Kourtney Moon Had Cancer

Kourtney Moon Had Cancer

Survivor’s Kourtney Moon, the cute, soft spoken, totally not cut out for Survivor castaway who was first to leave after being injured, recently found out she has a cancerous tumor. I guess I feel bad now for thinking she was a wimp after the wrist injury – d’oh.

Rob Cesternino broke the news on his RobHasAPodcast website Thursday. He spoke with Kourtney who was calling in from her hospital bed recovering from surgery. When asked how she was doing, Kourtney replied, “Shitty!”

“I had an injury on the show yesterday, but I’m actually in the hospital right now … I actually went for a wellness checkup on Monday, and the doctor was like ‘Whoa! What’s this going on? We’ve got to take you to the hospital now,’ and they actually found a large, grapefruit sized tumor in my abdomen. The very next day they rushed me to emergency surgery and they thought hopefully they could take it out with minor incisions, depending on what it looks like in there, and then I wake up with this GIANT incision. They’re like, ‘Yeah, it was attached to a bunch of other stuff so we had to take a bunch of other stuff out, and it’s cancerous so we’re going to find out how bad it is.’”

Thankfully both Kourtney and her doctors are optimistic for a speedy, and full, recovery, but all are awaiting test results to be certain.

Listen to Rob Cesternino’s podcast interview with Kourtney Moon HERE, she also dishes about Survivor’s premiere episode.

Wishing you the best in your recovery, Kourtney!