Jeff Probst Says “No Good Females” To Bring Back

Survivor Men Dominate As Returning Players

Jeff Probst Says “No Good Females” To Bring Back

Ever wonder why Survivor keeps bringing back the men and not the ladies? Well, Jeff Probst says it’s because there aren’t any women who are worthy.

He told Entertainment Weekly: “There just aren’t as many colorful women characters in Survivor history and we’ve used up the ones we can, you know, Parvati and Amanda and Cirie. I mean, not saying they can’t come back. We’d love to have someone like Cirie come back again, but we used them up a lot. And for whatever reason, we’re loaded with interesting guys.”

All three women have been on Survivor three times each.The only person to beat that is Boston Rob, who finally won on his fourth attempt.

Jeff continues, “Maybe it says something about our casting process or maybe it just says something about how men and women behave differently in conflict. Maybe men are a little crazier and lose their minds a little more and thus become more interesting, and women are a little more rational and thus probably better leaders. But for whatever reason, when we look at bringing women back, we are left with saying, ‘If they have to carry the show themselves, are they strong enough?’”

What we want to know is, do you think Jeff has a point – or are there plenty of Survivor castaway ladies who deserve a shot at coming back? Sound off!


  • Ashley

    There are some girls that deserve to come back that were strong and didn’t get a good enough chance. Jeff is just sexist, he always only cares for the men

  • Rob

    Shouldn’t the question be, “Why do they keep bringing back former players?”

  • Dean Brown

    Sophie DEFINITELY deserves to come back. She was a beast!! Amazing in competitions and a huge strategist. She beat Ozy in the final immunity challenge after he won practically EVERY challenge all season!!

    Also Kim from last season would be good to see again. She played the game exactly like Boston Rob the season he won, gaining everyone’s trust to the point where they did ANYTHING she asked!! So it would be interesting to see if she could do it again.

    • Chance Armstrong

      Being “under the radar” by doing absoulutely ntohing and hoping for a bitter jury is not a strategy.

      • Dean Brown

        Sophie & Kim BOTH won numerous immunity challenges AND were instrumental in in a number of vote-offs too!!

        If that’s ‘under the radar’ then you have a different opinion of it than everyone else!!

  • Ksteeves19

    Kim? Chelsea? Andrea? Ashley Underwood? I can think of tons of women survivor i’d like to see play again. Women can stand out it just depends on the edit that CBS gives them.

    • Chance Armstrong

      Now compare that list with Russell Rob Coach and Ozzy. Regardless of who you like or even whos a better player. Which list is more entertaining to the general public. Saying men are more entertaining is not sexist

      • TeamTitsFTW

        yes it is sexist. i dont find russell/rob/ozzy a tiny bit interesting. in fact, they are so fking annoynig because jeff just loves bringing his man-crushes back. and its no secret that jeff hates female players. to say that only cirie/parv/amanda deserve to come back is absolutely stupid and wrong. what about female players like corrine, erinn, shambo, twila, stacy, heidi, neleh, kelly etc. they were all very entertaining

  • X1

    Jeff is a stupid sexist!

  • Lauren

    He need to give a break. He’s ruining the show!

  • Shfloyd

    After female domination last season I find that condescending and laughable

  • Deb

    I think it comes down to two reasons. One is the casting process. What are the typical women they put on the show? Mostly brainless hotties. Because evidently America is only interested in watching hot women play whether they have a brain or an iota of physical competitiveness or not.

    The second reason is the strategy these women use. They always try to flirt their way to the end. Make a strong alliance with a bunch of guys, stab their female competition in the back and giggle. So, yeah, who wants to see that more than once except we see it on every damn season.

    Have their been strong female competitors who didn’t use this strategy? Yes, and they typically get voted off pretty quickly (just like the strong male leaders are voted off quickly) so the audience has very little time to get to know them or for them to make a lasting impression.

    I think it’s a cop out for him to say there just aren’t that many. They just need to expand their idea of what they think the audience wants to see. I, for one, would love to see a season with not one single, giggling, boob bouncing hottie but a bevy of kickass women. If they happen to be attractive, okay. But let’s not make that a priority.


    I’d like to see Shambo come back, she was very entertaining.

    • Sisu Power

      I heard she declined.

  • Gloria Pack

    Except for the one that killed the pig, and the ones returning because they could not compete and had to be taken out for medical reasons, except Colton, stop returning players and get fresh competitors, unless you have an all star season.

  • Ben Denker

    Boston Rob winning in dominating fashion has ruined the chances for everyone since. It’s a meme now, you don’t want to get “Boston Robbed.” I agree with Gloria. If they bring back more players, they should just do another All-Star cast, or another Fans v Favorites.

  • Madscientest


  • turtlepea

    Amy from the Vanuatu season.. But above all I’ve always wanted to see Kelly from season one again

  • Probst is a little pussy

    Jeff Probst is SO obviously misogynistic and sexist, even to his so-called “favorites,” like Parvati. Just one example of this is in Heroes vs. Villains when Probst made several sexist comments to her like, “Well, aren’t you just used to getting whatever you want because of your looks?” Another example is from Blood vs. Water is when Candice told her husband, John, what to do, Jeff was like, “WOW, John. Does she always boss you around?” but when Brad Culpepper did the same thing to Monica Culpepper, Probst did not say anything. Honestly, only an idiot would fail to see how sexist Probst is. As a female viewer, it is often very disconcerting to watch because he reduces many of the female players to stereotypical gender roles. When it comes up, it bothers me to the point of wanting to stop watching Survivor. CBS should really do something to keep Probst’s raging sexism in check.