Jim Goes to Redemption Island

Jim Goes to Redemption Island

Welcome back to Survivor South Pacific. Ozzy is back on redemption island. Will he be the first player ever to have his torch extinguished three times in one season?? Can he even make it back?

When the episode starts off we get to see the repercussions of Cochran’s big flip. His former tribemates Jim and Whitney just lay into him. Poor guy. As I said last week I wouldn’t have let my fate come down to a rock either.

Ozzy expressed his disappointment but wasn’t as hard on Cochran as he was after the blindfold/rope challenge or as upset as he was after Elyse got voted off. But Brandon still felt the need to be there for Cochran and make sure Ozzy wasn’t beating up on sweet Cochran too badly.

Challenge #1 was pretty awesome. I thought Sophie might win! It looked really hard to be that out of breath but also to have (and keep) a mouthful of coconut milk. Yuck. But Jim pulled out the win. Each of his mouthfuls looked to be two of Sophie’s. He needed it far more than Sophie did.

Wasn’t it so crazy when he started talking about giving up his immunity necklace?? I was like oh no, not this again! Thankfully Jim didn’t pull an Erik Reichenbach and give up immunity and then get voted off. Had he given up his immunity, he would certainly have been the one to go.

So bye bye Ozzy. For the 2nd time. Let’s see what happens next. Are you rooting for him to come back?

Then it was challenge number two and the remaining cast members could choose whether to eat pastries or compete. It absolutely disgusts me when people choose to eat over play on Survivor. It is so unbelievably arrogant and incredibly stupid.

First of all, things are constantly changing in the game and you never know if you’re in jeopardy. Furthermore, it is 39 days!!! These contestants don’t even look skinny. Why haven’t they even lost weight?!! I lost 20 pounds on my first season and 12 on my second. So what if you miss out on a couple muffins?!!! Maybe you’ll get rid of that muffin top if you stop gorging yourselves. (yes I’m looking at you Brandon Hantz). Even though Jim, Whitney, and Dawn had no choice but to compete, I still respect them for doing so.

Plus, the absolute lack of class shown by Brandon when he cheered when Jim dropped out of the challenge grossed me out as much as the donut glaze on his fat face.

I hope that it comes around to bite them in the ass. This is your future jury. Don’t these people have any foresight?? I’d respect you 10x more if you competed and it might earn you my jury vote!!

Well Whitney won and Dawn put on a silly little show and Jim went to meet Keith and Ozzy on redemption island. It will certainly be an interesting three-way duel (hence not a duel at all) next week! I’m looking forward to it! Are you??

As always, don’t forget to follow me on twitter @Eorlins. I am off to Denver for the weekend where I’ll see Ami Cusack, Leann Slaby, and possibly a medical marijuana dispensary owner who shall remain nameless. Signing off for now with no pastries for me, xoxo, Eliza



  • KingRuss23

    Nice one, Eliza. No pastries for me. *chuckle*

  • Alex C.

    I do agree with you that it was disrespectful for Upolu to sit out of the challenge and eat while Whitney, Dawn, and Jim competed. Brandon Hantz was a absolute douche in this episode and Cochran was ridiculous and I agree with Jim that Cochran has no chance at winning.

  • tiffany s

    Random thing that made me laugh this episode was Ozzy telling Brandon “we’re not gangsters here man”.He was making fun of the tattoo on Brandons’ neck that he got at his teen gang initiation.

  • Marko

    Personally I find Cockroach, sorry, Cochran the worst kind of person, the one who will stub you in the back at first moment they get wile and they pretend to be some kind of society victims. Actually with this swing of loyalty he lost any opportunity to win the game. I’m just sorry that Jim didn’t make it with his plan, people are just so shortsighted.. That’s why my money is on coach:)

  • Guessed


    What differentiates Cochrane flipping on his tribe from Jim flipping on Ozzy when they kicked Elyse out? Cochrane now has an easy ride to the final six or so.

  • http://twitter.com/SatnaamM Satnaam Mago

    I here you on the sitting out for food…however I think it was group mentality…either they all play as a group, or they all sit out as a group. Having somebody in the alliance play while others sit out is when stuff gets started and feelings get hurt. IMO, that is the purpose of offering the food, to potentially fracture alliances, it was smart of the Upolu’s to do whatever they were gonna do as a group…