Lisa Whelchel to Co-Host on Jeff Probst’s Talk Show!

Can she help to boot sagging ratings?

Lisa Whelchel to Co-Host on Jeff Probst’s Talk Show!

Survivor’s Sprint Player of the Season Lisa Whelchel has landed a new gig where she’ll be co-hosting The Jeff Probst Show with Jeff Probst, beginning in January 2013!

The fan favorite on Survivor: Philippines and former 80s child television star (The Facts of Life) will be joining Probst in the new year as co-host of his television talk show on CBS. Apparently the two have bonded while filming Survivor and they plan on taking their on-air chemistry over to his struggling show. If the ratings do well and fans like the coupling Lisa will remain on the show as co-host. But until that time, the gig will be temporary.

Lisa, who is also battling West Nile Virus right now, gushed about doing the show with Probst:

“When I applied for ‘Survivor,’ they asked, ‘Why do you want to do it?’ I love ‘Survivor’ and I love Jeff Probst. I got to be on ‘Survivor,’ and now I get to guest host with him. I have thought about doing a talk show. My heart is in comedy, so I’d rather do a sitcom. At the same time, I have thought about doing a talk show, and I can’t imagine it being more fun than doing it with somebody like Jeff.” – Lisa Whelchel

Episodes are already being taped and will begin airing next month.

Do you think adding Lisa Whelchel as a co-host will help Jeff Probst to boost his ratings?



  • Kungfuwomn

    I like Jeff but never watched his show just other stuff on the same time as his, but it could be interesting seeing Lisa on show. I think with all the great CBS shows in primetime i can see Lisa guest starring on two and half me, big bang theory or the best how i met your mother. She could even do a dramatic stint on CSI i think she would be great.

    • JustStopIt

      omg… u r that bored?

  • JustStopIt

    absolutely NOT! I didn’t like his show before and now I won’t EVER watch! UGH…Whenchel? please

  • Joshua Bogart

    Thats amazing. I really fell in love with Lisa on Survivor and I could definitely look forward to watching her on the Jeff Probst show. She is a sweetheart.

  • Sue

    I truly do. They seem to genuinely like one another, and I think Lisa has great energy for Jeff to bounce off of during his shows. I watched his show several times and as much as I like him, I found the show a bit boring, so maybe Lisa will be just the light the show needs to keep it going.

  • Phillip Stanford

    Sure why not it probably wont help a whole lot but theres probably a couple hundred Lisa fans in the world who will watch just for her, however i dont like how Probst and Survivor producers favored her over the other contestants, she was on his show alone before the season finale, she took half the Reunion time, she “won” fan fave because she dominated screen time and she was a very annoying player so all that just annoys me

  • September_gal13

    Lisa was and will be one of my favoriate Survivor players so I think she’ll be a nice addtion to the show. Good luck Lisa.

  • Bakermoose26

    Uuuugh. Lisa tries her hardest no matter the topic/setting/environment to steal the spotlight from anything she’s a part of. It’s cute as a child when people are like “look at me! Look at me!” Adults who are actually interesting don’t need to do that. If jeff was having trouble filling his entire time slot, then she is a great addition; as it seems he cant even get through a short story without her interjecting an irrelevant opinion on the matter. I hope this is temporary, or she grows up. You can be quiet with grace, let someone far more interesting than you finish a thought, and then intelligently interject… you can I mean… she clearly can’t; but im sure most of you can.

  • Jenn

    love her, she is so real, honest and down to earth just like him.