One World Cast, Twists, REVEALED!

One World Cast, Twists, REVEALED!


One month after Sophie Clarke took home the prestigious title of “Sole Survivor” and a cool $1 million, we are learning who our next batch of Survivor castaways will be.

Survivor’s One World cast is a nice mix of people, with the majority being from Texas, California or Florida. The show’s first little person, Leif, is among the cast members as well as a police officer, a comedian and a plastic surgeon.

Remember “Troyzan”? We posted his audition video here on a couple of weeks ago and he is indeed one of the castaways. But get this, there’s another player, not Troyzan, who insists on being called “Tarzan” on the show (it’s the plastic surgeon)!!! Whoever cast this season’s Survivors, I love you.

It is 100% confirmed, there are NO returning players this season.

Here’s the complete One World cast:

Nina Acosta: Retired LAPD Officer, Clovis, Calif., 51
Jay Byars: Model, Gaffney, S.C., 25
Christina Cha: Career Consultant, WeHo, Calif., 29
Monica Culpepper: Ex-NFL Player’s Wife, Tampa, Fla.,41
Colton Cumbie: College Student, Monroeville, Ala., 21
Kat Edorsson: Timeshare Rep, Orlando, Fla., 22
Michael Jefferson: Banker, Seattle, Wash. 30
Leif Manson: Phlebotomist, San Diego, Calif.., 27
Chelsea Meissner: Medical Sales, Charleston, S.C.., 26
Kourtney Moon: Motorcycle Repair, Austin, TX., 29
Jonas Otsuji: Sushi Chef, Lehi, Utah, 37
Bill Posley: Stand-Up Comedian, Venice, Calif.; 28
Matt Quinlan: Attorney San Francisco, Calif.; 33
Alicia Rosa: Special Ed Teacher, Chicago, Ill.; 25
Troy Robertson: Swimsuit Photographer, Miami, Fla.; 50
Greg Smith: Plastic Surgeon, Houston, Texas; 64
Kim Spradlin: Bridal Shop Owner, San Antonio, Texas;  29
Sabrina Thompson: High School Teacher, Brooklyn, N.Y., 33

The changes to Survivor’s One World are many. Not only is there no Redemption Island this season (thank gawd, that was getting old) but the tribes will be living on the same island, which you probably have already heard about online and seen in the teaser. BUT…what you probably didn’t know is that there aren’t many rules on this island and the tribes (Men=Manono, Women=Salini) will be left to figure a lot of things out on their own.

Jeff Probst explains One World:

“We wondered what would happen if we forced them to live together with no rules. You can build one camp, two camps, not have any camps. Men can sleep over with the women, women can sleep over with the men, or you can never talk at all. You can do whatever you want. But when it comes to the challenges, it is men versus women. And that gave us tons of new stuff to play with.”

Switching things up even more are the “blind” challenges (or DIY challenges) the tribes will be faced with. Survivors will be given supplies they need for challenges but will be Probst-less and will have to conduct and judge the competitions on their own. I’m sure THAT won’t lead to massive drama in itself, heh.

“So they figure out how they’re going to run it, who’s going to participate, and then they run it,” Probst explains. “There’s no judge there. There’s no person to moderate it. You guys figure it out. We were hoping somebody might step up and decide to become the annoying host and say things like, ‘Pick up the pace! You dropped a coconut!’ And sure enough, that’s what happens. You have the question of, what do you do with all the materials from the challenge? In one case, we do a challenge with a gigantic rope and when you’re done, you have this massive rope and now you can utilize it in your camp somehow.”

Perhaps the most exciting change of all is the fact that Immunity Idols will used differently. No longer will you be able to save yourself, or even a member of your tribe. Instead, you must chose someone on the other tribe to give the Immunity Idol to.

Who else is absolutely LOVING the new Survivor twists!? I am just thrilled to death with the changes and I especially love the fact that castaways can live where and how they want. Naturally secondary tribes will form and the men versus women will be strictly competitive. That should guarantee us some awesomely dramatic tribal councils every week. With the two tribes being able to interact so freely it’s also the perfect recipe for some HOT showmances as well.

See the cast videos over at CBS.

Looks like it is going to be an AMAZING season, Survivor fans! Four weeks from today!

Survivor One World premieres February 15, 2012 at 8pm on CBS.


  • Rob

    Finally! No more of the same old boring BS

  • Celebrity Smack

    Omg, I know, I can’t wait…. :)

  • Michelle Jones

    Interesting new twists and I’m glad Redemption Island is done!!! Can’t wait ;)

  • Andrea Epstein

    That picture is totally photoshopped!!

  • Kathy Palmer

    Love, love, love, no RI and no returning players. The hostless comps seem kinda stupid though. Although being able to use the materials brings a new element to the table. At any rate, I can’t wait!

  • Jun Song

    HOLD UP! Is that a Korean sister-from-another-mister I see?!?!?! Woohoo!