWAG for being helpful as a copy editor. ;-) chelsia(at)realitynation(dot)com

      • Aaron Guaraldi

        Aw! I was gonna point that little mistake out. Everyone makes mistakes!! Your lucky to be getting swag bjo2298! :)

        • Julie Severt Cohn

          bjo2298 DOESN’T DESERVE SWAG FOR BEING A DOUCHEBAG!!!! Spicy is AWESOME and does a fantastic job!!!

      • bjo2298

        Sorry, copy editor would be a daily job! lol! I only checked in the next day to prove that almost every article written has mistakes. I know “mistakes happen” as Spicy pointed out and I guess no one cares ….. I was just trying to help you notice the frequency of the mistakes in all your articles, not just one mistake by one person. Sorry Spicy, just happened to be your article I read. Thanks for the offer of RN SWAG but I will pass. Chelsia, you would be surprised to know I live about a half hour from Mason City IA. Guess I was just trying to help a fellow Iowan. Thanks for editing other replys…..there is no reason for people to be so mean!

        • spicy_pants

          Just in fun, I thought you should know “replies’ isn’t spelled “replys”. :)

          • bjo2298

            Ah, yes, just in fun also…..I was using reply as a noun, adding the plural possessive and taking poetic license……..”it happens”

    • spicy_pants

      I tweet, write, read, Facebook and email about numerous shows/stories every day. I definitely knew it was premiere night, but my fingers typed “finale.” It happens! :)

  • gaborrr

    Wow Jeff should definitely be a player on the Show!! He’d probably win Haha Like that an Irwin brother is right there with him though didn’t see any crocodiles up there.. If he’d hold on to a side with just his hands..he could start in his own Mission Impossible Movie!!

  • Leesa

    THAT WAS AWSOME! I wondered how that was done! LOVED the premier last night. I think that was my favorite immunity challenge EVER!

  • HoH8

    I will Forever LOVE my “Dimples”, lol……☺……

  • AnnieO

    Geez what some people will do to get noticed! LOL That was crazy butt awesome. WTG guys!