Jonas Otsuji: Thoughts on One World

Jonas talks Colton, Tarzan and Troyzan - PLUS, see him on Ponderosa!

Jonas Otsuji: Thoughts on One World

Now that Jonas Otsuji is out of the running for title of Survivor: One World's sole survivor, just what does he have to say about his time in the game?

Well, as usual, there are a gazillion exit interviews with Jonas out there, so I compiled a few interviews with him so you don't have to Google your little fingers off.

One of the castaways we all have our eyes on right now is “Tarzan,” I forget his real name, but he's the plastic surgeon who looks more like the creator of Frankenstein than someone you'd trust a scalpel with. What does Jonas think of the Speedo wearing, knowledge spitting hothead who rejected his “no hard feelings” comment? He told that Tarzan is even nuttier in person. ”What you saw on TV was the mild crazy version of Tarzan. He is actually crazier than he came across on TV.” Yikes, is it possible?

Why did Jonas target Mike in tribal council, and not crazy poopy-pants Tarzan? He told “We actually talked about that, but too many people wanted to take Tarzan because they knew that they could beat him in the end, so.”

What about the controversy brought up by Jeff Probst himself during the show's live airing? The “Asian” comment made by Tarzan, did Jonas take offense? “[Tarzan] did make a comment that he didn't want to see my 'Asian face.' Jeff tweeted that it got edited where it said, “I don't want to see his face.” But Jeff wrote what he actually said. I was like, 'Okay, that was a little unnecessary.'”

Colton, the Queen of Mean, what does Jonas think about all the horrible names he called people? “I think Colton deep down inside is a good guy and a very sensitive guy. I just think that because he was on TV he felt the need to go over the top.”

When asked if the game would have remained the same if Colton had still been a part of it, he replied: “Yeah, I thought about that. My gut was telling me that Colton would have defected to the girls, so in the end, the outcome would have been similar. I think I would have lasted a lot longer, but I still think that Colton would have went with the girls. Like he said, he was a girl. He's like, 'I am a girl.' That's what he said.”

Then there's Troyzan, who seemed to have a great friend in Jonas. Does Jonas think if he had been privy to Troy's idol that he could have used it to save himself? “Yeah, no. Troy is way too smart of a player to ever do that and that would only put a

bigger target on his back and yeah. I actually told him, I said, “Listen, you have immunity,” which I did know he had [after he also won the Immunity Challenge]. I said, “You have the power to turn this around.” And he said, “Yeah, but then I become the target when I don't have immunity.” So, I did propose that, but he didn't go for it.”

Was Jonas surprised at how Troyzan and Jay flipped sides to align with the ladies? Because that had to hurt.  He told ”A little bit. Just because we had made a pact. When we decided to give up immunity, we're like, “Okay listen, if we do this and we break up as an alliance, it's going to be the most retarded move in Survivor history. No matter what, we need to stick together. Otherwise, giving up immunity is pointless.” We rationalized it as we didn't want to get voted out and it would solidify our alliance. I was surprised but they were down numbers and Mike was never with them in the first place so it wasn't that surprising.”

Is Jonas happy with his game play on Survivor, or does he wish he'd have done things differently? The Salt Lake Tribune reports: “If I could do it all over again, I would have been just as much of a threat had I made some big moves and played with some balls instead of being Colton's little bitch…It's good in the sense that I'm remembered, but it's not exactly what I wanted to be remembered for. I wish I would have stepped up my game a little more and just played a little more aggressively.”

And just as quickly as he started growing on me Jonas was gone. But wait, we still have him on Ponderosa as the first member of the Survivor: One World jury, and there's video.

In the clip below you'll see Jonas being weighed (he lost 12 pounds), his first meal where a simple sandwich swirls him into the the throws of ecstasy,  and his first night on Ponderosa, where he nearly eats himself to death. “I don't think I've ever enjoyed food more than this day right here,” he says with a content smile on his face.

We also get to see Jonas get jacked up about dental floss (it's the little things) and see himself in the mirror for the first time. Classic stuff, check it out!

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Jonas on Ponderosa Part II

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